Verizon HTC Trophy is a global phone, coming out in June? [Photos]

First some good news: the Verizon HTC Trophy is definitely a global CDMA/quad-band GSM phone. This has technically been known since November, but since then we have had little to no word on whether that would still be the case.

Luckily, our insider managed to snag a screen shot of the Settings --> Cellular, where you can see the "Mode selection", from there you can see the CDMA/GSM settings being available to the end user. That's a huge win for Verizon customers as this makes the Trophy the first Windows "world" Phone for the carrier, something that many had wanted to Sprint to offer with the 7 Pro (especially if it's a business device). Incidentally, we hear the phone is very fast and fluid, specifically that the 'NoDo' update gets rid of the Marketplace "scrolling lag". Schweet.

The other news is the OS is confirmed to be NoDo version 7.0.7355 via user MetalHD at ppcgeeks, who snagged a photo. That is interesting because that is not the latest NoDo build, which is 7.0.7389. But it is the same build that Samsung is reportedly loading onto some phones sent back to them (see iStartedSomething). What's the difference? No one is sure yet. But, it is worth mentioning that the Sprint 'Arrive' (aka 7 Pro) does sport the latest 7389 build.

Finally, take this with a big grain of salt, but coming from a Verizon rep who's involved with the phone, the Trophy may not see the light of day till June. Now, we don't know how much stock to put into that, but it's one of those things that if you don't see this phone by end of March as rumored, well...there's your explanation. In a way it makes sense: earlier build of the OS, phone is now "testing" with large corporate partners---that doesn't sound like "ready to launch", but it does still sound close.



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DavidinCT says:

Well, if it is in fact June, then bye bye Verizon after 13 years. They have till the end of March for me, no release or release date and I am gone. They have the iPhone and android so far up their "you know what" that they are not willing to give customers what they really want.Sick of this BS....

thed says:

I'm with you. I'm sick of waiting, while listening to Verizon trash WP7 the whole time. I wish I could drop Verizon already.

ducttape36 says:

if they wait until after they change their pricing scheme and get rid of the unlimited data plan, then screw them.

omz9 says:

Any word on wireless tethering? Now that would awesome also.

I've adjust the contrast on the image and "Global mode" is under Mode selection.

Averry says:


paspals says:

thank u tipster for tipping us, z users of wp7 on the 7355version... I somehow believe its not the final 1 of the update(march) and actually do hope that ms alongside copy/paste bring much needed customization...Tipster- can u tip us some more?? :p

GP07 says:

I also don't think build 7355 is the final NoDo build, the emulator is up at 7389 iirc? No way MS will ship something older than what the dev tools come with. It'll either be the same build that the tools have or be higher. I'm betting on 7400 as the final we'll get.

KjBleau says:

I left Verizon a while back because my CO phn was with ATT - my wife finally needed s new phone and we went with ATT - just completed a "why did you leave" questionnaire and got a laugh at Q14: What kind of smart phone did you acquire with your new carrier - the choices were; 1- Android2- Blackberry3- iPhones4- other smart phones, like palms or windows mobile phonesAt least they didn't call them windows mobiles :)