Verizon set to push out latest Windows Phone OS update for HTC Trophy

Trophy update

While Verizon deservedly gets a lot of flack for their shunning of Windows Phone, especially with their single offering of the HTC Trophy, they at least seem set on keeping that phone up to date.

If you navigate to the support page for the HTC Trophy on Verizon's site, you'll notice that information regarding the previous radio update has been removed. Instead, users are greeted with details on the latest software update: 2305.13.20402.605.

While that number doesn't reveal the OS version (8107), reading the new features and fixes reveals that indeed it has to be 8107 since it fixes the disappearing keyboard. Here are the new fixes and enhancements:

  • Improved Voice Mail notifications when traveling outside the U.S.
  • Enhanced Cellebrite contact transfer performance.
  • Improvements in keyboard performance prevent keyboard from disappearing while typing.
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.
  • Improved device performance when downloading large software update files.
  • Original messages will be included when replying or forwarding an email via an Exchange 2003 server.
  • Improvements in text messaging performance

No word on exactly when this update will begin being pushed but seeing as Verizon is coming forward with the details, we're going to say it's imminent. So good new for you Verizon folks, not so great news if you're on AT&T or Sprint.

Source: Verizon Support (PDF); Thanks, Ryan T., for the heads up!



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gmantione says:

Wow no way... Although it's a bit too late seeing as I did mine on my own =P

aphrophyre says:

Same here. I actually posted on the VZW forums about WPCENTRALs article on how to force update. Whenever people start getting the release, i will restore my backup and get back on the official path.

TPM50 says:

My Lumia 900, is totally up to date.

rodneyej says:

99% of Verizons smartphones are beta phones....

amieldl says:

Fuck--g sprint. Getting pissed off. When is the tango update coming. Damn. Better be a mandatory thing. Getting very annoyed. My Htc arrive soon may not be enough soon. Need mms video share....

gmantione says:

That's the one feature that I cannot believe Microsoft has yet to add (except on the Lumia 900 I think)... My dumbphone was able to send videos... And my dads 7 year old flipphone that he just traded for the trophy was able to send video.

amieldl says:

For real. That tango I update is gonna help alot.Microsoft needs to spill the beans. Is gonna pushed hard to all carriers or what. Sprint skipped many updates already. Sigh

quek9 says:

I said bye to sprint when I bought my 900, you should do the same. Speak with your wallet.

deadwrong03 says:

well thats good this will hold me off til they give us a phon with a front cam and 4g lte...and windows phone 8

Too bad I already switched from a Trophy to a Lumia 900. I know I'm probably reading into this, but I wonder if they saw all the Trophy contract cancellations and figured they should push an update to try and stop the bleeding.

rodneyej says:

Maybe so! Good point.

cdook says:

Someone needs to tell Verizon they're a few days late for this to be an April Fools joke. Awesome!

KeegdnaB42 says:

Just in time to be out of date again because of Tango
I'd expect nothing less of Verizon

safesax2002 says:

What's the "Wireless Alerting System"?

erasure25 says:

Excuse me. Sprint, can you also update your one WP7 as well!!!

MediaCastleX says:

Both Verizon and Sprint are beta companies! =P

mango.lover says:

COINCIDENCE that this comes out just as AT&T is about to release the Lumia 900 and Titan II?

theman60099 says:

Who's more anti-WP VZ or the NOW WAIT network

threed61 says:

Verizon wasn't last with an update? Did the sun rise in the west this morning?

ron_wp7 says:

Vodafone Australia released this update weeks ago seems you guys in us are getting fucked over!

Neusyn says:

Yes we are!

joecatskill says:

Woo hoo!!! My Trophy cannot wait!! Hate the disappearing keyboard but love the phone & coverage!! Can you hear me now? :-)

Andygoes says:

Is there any hope in the bottom right corner of the PDF that "0412-E6938" is a reference to 12 April, or April '12? I'm hoping for the former as a release date of the update and not the latter as a publish month for the PDF!
Also, looking at the new firmware version and the current version, is there a date code in there? Specifically, the current version is 2305.13.20110.605 and the 1st article on WPCentral was posted on January 10 (http://www.wpcentral.com/verizon-trophy-getting-firmware-update-radio). The new firmware version is 2305.13.20402.605 - might the "20402" have any relation to the date? I'd be curious to know if VZW Android firmwares have a similar naming scheme and if they seem to possibly have the date embedded in the version number. I'm not a coder, so maybe it's completely unrelated. If the digits are related to dates, I'd hope this doesn't mean that there won't be any updates beyond 2012 which would require a possible lower number if an update was released before 1/10/13 (i.e. 2305.13.20104.605).

bc3tech says:

What is "Cellebrite contacts transfer"?? I was rocking the official Mango update until I CAB'd to 8107 and never saw anything like this...

l_n says:

Cellebrite is the universal contacts transfer device that retailers use in store. It's also the UFED used by law enforcement to retrieve all data from a cellular device.

This is un-freaking-believable!  Verizon seems to be doing just enough to barely keep WP7 customers.  I can't wait for the update.  What I really can't wait for is a SELECTION of new WP7/8 phones with LTE...  I remain ever hopeful!

ahuczek says:

Thank god, that keyboard glitch can be really annoying. Love my trophy but im looking forward to updating early next year. My contract doesn't expire until Feb though so im hopeful that by the win phone has more steam and Verizon will have picked up a couple more devices. Until then though this update is definitely welcome =)

camaroguy says:

Too little too late!

psiu_glen says:

So...does stock 8107 have the Cellebrite and Wireless Alert things? Maybe I will hold off since I already am doing fine with my 8107 and tinfoil hat ;)

arcana1973 says:

I see that the post says it will improve voicemail notifications in outside the US, but will it actually allow my phone to GET THEM IN THE US? I havent even gotten a notification since the mango update.

TheXev says:

I think its completely possible that we could see a slightly newer build beyond 8107, but not nearly as high as Tango (8773 last I checked).
My reasoning is, if the SMS unicode issues involing CDMA mode (if you try to send a SMS in Chinese or Japanese in CDMA mode.. the receiver gets ___'s but GSM mode works fine) are not a driver issue, but a system issue, then a build newer then 8107 might be waranted.  We'll have to see what the update fixes... but this SMS issue is a huge problem for people who actually use the VZW Trophy as a World Phone for business!

mdscj4 says:

Got the update today! Haven't installed yet but assuming this is it

Jsybird2532 says:

Just installed the update, unfortunately, no Tango (and I wanted to say TANGO DOWN so badly lol).  Anyway, it included three updates, 7740, 8107 and an OEM HTC update...my version numbers are now the following:
OS Version: 7.10.8107.79
Firmware revision number: 2305.13.20402.605
Hardware revision number: 0003
Radio software version:
Radio harware version: 3.2.3.D4
Bootloader version: 2.4.230513.2
Chip SOC version:

thenet says:

Hahaha I LOL the people who left sprint just to get nokia lumia 900 or other WP model. Don't you all know it the same WP 7.5 OS and good luck in paying your Big bills when you don't get unlimited data yup sprint still offers unlimited data is why I am sticking with them and don't have worry about big bills pilling up. I will know I will not get over billed on data. Also heard rumors sprint already been beta testing for windows phone 8 so yes why upgrade rather wait for windows 8. All you left are suckers! Go ahead enjoy AT&T big bills and Verizon also.