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Nokia Lumia 930 confirmed to be coming soon to Ireland on Meteor

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Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 press image leaked, showing off the device in white

Lumia 929

Nokia has an array of hardware to unveil at its event in Abu Dhabi. On October 22nd, we can also look forward to the Lumia 929. Pictured previously in black, we've now got the above render of the handset in white (matching an earlier leak), courtesy of the Evleaks Twitter account. While we should always take rumours with a grain of salt, the Twitter profile has a strong track record.

We've also been able to confirm, through our own sources, the date of November 6th is listed for the "phablet" device, which may range in the 5-inch range as opposed to AT&T’s expected 6-inch device codenamed “Beastie” (also known as the Lumia 1520). The off-contract price is $500 and while we await for the product to be officially announced with specifications confirmed, we expect this to be a more conservative Windows Phone. 

Source: Evleaks (Twitter); thanks, kbilly70, for the tip!



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deluksic says:

Yes, this is a device I'd buy, just that verizon mark is getting on my nerves. Just doesn't fit the blackness of the screen

pankaj981 says:


They should have kept it like the HTC 8X, all Verizon branding at the back

Raesu says:

Verizon is the absolute worst at branding and bloatware...on android you can't even remove it. T mobile branding is pretty bad too. Att only has a small globe which isn't too bad.

Bloatware?  Really?  I have only My VZW and VZW Backup preloaded.  My cousin has a 920 on AT&T.  That thing is loaded with bloatware - UVerse app, a bunch of other AT&T apps.  An aunt is on T-Mobile.  More bloatware on her 521.
So from what I've seen, at least in regards to WP, Verizon doesn't preload much additional onto the phone.

Raesu says:

I was mainly referring to their Android bloatware. But with WP bloatware is pretty irrelevent anyway. The logos are much worse than ATT's though.

Raesu says:

A whopping 3 Verizon logos lol.

I hate Verizon, but there are only two visible logos.

argenys says:

1 in the front, 2 in the back.

11B1P says:

only 1 on the back

Wacft says:

I think he was making a funny.... the shocker

Raesu says:

I consider the 4G LTE logo a Verizon logo, since it is.

bpmurr says:

Technically the 4G LTE logo is another Verizon logo.

RyanAMG says:

The renders of the 928 looked like this but they don't look that bad on the phone.

jgbstetson says:

Every major US carrier has deployed LTE. Why do they keep putting that on phones? It doesn't even make sense from a marketing POV.

rodneyej says:

It looks as if you can pin voicemail to the start screen in GDR3... Take a look...

RyanAMG says:

That's the Verizon VM app. Came with WP8

Josh Harman says:

Yeah, it's Verizon's "visual voicemail" app. Never actually worked for me though, so I cancelled the service & deleted the app.

Josh Harman says:

I never even notice the branding on my phone.

houtex2380 says:

I just hope the 1520 can do more than the galaxy note 3

J Papi says:

I bet it'll take better pictures.

lippidp says:

Not a chance, but at least it won't come with any Google spyware.

ejlee072006 says:

Dude the galaxy note 3 is a beast,the galaxy mega is a JOKE!!
Im sure the 1520 and the 929 will be a nice addition to the lumia family..

Shaz2012 says:

Doesn't it look skinny?  I hope it's like the 925 and I'll get it.  I got the 920 last year first day.

I'll be glad when windows phones can be flashed...would love to leave straight talk for page plus..i flash android phones all the time, haven't figured out windows phone yet

cesar ruiz1 says:

When I used to flash my android I used to do it cause all the bloat and crap, but windows is different it doesn't get slow like android.

SleepyTheDon says:

Is that double branding!?

Only Verizon does that.

Josh Harman says:

It's probably just for advertising purposes, my 822 only has one logo.

J Papi says:

But why do American carriers like to stick/slap their ugly logos on phones?

RyanAMG says:

Because they want everyone to know what carrier you're with. Also the logo never looks as bad as the renders do.

chasvs says:

Here they sell discounted phones with a Contract and usually lock you into that carrier ( for some time period). It's not like much of the rest of the World where you buy at full price and insert your SIM from any carrier.

Wish att got this, the 1520 is too big for me.

Nathan Bael says:

You are fortunate, you can get the 1020.

Oh... Is that nokia camera ???
the new combined camera app from nokia for all lumia

Skunkwurx says:

Good spot... Hopefully

Yeah... Hope it'll be coming to all lumias coz I just have a l520

kbilly70 says:

I'm curious about the chrome looking ring. It wasn't apparent on the black render.

reprod3 says:

I noticed that chrome looking ring as well... Pretty interesting. I wonder if they fit any aluminum into this device.

lubbalots says:

Let there be chrome!

Rockartisten says:

Looks like an aluminium frame to me.

Skunkwurx says:

Yea, hope its real metal (tho even nokia's low end dumped fake chrome and metal so heres hoping) but i think it is on the black on... Just like the 925 anodized black...

Robinsonmac says:

I think the render is not correct if you look at the real leaked image of the device it looks exactly like a larger 928. 

tribexx says:

I love my 928...but I wouldn't mind my hands on this.
Is that chrome/silver around the edges?

dudedud says:

God that Verizon logo is ugly

Josh Harman says:

Nah, it reminds me that my calls won't be dropped and I'll have 4G coverage.

falcon304 says:

Fingers crossed that a 20MP camera is possible for the mainline 9X0's. Rather than a getting a slimmer phone, I would take a 940 that's the same size and weight of the 920 if it means they pack a 20MP sensor into it.

Did anyone notice this? There are no dots on the back for a wireless charging case....
This could have built in wireless charging

skinnypig#WP says:

Unless it's covered by the @evleaks watermark lol

cesar ruiz1 says:

The Verizon version has built in wireless charging

RyanAMG says:

Verizon is a big backer of Qi and yes its onboard

ejlee072006 says:

925 body with the 1020 camera, and 1520 size is what im waiting for. rocking my 900 7.8
Can't wait to play with the 1520, everytime I go to an att store I get tempted to buy the 1020 I mean all the time..thats why I don't go

lubbalots says:

She is beautiful. Can't stop eyeing that hump can ya?

ejlee072006 says:

Is there a red 1020? Men that 1020 is beautiful

lubbalots says:

Yellow and black only, sadly to say.

lubbalots says:

No ATT leaks? Strange? Must be something bigger than big landing on ATT. Hopefully we can all handle it.

luimende says:

They need a 1x2 size tile, horizontal.

Jf.Vigor says:

It does. I'd go with 2x2 like windows 8.1 has. I imagine wp8.1 blue will introduce just such a thing

Josh Harman says:

There is a 2x2 tile already.

donebrasko says:

What is the little line on the back to the right? Speaker?

donebrasko says:

Doesn't look like it will be as loud as the 928. :(

DJCBS says:

I still don't understand why do you think Nokia would announce a US-carrier-exclusive phone in Arabia. It makes as much sense as the coronation of the next King of England taking place in China.

kbilly70 says:

Purely speculation on my part but I think it's because the Oct event is the only upcoming event everyone knows about and so people are linking the two. Maybe the 929 is a variant of an international version.

AngryNil says:

That sounds right, but it's interesting how the tech press keeps referring to these devices by their US designations.

DJCBS says:

That's what I'm hoping for. But that means that the L929 isn't a variant of the L1520 as it's being also assumed. Thing is, we haven't seem any evidence of the phone the L929 is based upon in that case.
We could be facing the best kept Nokia secret yet...*fingerscrossed*

SoloXCRacer says:

The Event is called Nokia World.  They'll show case a number of devices.  Some may be carrier exclusive, others won't.  This event isn't dedicated to announcing devices, though it's a big part of it.  

DJCBS says:

Precicely for being "Nokia World" it doesn't really seem logic to present a device that will excluse 99.9% of the Nokia "world".
Unless they use "Nokia World" as is "Nokia's array of stuff". Still, doesn't make sense to announce a US-carrier-exclusive across the World. It doesn't grant the device proper exposition to the targeter market - US Verizon clients - and takes interest from the people attending who most likely will not care for a phone they can't have.

Josh Harman says:

Where did they announce your new iPhone?

Jf.Vigor says:

Why is news so slow? Did the government shutdown affect y'all too (I'm playing).
But seriously I sent two good tips on friday and its now Thursday and haven't seen them. One about the 925 being all over parks and recreation. And I forgot the other tip but it was good

RyanAMG says:

I don't think they post about WP on TV anymore I've tipped about the Wendy's ad, Lincoln car ad, and a couple TV shows.

jlzimmerman says:

The silver trim makes it look soooo much better than the original photo with the bland black thing it was.

nasellok says:

Dont want this - give me 1020 on Verizon, or give me my shitty 2 year old android POS until that happens

maxnicks says:

You do look pretty good with your shitty little android cause that's all you'll get with VZW.

"Conservative" with regards to specs? Or design?

I find it a bit ironic that the time on the device is 1020.  

I meant flash windows phone from on carrier to another, not just flash a custom rom...i can flash custom roms on windows phones..but I can take a sprint bad esn phone and put it on Verizon or page plus or straight talk..i want to get a Verizon or sprint windows phone and reprogram the prl and data keys

aheinrich says:

Man that is one BUSY screen. They need to figure out a way to introduce some space into that like the program groups on Windows 8. Either that or bring in another bigger tile size.
I could imagine if I was new to the WP8 environment and saw that screen that I would have a little information overload ... feel intimadated.
I enjoy using the TileSpace program on my current WP8 device for that reason - at times the screen seems a little too busy to me.

absolutshame says:

Why are VZW Lumia devices so ugly? Maybe not ugly but pretty damn boring.

marantaz says:

This will be my next, once my other line becomes available for upgrade, and my 822 will go to my son (sniffle). Look at all those tiles! It practically demands that the user have control of the individual tile backgrounds. So much going on just at a glance! Wow! And no motion sickness! (Slap me) Hope it has massive memory and battery life, cuz I'm gonna work that baby!

Kram Sacul says:

Blocky, only comes in two colors, has logos all over the place. Yep, it's a Verizon phone.

henry084 says:

I would like to have a global version of this instead of 1520, which is too big for my trousers' pockets.
HTC's rumoured 4.7" FullHD device would be a deal for me if Nokia doesn't any smaller FullHD devices on global market, though the Data Sense on Nokia is quite appealing to me.
BTW, I am not living in the US.

Nitaino says:

$500.00? I'd rather buy the Surface 2 ¬_¬

aximtreo says:

Good suggestion. My 928 working together with my Surface RT is a great way to go.

Tjarren says:

Me too, but since I'm still sporting a Trophy and getting frustrated at how many apps are WP8-only now ...

Somerichs says:

When you say this will be a conservative phone, are you referring to its looks alone or something more?

Josh Harman says:

It usually votes Republican.

AureeOle says:

I wonder if tmobile will get one of these. I really want it.

Why is the clock set to 10:20? This is not Lumia 1020, it should be 9:29.

jdawgnoonan says:

While Verizon's obsession with branding sucks, what really sucks about Verizon is how they continually try to close what are supposed to be open network standards. Until the day CMDA is gone and Verizon is forced to apply open standards as they are applied globally I will never consider Verizon to even be an option.

Would love to see the device be available anywhere else.

Josh Harman says:

It doesn't make sense to adopt a "standard" when Verizon is constantly pushing the envelope.

chucky78 says:

The is a Public Service Announcement.  The Lumia 1020 on Rogers is the RM-876 which means it workd on T-Mobile, Wind Mobile and Mobilicity.   

To me, I could care less about the branding of "VZW logo all over the phone"
I however wish VZW would allow it's customers to have more than the standard, BORING, black and white!
Nokia Lumia's are made with color in mind and I feel Verizon neglects that notion and creativity with only selling products in black, white, silver and then releasing red when the phone is super old and the next big device is out....bad marketing/strategy to me.
Makes me want to leave for AT&T, they get all the cool colors and devices for Windows Phone. SMH.

maevinj says:

Just get a case. I haven't seen the original color of my phone in two years...

Tjarren says:

At least red, right? A big, red phone on Big Red just makes ... sense.

Kmin PL says:

I wonder if it is of any importance that the clock on the images shows...10:20 ;)

mrlugo88 says:

Conservative as far as looks or as far as internals go? I'm digging this 929 and will be replacing my 928.

Why doesn'y Nokia come out with a metal phone???? iPhone and HTC 1 are both incredibly good looking phones. Even the plastic GS4 at least uses good plastic. I love everything about my 928 except for the cheap plastic back.

jer85008 says:

Want list for this device: 
5" 1080P screen 
Snapdragon S600/800
2GB ram
Battery in the 2500-2800 mAh range
I will buy on launch day and pass the 928 on to my wife if so. 
Probably will still get it even if most of these are true. 

ltjordan24 says:

 Finally, a Nokia Hero device launched on Verizon and AT&T on the same day (hopefully).

jamz82277 says:

Stop hating on Verizon branding, if you were the best mobile carrier in the US, you'd brag too

rambo47 says:

I couldn't give a hoot about logos. But how about 2GB of RAM this time, huh fellas?