Verizon set to push out Windows Phone Tango update for HTC Trophy August 1st

HTC Trophy Verizon Tango

Verizon have returned with an announcement that the Windows Phone Tango update is almost ready to fire up for their HTC Trophy handsets. Customers will be able take advantage of new features and functionality in the next version of Windows Phone. This will begin to prep consumers for the Windows Phone 7.8 update which is sat on the horizon.

The carrier has published a PDF document detailing what's new in the Tango update. Here's is a quick glance at included features:

  • WiFi Hotspot / Internet sharing now available
  • Enhanced multimedia messaging capabilities (multiple photos, videos, ringtones)

However, it seems Verizon also got slightly too excited when updating their software upgrade table. While they listed Tango (MCR3) as the update in the PDF, the table below tells a different story, Apollo is apparently on its way.

Verizon Trophy Tango Update

As one can see in the above image, it clearly states "Apolio" in the last column. Whoops. Before anyone spins this as rumour that Verizon is somehow ready to push out Apollo (even though it's not an upgrade for current and first generation Windows Phones), we thought we'd kill this in the bag right now and state that this is not the case. Tango is on the way, that's all.

Good news for those who are eagerly awaiting Tango from Verizon. Are you looking forward to updating? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Verizon (PDF), Android Guys; thanks, aphrophyre, for the tip!



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KeegdnaB42 says:

Actually perfect timing considering I want to move my live id to my new outlook.com email (currently it's attatached to my gmail) and this will give me a new backup so I can reset my phone

inteller says:

uh its going to restore back your old email dude.  Backup doesn't work in the way you think it does.

KeegdnaB42 says:

Well that sucks. Guess I have more reason now to wish Verizon would get with the WP8 game sooner rather than later

l_n says:

I've already manually updated, but I'll be sure to check for firmware, etc.

diplomat696 says:

So wait let me get this straight, Verizon (who allegedly barely support wp7/7.5 at all) can push out the tango update but yet AT&T (who allegedly are the biggest usa carrier supporter of WP7/7.5) cannot get us all updated....
Anyone care to explain this logic?

Vallos says:

I think this is a sign of good things to come for Windows Phone and Verizon.

x I'm tc says:

So, what hope for us Sprinters?

Baka says:

Hope for Sprinters?  Hope that AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are willing to take your money in exchange for real support for Windows Phone.  I have an Arrive and Sprint can $uck it.

DavidinCT says:

No hope for Sprint, even their CEO said that....

ChrisLynch says:

Was just thinking the very same thing.  Why it is taking AT&T so long to "approve" the Tango update is beyond me.  I truly hope that WP8 brings updates that do NOT require carrier approval.  I just want OS updates in a timely manner, of which AT&T does not (except for iFruit devices.)

jfa1 says:

ATT has no control over Ios updates like they do with WP7  W8P updates will all be pushed out OTA  by MS and will be carrier independent as I understand it.  It is hopedully a good sign that perhaps ATT will update all its stable of WP7s quickly now.

blushrts717 says:

So much for the "premier partner"

vaultboy21 says:

lol, and I was almost certain vz forgot all about the trophy and the 16 of us who still have em.

glad to be getting it and yeah maybe its a good sign of things to come (i.e. verizon-red lumia 1000!)

still, if I had to trade getting a minor update sooner for a carrier that knew what my phone was and gave me more options & support, I'd go for that every time..

CJ Thunder says:

Vz got burned by the Kins. I see why they are tepid.

RaRa85 says:

I'm 27 with no kids. I sure hope ATT pushes an update for the HTC Titan before my grandkids get here... Oh never mind, I'll just get a Windows 8 phone.

cannon#WP says:

How crazy would it be if they actually did push Apollo onto the Trophy somehow and it was the only device that made the leap to WP8?

Jf.Vigor says:

lol then I'd go get a trophy unsubsidized right now lol

It's probably Apollo 7 (7.8)

Jf.Vigor says:

No no no read the op, its not my.friend

I read it,hence my reply. You're the one who can't read

absolutshame says:

It's not Apollo either. It says Apolio,not sure what that is.

jcobe800 says:

Totally excited to get the update!
I'm surprised Verizon is pushing it out. I figured us Trophy users would be out of luck (or at least have to wait longer) seeing as how it is the only WP on Verizon.

EAA575 says:

I hate Sprint.

Shocked by this but VERY pleased. Making my wait for a new WP8 device in March much easier.

thed says:

Tango and Wifi hotspot? I am pleased. It's getting harder and harder for me to complain about Verizon's WP support. At least they release updates.

safesax2002 says:

I assume we'll have to pay for tethering or switch to the Share Everything plan to do this. Do you concur?

larspassic says:

I was also wondering if we are going to have to pay or update to share everything.

xpxp2002 says:

Maybe for current devices they consider Apollo to be 7.8?

lippidp says:

I feel like I can now recommend this phone to family and friends. Great news!

db4williams says:

Well done Verizon, well done!

joecatskill says:

Cannot wait to play!! But then I never really can. Can I!! Go Big Red. Can this mean some Windows Phone love from Big Red? It could be...

l_n says:

A vzw employee that posts here has confirmed at least two wp8 devices coming to Big Red.

joecatskill says:

That will be sweet. Something w an 5" screen, sweeter. Have you seen the SGIII? Great display! Yeah Sammy I'll take that in WP8 & RED!!

Awesome! I have a question about wifi-hotspot. If I were to use the wifi-hotspot and I have data unlimited, will I still be charged extra? 

willied says:

I was wondering the same thing! I feel like they do charge you extra for it, which makes zero sense (well it does make cents for Verizon...heh), but I'm not sure...

Face2000 says:

Good job Big Red what the hell at&t over.

Now only if they'd stop steering people to the andies.

argenys says:

I went to a Verizon store today and they didn't have a trophy on display.

aphrophyre says:

They haven't had them out for like a year. You would never know it still existed but you can buy it online for a grossly expensive price on contract.  They used to have sales where it was either free or at most $50.

ghbpro says:

Still in display over here Mercerville, NJ. Just went the other day.

venom5150 says:

I called the local Microsoft store and they still have it for free with 2 year commitment plus the $30 upgrade fee.

brebo33 says:

Here I was thinking V forgot they even had a windows phone. Though I did notice they are trying to sell the trophy for $200+ now. I got mine a year ago for $50. They are definitely getting ready to announce a new wp8 device.

RolexDPracer says:

Cool! I didn't think Verizon was going to come through.

WP95 says:

Yes! Can't wait to update tomorrow when im done work. AT&T customers sorry it's gonna be Verizon and WP8 from now on!

tigermcm says:

Oh hell no verizon is pushing out the update 2moro!!! I assume Sprint will respond with something lame like" good news get the best out your arrive. An update is coming..........NOVEMBER!!

sumsk7 says:

Verizon has been treating us good when it comes to updates but, I want a new WP already, hopefully they'll release a strong lineup of W8P.

inteller says:

and once again we all look like FOOLS for believing ATT was the "Premier Windows Phone Partner"

OMG55 says:

I really don't care what Verizon has to say or do concerning windows phone because I'm tired of the trophy that I've has since day one. I have ATT for my personal carrier, so I leave my trophy (work device) at home and have been using my L900 for work and personal.

fwaits says:

Nice, wish they would have added Visual Voicemail.  I really want that back.

PolishHitta says:

Anyone know if WiFi hotspot will be enabled by Verizon with their data meter? I don't wanna pay extra for something my phone is capable of doing.

EliteMikes says:

Of course, I just updated manually. Oh well, I'm looking forward to the hot spot feature. Gives me a reason to go on the shared plan now sooner.

aphrophyre says:

Can someone try the Zune Airplane mode / WiFi trick to see if they can trigger the download early? I am at work and without a USB cable.

derek533 says:

Have any of you checked VZ's site recently?  The Trophy is up to $179 and ebay prices have skyrocketed in the past month for a Trophy as well.  Maybe people are realizing (albeit slowly), that sometimes it's nice to have a communications device that's just flat out sick and works as it should rather than having the latest and greatest quad core superphone.  Ok, maybe not, but it's a nice thought.  
Bring it on VZ and hopefully, this is a good sign that they are starting to support WP7/WP8 more than they were which before this announcement, was hardly any support to store employees not even knowing a Trophy existed.  

deadwrong03 says:

I'm glad the prices sky rocketed I plan on getting a new wp8 at launch I need a front facing camera and wp8

ahuczek says:

Love my trophy. Its a great phone. Im not sure why everybody is surprised, they've pushed every update out on time so they support it. Verizon is just tight lipped about future phones.

david126 says:

I'm glad Verizon is giving the love to its sole device, at&t take note..when? When!!

Solidstate89 says:

And still absolutely 0 news for Sprint and the Arrive.
Thank fucking christ I cancelled my account with them over the weekend. Purchased an Omnia W and went to Straight Talk instead. Better phone, better network, and better price. Not to mention I don't have to worry about any stupid carriers blocking updates.
Worth every penny of Sprint's 100 dollar ETF.

DaveGx says:

Wow, I've had this for months due to flashing my phone. Glad I didn't wait. No excuse for it to take Verizon this long

larrybon says:

Updated all three of my Focus Flashes via Zune two weeks ago. At&t phone notice update thru 8773. Anyone else? Wtf Tango update is old news to me.Detroit area.

rsdimba says:

Great job, Verizon!!
Will the update overwrite the chevron/dev unlock?
I just tried with Airplane mode on and off and no update yet. (still July 31).  I will try tomorrow.
Any idea what will happen to the existing side loaded apps?

This is awesome.
So excited to have hotspot on my Trophy. Now I can take my iPad with me and have the web

l_n says:

Hey, do you know if vzw is going to charge the unlimited data people for WiFi hotspot?

BKsInBarre says:

Excellent It Tango Time Baby :-)

kitelessd says:

Wow I never throught I would see the day. Had a Droid 4, and while its a great phone (with a few flaws, as all of them have) I was getting sick of Google and its antics. I also didn't want to go back to an iPhone (had a 3GS) and I was in no position to switch carriers. So I got a Trophy off eBay. I really LOOOOVE this phone. But I figured Verizon had all but forgotten about it's little red headed step-child, known as the Trophy. I am glad I was wrong. Can't wait to see things like the vanishing keyboard go away, and having WiFi hotspot for free (sort of, I switched to the shared data plan) is super exciting. Will be nice to have data on my Samsung Series 7 Slate (running Windows 8 Release Preview of course). After that WP 7.8 can't come soon enough. And I agree with others. This makes me hopeful that Big Red will have a reasonable selection of WP8 devices when they finally hit. I am not holding my breath for Q4, though. I thinking Q1 at best. Too long to wait.
- J

fwaits says:

Vanishing KB went away with the last update a couple months ago. (Build 8107)  If you never updated to that, plug your phone in with Zune installed and see if you are pending an update.

wpos8 says:

Who cares of this update. I rather get a whole new wp8 which is 2 months away. I can wait Also to sprint users having arrive don't worry I prefer have unlimited data than update has sprint will have wp8 phones. Maybe is why sprint don't need have tango update.

Tomasz S. says:

OK, so Tango's official name is Mango Commercial Refresh 3? Which one was MCR1 and MCR2 then?

aphrophyre says:

They all had different identifiers. Just check the Windows Phone Update section on windowsphone.com

anglirich says:

And we at t-mo with HD7's will watch everyone else enjoy their updates while we sit at home uninvited to the party. :'(

JLP says:

Awesome news to hear on the last day of my business trip! By the time I get home tomorrow, I should be able to plug in and get the update. I love the fact we will get WiFi hotspot support!! Was so jealous of other carriers/phones who had this already...not any more. :-)

DavidinCT says:

I have tango for months on my Verizon Trophy.... oh, wait, I have a custom rom :)
Maybe I should go back to OEM for it, Hmmmm....NOPE !

dinod says:

Gotta love Verizon, first with the keyboard fix, (almost) first with Tango. Now we can hope that Verizonhas ordered a Nokia 900 variant with large PureView sensor and a massive battery to cover the camera's hump.

ATCraiger says:

Sweet! I was going to try and trick my phone into giving me the update, but now I don't have to. Thanks for the news.

teel232 says:

The way this is going, I'll probably be switching to android. ATT is on some serious bullshit with these updates. Haven't received an update since I got the phone in November, and now no Windows8??!! Screw that!!

ahuczek says:

Windows 8 doesn't come out for a couple months dude. Simmer down mow.

Kissel says:

Certainly looking forward to the update but
VZW needs to stock the extended battery for the Trophy.

Judge_Daniel says:

I didn't know that they didn't. I bought one about a year ago (almost exactly, to think of it!) from Verizon directly and I love it! I can go three days in town or one day out at my parents' house (very, very poor service).

Gungzwei says:

Verizon sold out of the extended batteries they had and never got any back in stock. I waited to get one and then it was too late.

rkremers says:

I managed to pick up one of the extended batteries for my Trophy back in November or December I'd say. This is seriously great. I can easily go more than 24 hours with lots of spare juice if I'm not frequently using the phone.

I plugged my phone into Zune this morning and no update available yet...

MrGreeves says:

They actually shipped my trophy with an extended battery. Of course my trophy was a factory pre-owned phone so they had to send a battery separate. I had them give me the trophy after having 5 very bad experiences with android phones. They kept having issues so they kept sending me replacements. No issues with the trophy.

Gungzwei says:

I'm just glad to see the word 'Apollo' in something official from Verizon. Even if they aren't sure of how to use it correctly, yet.
I'm hoping they get a flagship Nokia device. I'm ready for WP8.

syncros9 says:

Anyone received the update yet?

derek533 says:

Not yet, rebooted my phone and still nothing.  It comes OTA correct?  If not, I haven't tried plugging into zune yet.  

aphrophyre says:

WP7 does not support OTA updates. You may get an notification of availability over the air, but you have to connect to Zune to update.

syncros9 says:

...and it's updating right now!

mdscj4 says:

Rebooted, plugged into Zune but still nothing.. we shall see

muzzymate says:

At 1:00pm I received an HTC Update notification when checking with the "Windows Phone 7 Connector" app on my Mac. Installing now.
I had installed Tango on my Trophy.

VHTCTrophy says:

I received update notice, no tricks required. Currently in back up step.

adam9997 says:

It's being pushed now

briangk_77 says:

I have a Trophy, and today is Aug 1 :)

mikebenigni says:

Installing the update now!

Smitty7831 says:

So far so good.  Installing the 2nd update right now!

rreszler says:

Almost done, several updates with reboots bewteen each one! :-)

Smitty7831 says:

How many total updates were there?  I am currently starting #3.

rreszler says:

I think it was 9, mine is completed and I am poking around now!

dakranii says:

Update #1.  7.10.8112.7
- adds new messaging capabilities to your phone.  You can now attach multiple pictures, videos, audio notes, and ringtones to text messages.
- adds features related to SIM card contacts.  You can now export phone contacts to a SIM card and selectively import SIM card contacts to your phone
- includes many quality improvements to Windows Phone.

dakranii says:

Update #2.  7.10.8773.98
Same bullet points

dakranii says:

Update #3.  HTC Update for Windows Phone
- No details provided

dakranii says:

And, that's it!  3 updates total for me.

Just got my update by pluging it into Zune Desktop software.  Got my Phone last year and so far gotten all 3 updates from Mango to Tango, now it's jsut waiting for Apollo.

Ehans says:

You should tell your phone to stop waiting for Apollo, as that isn't going to happen. :-( Maybe 7.8 though. Maybe.

Ehans says:

Have any of you tried the internet sharing yet? Mine doesn't work and here is the deal:
1) Just applied all updates. I have WP7.5, OS version 7.10.8773.98
2) I have the Share Everything plan, which no longer requires mobile hotspot fees. It is just part of the data plan.
When I connect my iPad or laptop to my phone, no matter what URL I go to, I get redirected to https://dunsp.vzw.com which is a site that tells me to upgrade to the mobile hotspot service for $20, which I don't need as I am on the Share Everything plan.
When INternet Sharing is on in fact, even the phone cannot get on the internet. It gets held up in VZW's internal network sending me to that page, sort of like when you are in a hotel and haven't signed up or clicked the TOS agreement - you just get the hotel's home page.
I spent 45min on the phone with VZW tech support and they were unable to resolve. She was very nice and took down a TON of info and has escalated it. I told her I doubted I was the only one with this issue and she sort of agreed, saying share everything is new and this update is just a few hrs old.
If you have Share Everything and cannot get online with Internet Sharing enabled, please PLEASE call VZW so this issue bubbles up.
If you can get on just fine, then it really is something with my account and I'll have to let the process work its way through the system.

Hi there everyone, I just got the update...it took awhile to complete. Looks like a few new wallpapers, an internet sharing tab for the mobile hotspot feature...plan on trying that out. I've had my Trophy when Verizon put it on sale for $30.00 about 6 months ago....never have any problems with the OS, very stable for me.Think about that, a global phone for $30.00? They did raise the price back to $179.99...curious if that means it's selling better...even if they don't carry a model in the stores , this phone has one of the best customer ratings on Verizon, next to the iphone. Wonder if Verizon plans on carrying WP8? I hope so!