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In a small post on his MSDN blog, Microsoft's Mike Battista let us know about the recently updated Weather app which hit version 2.0 yesterday. Your response to it has been overwhelmingly supportive of the new version with many giving it high praise.

What's interesting though is how the app was redesigned from "the ground up" to take advantage of the new Tango guidelines:

"In addition to having new features, this version was architected from the ground up for performance following many of the guidelines I call out in my recent blog post Optimizing Apps for Lower Cost Devices.

I encourage you to follow the same performance/UX principles demonstrated by this new Weather update.  Following these principles will ensure your apps perform great regardless of the device."

Lead by example. Granted the app is hardly pulling a lot of info but it's still very fast. And it's nice to know that those on Tango will get the same experience. So devs, heed Mike's advice and take a second look at your app and performance using those guidelines. For those curious, here is a listing of Tango limiations

Source: Mike Battista's Blog



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So, the live tiles will works on Tango then???
For Wheather apps this (live tiles) is very important!!

RustyU says:

Of course they will. Not sure about the low spec Tango devices though.

Live Tiles, yes will work. But I'm not sure if it will auto-update.

f they do not update automatically so cannot be called ¨Live¨ Tiles. lol

erichon99 says:

Live tile does autoupdate. Been using v2 last night and the temps are climbing up now at noon.

We're talking on Tango hardware though, with 256MB of RAM. Some services won't work at those levels.

frnlh says:

Push notifications are still supposed to update live tiles on the 256MB devices.

Here we go again with more ignorant comments about tango

Jay Bennett says:

I find this hilarious in honesty, claiming this app leads by example for enabling all features on Tango devices... Yet it uses background tasks to update the live tile :D

ejlee072006 says:

Of course will not work in third world countries, they will probably have notifications, but not auto update, until you tap the app, but this is better than nothing..

ejlee072006 says:

I hope they optimized the world clock... I used those 2 alot, simple fast add free

lippidp says:

I pinned my town as a live tile. When I go to it, however, I am unable to navigate to any of the other towns I've configured. Eagerly awaiting v2.1!

jfa1 says:

I.have two cities on my list and I can switch by tapping one or the other and it quickly switches

R0bR says:

If you pin one of your cities then launch the app from your pinned city you will only see that city.

wheelerk says:

Live tile for Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh (Tango doesn't exist anymore) will work via push notifications and not background task. You can have your app check for memory. If 256MB detected, then disable background task.

darrix says:

Odd, I'm not seeing any updates on two Mango devices.  The app's service is installed and in place.

Bacchus1976 says:

Got the "update" but the version is still listed as and still no live tiles on my Focus.
Weak ass stuff MS.

Kadcidxa says:

There is live tiles. They need to add radars, but imap only has that feature in flash object.

Bacchus1976 says:

I realize that there's supposed to be live tiles. Doesn't work on my handset.

Sugarnotch says:

Same here! Shows ver 1 in app... No live tile :( but marketplace says 2.0 is installed. Was really hoping to have the simplest, WORKING live tile.

Bacchus1976 says:

Its little things like this that will stand in the way of WP ever taking hold. Not having a funtional native weather app that works and utilizes the most recent OS features is simply inexcusable for a company as big as MS.
This makes me so angry, I'm getting sick of being a MS Promoter only to get smacked in the face with things like this.

wheelerk says:

Version showing 1.0

Sogeman says:

doesn't update the live tile with the current place and the database they use doesn't have my hometown. So it's totally useless for me. Back to Weatherlive, they have better data and a great live tile.
Also, why the hell is there not a weather app preinstalled, maybe one that posts to the lockscreen. And where are a stopwatch, world clock and all the other stuff every other OS had since the beginning. tststs

webreid says:

Provides Canadian cities with minimal information and no live tile. Great app for US cities though.