Verizon giving 1GB of free data along with new tablet activations

Nokia Lumia 2520

Turns out T-Mobile isn't the only carrier with some tablet data incentives this week, as Verizon has just posted its own promotion for some "free" data. While it doesn't approach T-Mobile's offering of a completely free 200MB for the lifetime of your device, Verizon is giving customers who activate a tablet on one of its "More Everything" plans an additional 1GB of data.

Naturally you'll have to follow a few rules. Based on what Verizon is telling us now, you'll have to sign up for a plan (or presumably add the tablet to an existing plan) with at least 1GB of data to receive the extra 1GB — so no signing up for a 250MB plan on the cheap and getting 1GB free. The promotion will run as long as you keep the tablet "active on the plan," which in many cases means you could just keep paying the $10 access fee to add a tablet to your account and keep the "free" data rolling for some time.

Those are pretty modest restrictions, and it's tough to turn down a free gigabyte of data if you already plan on running your tablet on Verizon or adding it to your existing plan. Verizon has a wide range of tablets available, including the Nokia Lumia 2520. If you're considering a switch to Verizon, we definitely recommend you check out Verizon's coverage map to ensure that they have coverage where you are.

Source: Verizon (@VZWnews)



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louisoneal says:

I'm already grandfathered in.....until the end of time.

Or until Verizon finally kills unlimited data no matter what you do :P .

DavidinCT says:

Yep, and when they finally kill unlimited data for grandfathered people, is when I start looking at a different carrier. Verizon might have the best coverage but, when I use 5-8gb a month on my phone, I do not feel like paying $200 a month for a phone....

nMIK-3 says:

Clearly a last minute decision responding to T-Mobile's announcement.
Nothing really new since everybody is copying T-Mobile lately.

I am saying that in a good way, no matter what, these are definitely good news for the end users.

RyanAMG says:

In the end we all win

terrokkinit says:

This actually started last month; they were just ho hum about it. But what better way to come out than to respond to TMO? ;) lol

SoCalBIGmike says:

Nope, this has been active since LAST week. Also, you dont need to be on a Share Everything plan either, you can be on a Loyalty plan & still get the free $1GB.

I wish websites would take their reporting more seriously, as the details matter.

oditius says:

My Dell Venue Pro 11 is tied to Sprint, but no way I will start a plan with them. But I have 10GB Family Share plan with ATT and only one data phone (came out cheaper then the plan I had) so I just tether..

For some reason I first read it as "Devil Venue Pro", lol. Had to go back and reread it as I had never heard of that brand before. That is all

ricardito90 says:

What the..how did you get a Windows tab from Sprint?

oditius says:

I got it from Dell to replace a defective Lat 10. They put a Sprint modem in it. Would have been better if they stuck a ATT modem in it. But it is a better tab then the one that they replaced.

lancorp says:

No matter what Verizon does, it's always a shameful attempt to make people think they are giving their customers something valuable.  Guess what?  They're not.  They couldn't give their customers something of value if they had to.

"If you're considering a switch to Verizon, we definitely recommend you check out Verizon's coverage map to ensure that they have coverage where you are."


Really?  Verizon has the widest 3g/4g coverage in the US.  If  you have TMobile or ATT, there is a 99.9999% chance you will have better Verizon coverage in your area.


(There are a lot of reasons not ot like Verzion, but coverage is not one of them.  A lot of us have Verizon because we travel a lot.)

iquanyin says:

yes, the one thing Verizon has is good coverage. I've used all the biggie and several dinky carriers. for my money, h20 wireless is da bomb. they have various plans, but I'm on a $60 unlimited \everything\ and they don't throttle. I've tethered too (tho they say its not for that) with zero issues. if ur device is GSM, I def recommend them.

I'd only recommend Verizon to business folk and those with no other options.

DavidinCT says:

Yea, yesterday, I looked over their data rates for new users, like 2gb was like $50.....That is crazy....


Glad I have my unlimited data, they will take that from my dead cold hands....