Verizon Nokia Icon, too boxy or just right?

Nokia Icon

We have an interesting conversation going on over in the Windows Phone Central forums debating on whether or not the new Verizon Nokia Icon is too boxy.

WPCentral member Keith Petrovich poses the question after visiting the local Microsoft Store. The lack of colors also comes into question after seeing all the color choices with the Lumia 1520 and 1020 models.

The Nokia Icon’s design is more “boxy” than previous Nokia Windows Phone models and some will say it has a slight resemblance to the current run of iPhones. The slightly curved edges of previous Nokia Windows Phones such as the Lumia 920 gave the phone a comfortable feel in the hand. While boxy in design, if the Icon is equally comfortable, does it even matter?

As far as the lack of color is concerned, we have seen limitations on colors before with Lumia Windows Phones such as the AT&T Nokia Lumia 925. Still, it would be nice to see a red Verizon Icon hit the shelves.

Dan was very impressed with the new Verizon Windows Phone and the lack of curved edges and color didn’t seem to be an issue in his review of the Icon. Personally, I like the curvature of the Lumia 1020 and 920 but wouldn’t mind seeing a variation of the Icon hit AT&T (as long as they keep the Qi wireless intact). I think the 5” screen makes up for the more “boxy” look.

But, what say you? Is the Verizon Nokia Icon too boxy or does it matter as long as the Icon feels good in the hand?

Join in on the discussion here in the WPCentral Forums and let us know what you think.



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mab664 says:

920 is the best looking phone on the market. Waiting on 5in updated version

DKJr says:

Not better than 925 for me

user4545 says:

I think 925 has to pointy edges, it sort of digs into your palm in an uncomfortable way.

Tansen says:

The edges are more pointy than most phones out these days, but for me its an aesthetic plus. To me it makes it seem more modern and elegant, but yeah with prolonged use it can push my palms a bit.

I completely agree but I like it with a case so it doesn't bother me so with that being fixed its a great phone its second best!

Nik Rolls says:

+1 925 is my favourite. I could use this phone for years and still be happy.

duk3togo says:

Not the 16 gb version mine is full... Plus the 25gb I got in my SkyDrive. To be perfect all it needed was an SD slot or more memory.

RaRa85 says:

You have a friend in me.lol That's the same thing I said when they announced 16gb with no SD slot. I would've got the 925 since I'm on T-Mobile.

Nik Rolls says:

I'm lucky we never got the 16GB version here. 32GB FTW.

RaRa85 says:

Lucky bum.lol I'm jealous and happy for you at the same time.

danycagiva says:

Totally Agreeing. I also own a 925. A SD Card Slot and 32 GB Storage minimum would be best. And as we are in future the new 20mpx Camera should also be integrated. If this comes as 1025 i will buy it.

I own 925 too. Just heating aluminum. Rest it rocks.

Duduosf says:

Love my 925, too. It's only second to the HTC One when it comes to design.

Jim_MAY says:

Feels good to me!

robbz94 says:

Agree. I love the 920. Still have mine from day one

peachy001 says:

Mine too. Best phone I have owned. 920 is sweet. Can't wait for the replacement options. Hope they keep the dimensions, the Icon is just a little bigger than I want. Any chance we can see the 920 and Icon side by side?

simphf says:

I'm a little surprised I agree. I am also a day one 920 owner.

ealexand#CB says:

I like it as an alternative to the 920

Niavlys77 says:

Agreed - absolutely love the looks of my 920 - the only thing that'd make it better is thinner bezels all around to make room for a bigger screen.

DJCBS says:


Though I rather have this to the horrible design of the L925 or any other phone with humps.

Tansen says:

My L925's feelings are hurt lol. I personally think it is a very handsome phone, well proportioned. The edges are beautiful.

DJCBS says:

lol oops =P

To me the hump in the camera completely killed the design of the L925. It would look so much better without it.

Duduosf says:

Seriously? For me, the hump adds to a certain charm lol

A lot of people dislike the design of the 1020 because of the camera hump but I actually quite like it. It serves to remind me of how powerful the camera is that I carry about with me every day. It's also quite distinctive so people tend to notice it and recognise it too.

I absolutely agree with you.!

DJCBS says:

Yeah it is distinctive. Unfortunately it's also not pleasant to hold as a daily driver, to me. Because the huge vulcano sits precicely where your fingers are, it makes it unconfortable. I would rather they had included the Qi charging and made it fatter. But to each its own.

Dare2Blink says:

+1020 I actually only found the hump uncomfortable for the first day or two. Now it does not bother me in the least and I quite enjoy the look of it. Looks like a phone that means business instead of a girly phone.

Durishin says:

People say it is ugly. But I never even notice the hump on my 1020, just the awesome pictures it takes every day. But, what do I know about ugly? I drive a Subaru and wear Birkenstocks. :-)

chucky78 says:

The hump on the 1020 never bothered me. I think the Yellow 1020 is the Boldest and best looking Lumia but then there is my White 920 and I love the look of that too and because they are Rogers branded they are better then any other Lumia's in the world because they are Pentaband :-)

marky_yo says:

Agree!! The yellow 1020 is bold and outstanding but those corners can be a killer! I had a case on my phone and the ever so 2/3 foot drop and those corners do take a beating...the 920 still has something special to it but even with the sharp corners I love my 1520!!!

lucktr says:

925 feels incredible to touch...just like a woman...curvy, athletic built one precisely ;)

DaveGx says:

920's edges are too damn pointy

broughshane says:

Fingers crossed for a 920 upgrade with a 5" screen and 8.1 goodness.

NIST says:

I like the boxy flat look. Just wish it had some nice metal accents.

Hoekie says:

The sides are metal.

Jared Hayes says:

Im completely okay with the pointy edges. It will be upgrading my 928 that I have had sense day one. Love my 928 in white. I will probably be getting the icon in white as well.

poddie says:

I have 520, 820, 920, and 1020.  The 1020 is by far the best, even with the hump.

The Icon is definitely too boxy.  

If Nokia makes a 1020 with 5" screen and the internals of the Icon I will be all over it... until then I don't think I can give up the camera and the grip accessory.

@poddie. Totally agree. I mostly have a charging shell attached to my 1020 but love the look and feel of the phone when it's in the camera grip. The camera grip is by far my favourite phone accessory of all time. I will also say that I have the yellow 1020 and love the colour. The black camera module and buttons look great against the yellow body.

WPhoney says:

920 is the most beautiful phone ever designed! It's a crime it's not available with an SD slot.

NoNexus says:

Best looking WINDOWS phone

--Fixed that for you

db4williams says:

I agree with you on the 920. Beautiful phone there! Though I have the 928 and believe its great, I think the 920 wins hands down in the aesthetics department.

alv3st3r says:

My Lumia 720 would disagree with that.

Adretheon says:

I like the look of the curved edges(920 and whatnot), but it's a pain in the ass to find a way to get it to stay up on its side if you don't own some kind of stand. This is where the box look would help.

namy_grooves says:

Its way too boxy....yes its shape design is copied from iphones :|

Andygoes says:

Which is interesting to read on generally Apple-leaning blogs that it is too boxy. They fawned over the iPhone 4/5 lines, but now the Icon is too boxy?

namy_grooves says:

Yeah it is....but wat matters is on screen
And its far better than ios
But no colors is the problem though :/

Jack Larson1 says:

Red, yellow, cyan, grey...

Chef316 says:

Tangent: I wonder, due to it's "boxy" design, if it will be able to do that vibration panoramic picture like iPhone. Bet someone will make an app for that.
...that being said...I like the design alot!

PureView says:

It's not bad per se; but it's the worst of all high end Lumia designs. It's like Verizon or Nokia purposefully go out of their way to make it as undesirable as possible. The lack of colour options don't help either.

Andygoes says:

I think you could leave that as just Verizon pushing those design choices on to Nokia.

clappenings says:

It's not the most ergonomic WP, but I still like it quite alot. The display size is great!

ZackTheNever says:

Actually I like a bulky phone tbh. If its too thin you cant get a good grip on it.

larrybon says:

What's on the screen is what matters!
.....and if I didn't own the 1020, I'd be all over this device! Round or square!!

Tansen says:

Indeed. One of a kind design for Nokia it seems.

Rem97 says:

My favorite Lumia design also.

Dafter says:

I love my 925, It's piece of art :)

willied says:

Design is good, just wish it was smaller. A dark blue option would be awesome.

crise says:

Since 920 I've only seen worse design from Nokia. Except that Asha phone with that crystal shell. I'll wait for a true successor to the 920.

Jack Larson1 says:

A clear flagship body would be interesting

A895 says:

I like it. People get so attached to phone design like all your going to be doing is staring at it enjoying it like some art. Its a phone and is a means to an end. Its supposed to look good but have great function at the same time. The Icon embodies that idea.

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Yeah, it kind of annoys me. A rad new phone comes out and people complain about it being ugly just for being boxy...It's just preference. I happen to like boxy phones over curved ones, but I wouldn't call phones like the s4 ugly just because I don't like their form factor.

hasanmj8 says:

I think it looks good. Wish at&t has it,, I'm getting a little bit bored from my 920., I need a bigger screen.

Daylife says:

Still rocking my red Lumia 920 :)

I love the boxier looks, still wish they would come out with a cyan or at least red.

RyanAMG says:

I love it. Just wish it had glance

BobcatRidge says:

^^This^^  I currently have a 928 and have grown fond of the Glance feature.

Jared Hayes says:

Yeah no glance is pretty lame. I dont get why it doesn't have it? And I dont get why they downgraded the flash. I love the Xenon flash on my 928!

Blkacesvf41 says:

Wait, so they actually have units at the Microsoft store? If so, I gotta get over there and look at it!

Unless you mean every phone from every carrier, yes they have those. But they don't have the ICON yet, as far as I know

joe_easton says:

I like the design; it is good that Nokia is showing different types of design in their phones.  I know that can cause issue because not everyone can get every phone but variety is good.  If they all looked the same then we would complain about that.

I would love to have an Icon and show it off proudly.


Jared Hayes says:

Well said. People are gonna bitch no matter what.

joe_easton says:

and I get that we are all nuts over phones but options are good.  too bad we aren't all as lucky as the WP Central team that gets every phone

Seribble2013 says:

All u guys r a bunch of negative nellies, I love the design....it looks like my current 810, which looks like the 928, which, in turn, looks like, ah, the ICON! I don't like that it doesn't have SD support, but then neither does the iPhone....

WWarthogs says:

I love the features and the design.  I really like the sound design.  I had the HTC 8X and originally loved it right off, but wanted something a little bigger about a year in.  The 928 had those qualities, but didn't quite meet my expectations.  The Icon appears to be a phone for someone with "MAN" hands.  Those small phones, the keys just get in the way.

NIST says:

The 928 is a great looking phone.

Ultimateone says:

Only boxy I like is Catie Wayne


yeah I said that

Wael Hasno says:

The design is just perfect for me. I like boxy.

jpling says:

I like it. Looks very professional. If I get it it will go in a case anyway so I don't care if it has stretch marks and sun spots /s

drozdpatrick says:

Go get an iPhone then, cause you can get colors. C'mon Nokia even our flag has three colors! Looks good, and no SD? No deal.

Westoncreg says:

I kinda wish the 1520 had gone that route since the rounded sides feel weird when your playing videogames

DonnieV says:

Honestly, doesn't matter. I was so excited for this phone to come out as I am on verizon using a 928 with a cracked screen. But the fact that this doesnt support glance screen is such a deal breaker I might just get another 928.

danielgary says:


I've got a 928 that's in practically new condition.  I'm happy to send one your way if you'd like?  PM me if you're interested.



drozdpatrick says:

There you go! The bail is on!

xxcorpxx says:

I love my 1020 with the speck case in yellow and black. Sexy phone that people love to check out. I get more comments on this phone than I ever imagined. Nokia did a great job getting the word out on it. People always ask me of that is that phone that takes those great pictures. YUP, sure is. Can't wait for 8.1.

NIST says:

Same here. Except the phone spins like a top when you set it on a table. My only concern is that once you've invested in the camera grip you're really stuck with the phone. To reuse that grip, the successor to the 1020 will have to be the same size. And I'd really like a larger screen. Put this tech in a larger screen and I'm sold!

My ATIV S looks much better and more stylish imo. I would never buy this Lumia because its very boring, but is a great choice if you like this design. 925 and 1520 are best lumia designs so far.

LucasLumia says:

I don't like tha feel of the ATIV S, but it does look great. This phone should have looked like the 925.  Imagine the aluminum round borders and a flat back.

Ecurb87 says:

The design is great. Clean

TLRtheory says:

I don't care that it's boxy...what bothers me is having uneven bezel on the top and bottom. Apple's flagship was created with design uniformity, as was Samsung's and so many others...but Nokia?

...and the fact that we have yet another damn high end phone that teases us with the temptation of wanting to have loads of music, pictures and video without allowing external storage so that my multimedia doesn't conflict with my app install space.

jlzimmerman says:

Verizon: Make the phone as sterile and state as possible.

Nokia: You got it.

Nokia: You want our new thin bezel design?

Verizon: No, we need enough space for our ugly, obtrusive checkmark logo.  In fact, make sure we can put 3 or 4 of our logos on it.

Nokia: You got it.  Any colors besides black and white?

Verizon: No, we know what's best for our customers.

LucasLumia says:

You forgot the wheel of removen features for the glance display. The fact that the 928 doesn't have FM radio but has Glance and exactly the oppsoite for this one proves it. About the logo, maybe next time they can shape it like one. And don't forget it boots with it every time.

Nokia: Do you want it to be like the 1520?

Verizon: No..., of course not. Take something out of it, that way it will be different. (spins wheel)

Nokia: Glance?!? Are you sure?

Verizon: If AT&T got away with the 1520 wireless charging, I don't see why not.

The earnings reports and substantial growth every quarter probably means VZW does know what it's customers want. 

Best network. Weakest phone lineup.

Jack Larson1 says:

(Best network+ Weakest phone lineup)/2 = average

Good way of putting it. I would have to agree.

Jack Larson1 says:

I agree with you on the best coverage. They are more consistent outside cities than att.

Kram Sacul says:

That's exactly what happened. The inside is Nokia but the design is all Verizon. They might as well have called it the Lumia Droid.

MaulerX says:

If there's one thing I absolutely hate it's gotta be the HUGE butt ugly Verizon logo. Seriously? That's a cardinal sin right there. At least the AT&T Lumias (like the 1520) just have a barely visible small AT&T globe in the top corner.

eruptflail says:

The boxier the better. The curved edges of the Lumia 920 look kiddish. I like the curves on the 925 though, because it has the sleek metal finish.

pcleland79 says:

I have a 810, the and want the Icon, the shape is almost the same, just a bigger phone

shaggydave says:

How can you not agree that the 925 is badass? I love it! :)

marantaz says:

Damn you guys make it hard to decide! I change my mind on getting this every hour!

928 was boxey too, this is probably a stipulation from Verizon

707wpfan says:

The fact it resembles an iPhone made me go with the 1520 on att

jlynnm350z says:

Who in their right mind as a designer would think this is attractive? Lol, maybe I could design phones if this is considered revolutionary!! Free tip for today " fire the guy who designed this phone".

Are you a designer?

WP95 says:

Too boxy and Droid looking. Need to switch to at&t!

When's the last time you saw a Droid? This thing is the polar opposite of my Droid Ultra. 

lubbalots says:

I personally like consistency. Too many design causes consumer confusion, apathy, and envy. This is why you get this carrier quarrel - I hate ATT, I hate Verizon, I hate TMO, I'm switching to here there. If I was Nokia, I'd stick with ATT and build up reputation there through aggressive marketing and what not.

drozdpatrick says:

Why, is att too big to fail? That's how we Americans are stuck driving Fiats.

lubbalots says:

IPhone built rep on one carrier. Popularity drove others to want. This is how Nokia/MS should do it. Not beg and give to carrier like Verizon. If you not delivering on one carrier, then you know something wrong. And you know it won't work on other carrier unless fix first. Never drove a fiat or ever seen one in USA.

pheren says:

I think the all round shape is actually really good. Although I do prefer the 920 overall. Now I'm having a blast with the 1520 - and just off topic, anyone else having screen issues with the 1520?

Sorry for the double post

Zippier says:

The more I see it in unboxing videos in real people's hands and being moved around the more I like it.  I think it's a very simple less is more strategy.

nickros182 says:

i really like the boxyness of the phone. its shows that all the fancy stuff is not needed to make thhis phone amazing, some phones boast the design(not really windows phones inparticular) because there is not amazing specs, but you look past it becuase its pretty, also i like the just black or white color options, I have always loved black phones, really elegant and sheek and very professional, i cant really picture a ceo of a really big company carrying a big red phone(1520) Just my opinion!

cesar ruiz1 says:

Too boxy for me but it also looks 920 chunkiness' but the 920 had that smiley face and was too sexy. You guys at wpcentral if you have all the Lumia phones and should put them side by side.

RMathis77 says:

I have a 928 so this Icon is similar. I like the look of the 925 but I have no complaints on the 928 and can't wait to check out the Icon. July 2015 (when my upgrade is due) hopefully their will be an ICON2 or something just as nice to upgrade to!.

cheesemoo says:

the L 800 was the reason i started lookign at Nokia and Windows again. (Well the N9 actually grabed my attention first.) I loved my 900 but alwasy regretted them changing the form from L800/N9.  I didnt know how I liked the 1520 untill using it for awhile and I love the shape and design.

The Icon just looks like a phone whos mother is a Nokia and Father is an iPhone. BLAH.



ejlee072006 says:

Verizon always ruin NOKIA designs, this is another ugly Lumia from Verizon.. I feel like Verizon is doing it in purpose.. I'm not hating im stating the facts..
My 1520 is the best looking WP so far!!

brebo33 says:

Not sure what the big deal is if you put a cover on it anyway. If it was indestructible I might care more about shape and color choices.

Haha, I never get covers of any sort, why get nice slim phones if you're just going to cover it up?

Too boxy? No. Too Verizon.

OldMillXxX says:

After using the 928 for some time now, the squared edges can be difficult when sliding in and out of pockets.  That being said, it isn't a show stopper.  I am; however, dissapointed that there are still only the basic black or white options. That was my initial draw to WP/Nokia in that they had these bright, vibrant phones that at the time, nobody else had.  Being a longtime Verizon customer had me getting black and the wife getting white.  If more vendors offered the vast colors on all Windows Phones, I think their market share would be a bit higher, and the paltform MORE attractive.  It is the wow factor WP needed, and it was/is blocked by carier specifics like the 928, and now again by the Icon.

planoman says:

Looks pretty boxy to me.

sent from my kick a$$ Nexus 5!

While I wish it got the cool colors, I think the design is great. I appreciate both it's design and the design of the 8X, 1520, etc. 

MrVol84 says:

All I can say is that I'm happy I have a 1520! It's gonna be hard to top this phone IMO. Perhaps maybe when the next wave of devices come out sporting 2K screens and better processors.. For now I feel like I have the top notch WP device.

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sheldonch says:

I like the boxy design and it's edges.  I also don't mind the limited color choice.  It gives it an understated look and brings out the vibrant tile interface of WP.  I think since most Lumias are rounded and colorful, everyone just expects a Lumia to be rounded and colorful.  And when it's not, it's an abomination or has an "uninspired" look.  I personally don't like rounded designs and vibrant colors, no offense to anyone, but they remind me of childsafe toys.

drozdpatrick says:

Fail! Icon looks too much like ios! If Verizon was looking for a workhorse, they broke it's legs!

EspHack says:

it is not boxy, it simply has no design, just like samsung galaxies, stupid verizon, stupid carriers, thats my opinion

Rem97 says:

I like the design except the back of the device. Also, it would've been even better if it had a smaller bezel like the 1520.

jabtano says:

I find my L925 to be somewhat slippery other than that it's the best device I've owned.

jfa1 says:

I like my 920 and would like it more with a 5 to 6 inch screen. Looking forward to a 1520 or an WP 8.1 device w that screen size a decent stylus

DocSc00teR says:

I haven't held one in my hand, but I think it's a step backwards from the aesthetic and tactile design of the 920 (which is still my favorite Lumia for physical design). And, yes, it's the "boxiness" of it that bothers me.

I'd love to see a variation of the Icon over on AT&T, but with more rounded edges and more colors. Of course, I suspect AT&T is gonna nix any built-in Qi wireless charging on future Lumias (Grrr... foolish AT&T!), and that's just about enough to make me jump ship over to another carrier. Phones like the Icon -- even with its squared edges -- are looking awfully attractive right now...


Credo93 says:

I like the design, it gives the device an professional look, but the back should be flat, like the iPhone, Xperia Z's, then it would be the perfect device, but as of now, i really like it.

925 is amazing. Watching the video for the ICON really makes it look better. White and gray. The bezel is a rip off of the iPhone 4 but I don't care. Id rather see it on a WP :)

Too boxy. Looks heavy because of it.

Boxy means my 810 doesn't slip out of my hands.

I don't like the design in the Verizon Lumias.

badger8080 says:

928 is good if it has gdr3 or black

lyrisist35 says:

Hate that Verizon is taking so long on that update to Black. I hav ethe 928 and it's good, but would be better with Black update, for sure.

marantaz says:

Black is available for the 928...got it a few days ago...wpc had a story on it too...

lyrisist35 says:

I checked my phone yesterday, didn't get it yet. Will check today.

AV2RY says:

Go and install it then, Black was released like 2-3days ago) we all updated already)

The boxy Icon certainly looks ready for business, and I do appreciate it's design. It's scary how chunky it looks even though it's thinner (and lighter) than the 920, they could face a perception issue there.

For me, though, I'd much prefer an exact shrunken version of the Lumia 1520 design with a selection of interesting colours (including cyan!). :) Looking forward for MWC to see what is revealed!

lyrisist35 says:

I like the the Nokia Lumia form factor. It has it's own style if it is a Nokia Lumia. You can tell what someone is holding in there hands. Like the iPhone and the Galaxy S series. Nokia Lumia form factor stands out. I love it.

terrokkinit says:

Curves rock :) boxy...meh a phone is a phone. Hardware is what I look for, and this phone, along with its network, rock!

Mike Joseph says:

Too boxy for me.  I love my 920, just a great hand feal. The curve is just right.  Icon's tech specs are impressive, but no glance, that was a horrible decision.  To me the Verizon design is always lacking. 

Just my opinion, but it is my dollars that will go elsewhere. 



DennisvdG says:

Too boxy for me, I love the 800 and 920 and I'm waiting for a direct upgrade of the 920

lyrisist35 says:

Nokia has the non-design design. Stellar!!!

jcar302 says:

Honestly, i just dont care that much about shape when it comes to style.  It matters how easy it is to hold and not slip when making calls.

I was excited about this phone until i heard there is no glance screen.  So you just gave me glance missed calls, emails and texts and now you want to take it from me?

As a long time nokia user, i can say for sure, no US version of a nokia phone has ever given us everything.  I just can't figure out why.


dante501 says:

Ok the Icon seems nice with that design. I liked the Sony Xperia Z too and that is a pretty boxy phone as well.

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PeadarWagon says:

I think it's closer to the zune

AV2RY says:

I love my "boxy" 928, and this 929 is beautiful. Don't know why you guys complaining about its shape. Can somebody tell will there be big difference, if any, between 928-929 pics taken with flash

Can't get any boxier than an 822 and I don't find it uncomfortable.

CCAZPastor says:

Have a 925 bit like this design way better. Never owned an iPhone and never will but its pretty boxy and pretty popular wouldn't you say???

DalekSnare says:

I prefer the shape of the 920, but it's glance and Verizon that make me not want one. Of course, if it was on AT&T it would lose Qi so the main problem is glance.

giffis says:

If Nokia wants to beat Samsung, A 135g 5" phone is needed.... MS please make one. And in all carriers. and make it available in all dam stores. I get frustrated when I don't see wp phone displayed like Android and iphone in Walmart, BestBuy, target and other stores... f****ing do it....

squid729 says:

will have to check out the ICON in person. but, i love my L925. and loved the look of the L920 although i never owned. btw give T-Mo credit for the very subtle use of their logo on the L925, easy to forget it is even there. and on the 2 L521's i have purchased no T-Mo logo at all.

Well, I've got Lumia 920 white, looks classic with curved shape.

DANTE X40 says:

I am really surprised that i have not seen any comments about what i am going to say on any of the articles about this phone!
But i find it kind of looks like the "surface phone" prototype that was floating around at one point. I really like this phone and its design! It does not remind me of an iphone like others have mentioned.
Only thing i would want different is to get it in red, and remove the capacitive buttons and replace them with the on screen ones in wp8.1.
Also i can't get it in France!

sheldonch says:

Yeah, it does remind me of the Surface, that's one of the reasons why I plan to get it. lol, the Surfaces design is sexy lol.

gevabar says:

They can do a better design

Jack Larson1 says:

I like the name BUT it seems un-Lumia like for the boxy shape

socalpaisa says:

The Icon is basically a bigger Lumia 810 with a metal rim. And we all know how well the 810 did...

Ejay Lozano says:

Boxy is what makes it a the Verizon. That's how the 928 was built, so every carries has their own variant and style.

jmagwp says:

I like the specs, but honestly it's not a compelling upgrade from my 928. Oh sure, I'd love to have the Icon, I wouldn't complain if they wanted to give me one, but I don't feel the urge to upgrade like I did when the 928 was released.

marky_yo says:

Too me from the short video reviews I have seen the icon looks pretty thick maybe im wrong but will be checking it out

jsantana0793 says:

The phone looks great. I don't care of the boxy look. Most people who have iphones cover their phones with massive case anyway. I don't care about colors. Black, White, Silver or Gold looks better. I have T-Mobile. Love the pricing, hate they don't carry better Windows Phones. I will have to say goodbye to T-Mobile and jump ship to Verizon.

The boxy factor is reminiscent of my old 30gb zune, so for me it's sexy as heck.

I like the way the Icon looks.  It's just too bad I'm under contract.

ltjordan24 says:

Let's be honest, none of Verizon's Lumia devices are as sexy as their At&t counterparts. At&t always has a better selection of phones. Verizon has the better network. That's all they care about. Am I upset about having only two colors to choose from for my boxy phone? Yes. But no matter what the phone looks like, it's going to be covered by a case and that will allow me to express myself so at the end of the day, it's not that big a deal.

detroitdecay says:

Looks a lot like my 810. Which I think is a very minimilistic nice design. Additionally why over extend on phone design when the majority of us cover it with a protective case?