Verizon: KIN Studio is closing January 31. Sorry. Here's a new phone?

The title says it all, but let us get into some details about the closing of Microsoft's KIN Studio, which was the backbone in the cloud for the device.

Evidently, come January 31st, people with KINs (all two of you) will lose the ability to do everything over-the-air, except use your Zune Pass over WiFi and email. What exactly is everything? Check it:

  • Feed Reader will stop working
  • Search Near me will stop working
  • Posting Photos to social sites will no longer be possible
  • Most pictures currently on Kin will only appear at thumbnail resolution
  • Posting to Social Networks will no longer work.
  • No comments from the loop
  • Social network contacts will disappear.
  • Loop will stop to work
  • Kin Spot will only send to emails.
  • Social networks only accessed from web browser.

So outside of making phone calls and playing music, the KIN is really, truly dead. Why even bother after that last, half attempt at a re-launch? We have no idea either. But Verizon is trying to make things right by letting users know now to back up their data now and going one step further, allowing them to pick a 3G phone of their choice for FREE. Offer is valid only through March 31st. Attached are some images from the pamphlet that Verizon is sending out to KIN customers. More can be found here.

Thanks, Conflipper, for the info!



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m.schmidler says:

I think they should limit the free phone offering to WP7 devices :)

That'd be brilliant! lol

While I think Verizon could make a concerted effort to promote a WP7 device as a replacement (explaining how it's similar to the Kin, perhaps offering a free month of Zune Pass or some other incentive), I think it would be unwise for them to limit the replacement to a WP7 device. Besides the fact that only one (keyboard-less) WP7 will be available in the near future, constricting the consumer's after this fiasco would be like a slap in the face to some and might only make for more bad PR.

conflipper says:

I plan on getting a WP7 once VZW offers it. By using this deal. Should be fun to see where this goes.

robnaj says:

The only thing good about the phone is now gone, some hack them and put Android or meego on or any other Smartphone OS on that.

Tegument says:

any idea on when this will be official? I went to the local verizon store after seeing this hoping to trade in my kin2 and they acted like i was making it up...did people just start getting the brochures in the mail today?

GP07 says:

MS should shift much if not all of the Kin Studios features over to WP7. Maybe not with unlimited storage but they could just as well tie it to your skydrive as well and then have you set what you want to be automatically sent up there, or you can just do it manual.

I know they moved the Kin Studio devs over to WP7 already so I'm hoping they work this sorta service out, it'd help push WP7 more.

HD7guy says:

How much you want to bet that free smartphone of your choice will not include WP7? Not to be negative, but last night's stroll through three cell stores show me carriers and stores are still not adequately promoting WP7. If customers have to hunt for the phone, most will go for a different one.

TKETZ196 says:

I think MSFT could have done one of two things:

1) Not shut off the service, make an app and release it for free to everyone with a WP7 device

2) Not shut off the service and have the KIN integration as part of a special line of WP7 device released for Verizon network.

I don't use Verizon as my network, but I really like the idea of KIN studio and the Loop. I found that to be fairly innovative to be able to just post or update something and have to go to all of the social networks one maybe a part of. I think they should extend this integration to WP7 for people who want it (as an application download and then the app becomes integrated in the menu system and have a live tile as "the loop."

TKETZ196 says:

and i wanted to add that the KIN users who want to trade should swap it out for a WP7 device since it is a MSFT product.

Simonsss says:

Ok i dont bother. Because there are so many Smartphones in the market. They are attractive and in the budget.

spinchange says:

KIN Studio was a brilliant idea. It's a shame this product didn't work out (and wasn't really given a chance) I know less about Loop than I do Studio, as I never had one of these phones, but always loved the cloud & services aspect of it.

As others have also said, Redmond should relaunch this, perhaps even across other platforms as a simple, "no-brainer" total phone sync with modern, well-designed, secure personal website (like Studio) to manage it all from. Alternately, it could be integrated into one of their other cloud services, but that all gets so confusing if you're not already up on it.

In this day and age, I can't believe this isn't already like a standard thing in ALL smartphones, really.

cdimager says:

It looks like the iPhone will be available on Verizon in Jan-Feb. It's a 3G phone. I wonder if some of the KIN users might like a free iPhone???