Verizon now pushing out GDR2 OS update for HTC 8X Windows Phone

Last night we teased you with Verizon’s official changelog (PDF) for the HTC 8X software update, also known as GDR2 (for the OS) and accompanying new firmware.

At the time, we suggested that the update was imminent and sure enough, starting at 1PM ET it has gone live nationwide. That means if you head to your Settings and go under Phone Update, by utilizing the Check for update feature you can start the process (you’ll need to be on Wi-Fi).

The update will bring a software version build number of 3030.0.34201.605 and quite a few new additions, including:

  • Make assisted calls more easily while roaming in select international destinations
  • Access song and album information more accurately with the Xbox Music experience
  • Enjoy better web browsing with improved HTML5 capability in Internet Explorer
  • Connect with greater stability when using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps like Lync and Skype

Other new features include FM radio, group text (which will be off by default and you’ll need to turn on), and support for IMAP for email, CardDAV for contacts and CalDAV for calendar when setting up a Gmail account.

Overall, that’s a pretty snappy update. So stop reading this and go get it now.

Thanks, TheDon8650 and David, for the tips!



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RyanAMG says:

Downloading now

xboxonthego3 says:

Argh at school about to start class. I'll have to wait until I get home. I'm excited though!

Hahaha learn bitch :P

silverbladex says:

Do you not have your phone on you? Just go to the bathroom in the stalls.

xboxonthego3 says:

Lol I'm in college and their internet is awful.

WPSteve says:

Stop reading! Stop commenting! Go! Go! Go!

ksheth2130 says:

Downloading and installing :)

MatsuDano says:

Oh god yes. Sweet merciful yes.
How long before we start whining about GDR3?

Mayur says:

Whining for GDR3 starts now...GO..

Vistaus says:

" How long before we start whining about GDR3?"

As soon as I get GDR2/Amber on my Lumia 720 :D

Josh Harman says:

Not whining, never did it for GDR2 either, but started wishing and anxiously waiting last week.

Dk92 says:

Where the heck is gdr3!? Taking forever. ;-)

CombatRock says:

Glad to see Verizon supporting the Windows Phone 8 platform. Updated my 822 last week and can't wait for GDR3!

Wow... Feels like I'm with the wrong carrier

UzaiBaka says:

In the US, there is no right carrier...just which ever one you want to get into bed with.

ajftl says:

I know. Wth

kiddj55 says:

Stupid T-Mobile. Always announces first. Always last to ship.

TripsG says:

Only took 4 posts to mention AT&T...heh heh.

jon elizondo says:

I hate you ATT, with all my heart.

We better get it... Soon

WhippedKream says:


NXH says:

What about the update for 920!!!!?????

Sakeeboy says:

I hate you AT&T..

Alienhead95 says:

AT&T sucks!!!!

I agree because I don't have my update yet

RyanAMG says:

Now my 928 and 8X are on the same page

UzaiBaka says:

YAY for Equality!!

morpheus1982 says:

Still waiting for o2 uk. Considering we were one of the first to get Portico, this is lame!

Curious, did the 928 get the update?

Josh Harman says:

Yes, weeks ago. Lumia 822 got it last week, 8x today... not sure about the Samsung.

MaulerX says:

Yes it did.

madisonjar says:

I am hoping this is a joke, but I also know people dont read wpcentral every day.  928 was one of the first to get the update, I have been rocking it on my 928 for almost two weeks now....LOVING windows phone 8 and vzw!

Not sure if you knew this, but I was out of town for 3 weeks with no technology, so the news probably said it then.

No technology huh? Three weeks huh?

Out of town huh? Seems made up

Don't believe me? I don't care. I don't need your approval.

Go back to the "no technology" part of town... I like you there better lol

madisonjar says:

no worries, and I wasnt trying to get at ya in anyway...thats why I wrote I know people dont read wpcentral everyday in my sentence...enjoy, 

Lol, it's okay. :P

jlynnm350z says:

Wait, just got an os update alert from at&t. . . No I just farted. My bad

RyanAMG says:

Are you sure it wasn't your 350Z starting?

Nissan makes good cars !!

RyanAMG says:

Um ok. I don't recall saying they don't. But thanks for the info. Good to know.

So does AMG!!!! Just in case you wanted some extra info... ;)

zorb58 says:

You could have said that ...cause they don't.

RyanAMG says:

AMG? Um ya they do from the ground up the SLS was all designed by AMG..... People please do research before trolling.

clappenings says:

Dan, please call Ralph De La Vega & find out what's up. Thanks lol

walter1832 says:

They are having brunch tomorrow. He'll ask then.

clappenings says:

Oh good! Maybe he could mention that I'm about to fire at&t and go to Vzw

4Tiles says:

Already downloaded and installing. This is such a lovely phone. If it had a better camera I would say it was the best Windows Phone.

MaulerX says:

This is great and all but it only exasperates the AT&T 920 situation. Where's our update?

walter1832 says:

And where's my car?

paulxxwall says:

What happened to Lumia 920 as priority or did I read wrong?

jasqid says:

It was a quick update. Got group mms on... Checking out the music.

montel22 says:

What is ATT doing about the 920 update?

KKRLessey says:

EE, the only carrier in the UK 'still in testing' :'(

Cigar2 says:

Just check for the update 920. But now I'm getting an error code. Unable to check.

BikerCVG says:

AT&T will be the last carrier on the planet to let their customers receive a free update... Again!

Joel H18 says:

TMobile needs to get on the ball! >:(

procen says:

I got my update for my 810 two weeks ago and this phone is considered EOL. Are you talking about HTC 8x?

Eurovillager says:

EE (Orange) updated my HTC 8x 2 days ago

walter1832 says:

I have an idea.  I'm sure it prob won't work, but wth.  All of us AT&T 920 owners should click on the 'check for updates' button in settings at the same time.  Lets say 3pm EST.  That will overrun the ATT network and send them a message that we want it now.
What say you?  Do you want to give it a try?

kushki says:

I think bell Canada has the update listed... It should rollout soon if not rolling out already...

Seryozha says:

is there not anyway to bypass getting on wi-fi?  so annoying 

KeegdnaB42 says:

Good to hear. Now all the wp8s in my house are updated. Out of curiosty, has anyone checked on the status of the ativ odyssey? With the exception of that, all Verizon models have now gotten the update before at&t has released it for the 920

ind1g0 says:

920 920 920 920 920 920 920 920 920 920 PLEASE AT&T!

joecatskill says:

Just installed it! Now we play!

ziggygod says:

Still no update... AT&T L920

Bob Shiska says:

Yet for all the complaining, they beat the 8X update on VZW by two weeks.

larrybon says:

Microsoft and Nokia still not done field testing the platform/OS of the 920 in the hands of the people. Maybe....just maybe, after the update from at&t my phone will stop having a mind of itself. Waiting here!!!!!

monotheist says:

AT&T takes all the flag ship phones, makes them exclusive and then sits on them and hacthes eggs!!!

berty6294 says:

Funny how all the Verizon hate has turned around so quickly. I swear just last everybody was whining about Verizon having the worst support and slowest updates and now all of their WP now have GDR2! (I don't consider the Odyssey a WP)(even if I did I would easily blame Samsung for not providing it to Verizon)

ebk14 says:

Well if anyone is wondering...i just downloaded the update for my 8x. Before the update, I had 5.43 GB of other storage, after the update and running shrink storage once and restating the phone its down to 5.07gb. I now have about 1.43gb free, about a gb of that was space given back to me that I had to clear up from deleting music to download the update initially. Im not sure how much of a other storage fix this brought. I have read basically all the articles on here about the storage problem and realize that I may need to approach no remaining storage before the other storage goes down significantly? Also, opening the HTC make more space app shows that I have over 2 GB of temp storage, and like everyone else who tried, when you click to delete it, nothing happens.

Bob Shiska says:

Why can VZW release GDR2 on the 8X, when the identical hardware on ATT has to wait? ATT is terrible, so much for being the premiere carrier.
Oh, wait...

Josh Harman says:

The hardware may be the same, but there carrier specific upgrades to make.

GDR2 + Amber update for UK Lumia 920 (Carrier Variant/Unlock) is now available. nice!!

JLP says:

Here's a dumb question...what does GDR even stand for? I must have missed that somewhere...

Bob Shiska says:

General Distribution Release

JLP says:

Thank you sir

Downloading and installing GDR2  for Lumia 920 in Honduras, Central America.

ReverendSlim says:

Great...  Still don't have the update on T-Mobile, but I'm glad Verizon's getting it, I guess. 

robdmau says:

Lol, not enough storage to install!! I have over 7gbs in other...

Kevin Rush says:

Uninstall non-essential apps.  I had to do this on my 822 with 7.2 GB Other.  Multi- attempts failed with 801882e8 error until I had removed enough apps to give 1.2 GB of Free Space.  Then it installed.

jkelek says:

installed this a bit ago on my 8x.
music now only has a changing track skip but it's very minimal and the annoying skip that happened during the last seconds of every song that was played prior to gdr2 is gone.
no good examples to test xbox music album art or search feature fixes.
group texting back of course and working.
fm radio is there and working fine.
messing with storage still, i had 7.00gb before downloading and installing gdr2, after install it's down to 5.55gb and the make more space app shows 3.15gb in temporary files and tapping does nothing.
on my wife's nokia 822 i was able to remove temporary right away with their app after gdr2 so it's probably just the capability of this crappy htc app that is lacking.
will find out if there's any changes with messaging being read aloud over bluetooth in my car on the way home.  i don't see any fix for this out there on verizon site but i know there were some bluetooth fixes on MS site for gdr2 so i'll keep my fingers crossed and report back.

Phani Kiran says:

Verizon 8x working well even after GDR2 update.. No SIM lock.. Phone still unlocked. Using in India. FM radio rocks.

psiu_glen says:

Can anyone check on call blocking with their 8X. Verizon listed it as a feature initially, then changed their PDF once it was discovered that they gimped it on their network to make mo' money.

Josh Harman says:

How exactly would omitting call blocking make them more money?

psiu_glen says:

They charge for the ability to block calls on their website. I think the last time I looked it was a few bucks to block only 5 numbers. Versus blocking up to 1000 for free. Also, in the 928 sub-forum, some users have reported it working when using another carriers SIM card.

Cjoli1989 says:

Did anyone else loose 3G with the update, my phone now goes from LTE to no service, i cant make calls from my house anymore, it worked fine before the update??

druger81 says:

Anyone else having troubles watching YouTube videos in the browser after the update?

LostRiot says:

Update just hit my HTC 8X! Downloading now!

frett says:

Why does the option to delete temporary files in the Make More Space app not work???

220SeaChaser says:

How is it that I have only 3.2gb used up from games, apps, pics and vids, and have 7.4gb of "other"? The update changed nothing. This is nuts!

ebk14 says:

Run the Shrink Storage app a few times, I got back a gig or so and the other storage seems to be very slowly decreasing on its own as well

Eberstein says:

group text thread support!

sm1thy86 says:

I no this is the wrong thread but does anybody no when this update will be out for 3 mobile in the UK

dbam987 says:

Downloading now @ work... anyone know if they addressed shuffling of playlist songs while connected to a bluetooth device?

FLIRguy says:

Where do I access the FM radio?

Theevenger says:

After getting this update for the Verizon HTC 8X I have an intermittent issue where I get "Can't Send" errors when sending text messages even though I have full bars.  Restarting the phone or turning airplane mode on and off usually fixes it. 
Has anyone else been having this problem?