Using Dropbox to view and transfer Office documents on WP7

One of the nice things about having Office Mobile is the ability to not only view those Office docs on the go, but to edit them as well. But getting those files to your device can be a challenge. We already saw one homebrew solution, which basically creates a local server for you to download files to your device.

Another, more simple solution is to just use Dropbox. While we still don't have a mobile application for the service (crosses fingers) you can use their site through Mobile Internet Explorer, which works just a well. In fact you can easily grab your files on the go this way. The only downside is you cannot upload Office documents, just photos, to Dropbox and for some that is a no-go. Then again, the free service "Send to Dropbox" allows you to easily email your modified files back to Dropbox, which we think is pretty darn cool.



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xpxp2002 says:

This is exactly the same as using SkyDrive on Windows Phone right now...except SkyDrive gives you 25GB and Dropbox gives you about 2GB.

Yup. But a lot more people are familiar with/already use Dropbox and prefer to keep it as part of their ecosystem. People who are new or considering WP7 won't know SkyDrive, but they will likely know DropBox. Though I agree that SkyDrive is a better solution for the reason you cited (plus it will only get better with deeper integration).

GP07 says:

I was about to say, skydrive! Heh, another option the better though, more choice and all. Still MS should just get on with it and update Live Mesh to let you sync with WP7. That gives you 5GB since Mesh doesn't use Skydrive for some weird reason, at least not yet, but it'd be easier and more direct PC to phone sync of your files.

scdkad says:

And I won't be going to WP7 until I can drag and drop files directly to the phone like I can do now with my Moto Q9h. I don't want use Skydrive, Zune, and any 3rd party programs and sign up for accounts etc to do this. Come on MS make it simple!

jntwp7 says:

you can email docs back to skydrive from wp7? or can you upload them through the browser?

jimski says:

Can only email photos to Skydrive. And you can download, but not upload through the browser.

So far I am unfamiliar with SkyDrive. Is it a service that one pays for or is it something that MS is providing for all WP users?

tpaul61 says:


Just to let everybody know there is a native WP7 app that is better than drop box or skydrive:



it is also available for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac.