Verizon starts rolling out latest OS update for Windows Phone

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We broke the news the other night that Verizon Wireless was set to roll out the latest (or nearly the latest) Windows Phone OS update, version 8107, to HTC Trophy users on its network. That update not only fixes security issues but addresses the disappearing keyboard bug that has driven many mad for the last few months.

We've now received a flood of tips that the update is currently live and if you plug in your Trophy to Zune Desktop you'll be greeted with an update notification. Actually, you'll eventually have three updates to install as it's cumulative:

  • OS 7740
  • OS 8107
  • HTC Firmware

So sit tight as the backup process will vary from device device and will depend on how much "stuff" you have on your phone. Let us know in comments if all has gone well.

Thanks to all who tipped us! Thanks, Vance, for the image.

Trophy update



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cdook says:

Wohoo! Can't wait to update.

HD7guy says:

Looks just like the update T-Mo rolled out a few weeks back.
IDK if Verizon does visual voicemail, but on T-Mo the HTC part of the update fixed the rather annoying bug of always piping VVM playback through the external speaker. So nice to have private playback!

man1up says:

Come on Sprint

erasure25 says:

I stopped waiting for Sprint and did the manual update following the directions from this site. Its not hard at all and I had no problems. Took me about 20 min or so, the longest step being the backup to Zune step.

man1up says:

Finally did it, still angry that I had to do something risky though. I'll continue to monitor carrier support, but I am bitter.

xpxp2002 says:

Really?!? Even Verizon, who hates Windows Phone enough to not even pick up an LTE handset after saying that's what they were waiting for, is rolling out 8107? So that means the premier Windows Phone partner, AT&T, must be rolling it out too.... what a disappointment.

inteller says:

ATT is too stupid to figure out how to roll out updates that are already proven and ready to go.

CJ Thunder says:

So...tango will be ignored for WP8? I despise not being able to install software on my phone like my computer.

Serious question: What's in Tango that you really want?

Honkie McGee says:

Better MMS for one thing, being able to attach videos to text messages.

Also, does Tango fix the "text message of doom" bug, or is that taken care of in 8107?

Jsybird2532 says:

Native Arabic/Hebrew keyboard support

AzD says:

Improved MMS support for one.  And just the update, because it's there, why do you or anyone else care why we want it? We paid for a Windows Phone, and it isn't unreasonable to expect to have access to updates to the OS when they are available.
Frankly this entire issue with carriers holding OS updates hostage on WP and Android is a significant experience issue that is underappreciated by many people.  It just clouds the experience. It's as if your ISP has veto rights over OS updates on your PC - imagine how you would feel about that.  Apple owns the iPhone experience from cradle to grave and that is yet another (albeit small) advantage they have over other OS's at the current time.

scdkad says:

Well guess what-Tango isn't available now so quit complaining.

AriesDog says:

Yeah, come on Sprint.

Never thought I'd see the day VERIZON beat T-Mobile at updating their phones...
Still waiting for this on my Lumia 710........

Not sure they did. The HD7 and Radar both got 8107 weeks ago.

True, but I guess I was expecting a little more from T-Mobile (and Nokia for that matter) in regards to the 710 getting timely updates.  It's been out nearly 3.5 months now with not a single update.....especially 8107 (which it should have come out of the box with IMHO)...

BobcatRidge says:

I forced my Trophy to 8107 using http://www.wpcentral.com/force-updating-your-windows-phone-os-build-8107-tutorial, so I already have most of the update.  Does anyone know what firmware is being push out with this update?  Should I rollback my phone using the last backup?
I currently have the following on my phone

  • OS version: 7.10.8107.79
  • Firmware: 2305.13.20110.605
  • Hardware: 0003
  • Radio:

jSon1175 says:

i'm in the same situation and have the same question...

I heard it will install the firmware anyways. Did you try to plug it in and see what happens?

You always want the firmware. 

BobcatRidge says:

Not yet, it will have to wait until I get home from work.
Update: I just finished the update and everything worked great!
Thanks to everyone who chipped in their experience with this update.

jSon1175 says:

I did get the firmware update notification with the forced 8107 install.  I'd just rather stay on the official track if possible.
Ya know, I pushed off forcing the update hoping that it would come any day.  I finally caved and said to my self "i know i'll do this and tomorrow VZW will announce the update is coming".  
I forced the update last week. lmao

BobcatRidge says:

I did mine about two weeks ago.  You had more patients than I. :-)

willied says:

You guys are both doctors?

+1 for the creative spelling correction.

AiR DEGETA says:

I'm still waiting for my Arrive to get the "Official" Update but it's taking Sprint FOREVER & A DAY so if I don't hear an announcement about an update coming soon then I'm gonna tap out & risk it but forcing the update cause this is ridiculous.

vsf says:

I updated using the official method today. I have a different firmware version. (not that I understand the version numbering)
OS version: 7.10.8107
Firmware version: 2305.13.20402.605
.NET CLR version: 3.7.11140.0

BobcatRidge says:

Thanks for the info.  Should be fun tonight!

jsh1701 says:

Just did the offical update. Here are the version numbers:
OS version: 7.10.8107.79
Firmware: 2305.13.20402.605
Hardware: 0003
Radio Hardware: 3.2.3.D4
Bootloader: 2.4.230513.2
Chip SOC:

jSon1175 says:

It seems the bootloader is updated as well as the FW.  Bootloader ver on my phone is 2.1.230513.10.  Everything else is the same.

Oh Verizon. You're so cute when you lose out to AT&T. First you offer me $50 to come back and now this. At least my Trophy will be current when I sell it.

BobcatRidge says:

So true, so true.

ahuczek says:

Where do you usually sell your phones?

jlarkins08 says:

Come on t-mo where is my 8107 update for Nokia 710 the disappearing keyboard sucks on 7740

I feel you....I just went ahead and forced mine (although I hate not having the Nokia firmware on it).  Guess it's too "cheap" of a budget phone to care about.....

rodneyej says:

ATT better step up their WP game, or they may hurt WP instead of help!

rodneyej says:

But att has confirmed the update is coming, just with no timeframe....

AzD says:

Even if AT&T announced a timeframe they won't hit it, so what's the difference?

vault21x says:

nice! now all Verizon needs to do is rollout a devices update for windows phone..

AzD says:

Good one!

xmarklive says:

T-mobile I'm sure will be right behind on this one update.

silentbob343 says:

Any info on the firmware update?

Solidstate89 says:

Never thought I'd see the day that Verizon beat Sprint to an OS update.

threed61 says:

Okay at&t, Verizon updated my Trophy, can you get around to updating my Focus S?

safesax2002 says:

I forced my update to 8107 a few weeks ago after a few days of pondering. I figured if AT&T isn't going to push out the 8107 update there's no way Verizon's going to. I only had to update my firmware today. I checked all the version numbers from an above post that waited for the official release and they match what I have now.

showie says:

Just updated my Trophy....really looking forward to not having the annoying keyboard issue anymore! (hopefully)

newfiend says:

As an AT&T customer .. This really ticks me off.. WTH is taking so LONG for AT&T to get out the darn updates? Jebus...

cool8man says:

AT&T is skipping this update and waiting for Tango. If they've decided to wait for Tango then really it's Microsoft who is holding things up because they haven't released Tango yet.
This update doesn't really have anything other than a couple of minor bug fixes. I forced the update on my old Focus and I don't see any difference other than the disappearing keyboard doesn't happen anymore.
If the disappearing keyboard is driving you insane then you should just force the update like I did. If you can live with it and wait for Tango, then hold off for another month.

Andygoes says:

Rockin the update and data over 3G seems to be veeeerrrryyy slow now. I'm in Detroit right now for work but live in another city. Anyone else slow or is it just Detroit?

johnsharp123 says:

I'm in Philly. Phone updated and the network seems ok (Verizon Wireless here).

Tegument says:

yes it worked on mine which had also been forced, build number is the same still though so not sure what it actually updated, didnt make note of the other build numbers prior to installing. :-S

fdl3 says:

Is it really too much to ask not to add new, unwanted IE Favorite entries after an update?

Andygoes says:


Screws up my muscle memory!!

dinod says:

Uneventful flawless update

briangk_77 says:

Success-thanks VZW

DavidinCT says:

I wonder what thsi breaks....Interop unlock ?

psiu_glen says:

This is why I'm not doing the firmware update (already on 8107) when I see things like bootloaders changing I get suspicious.

jmunchies1 says:

I'm trying to figure this out as well.  Can anyone confirm if the SPL is updated past 2.01?

DavidinCT says:

I have a backup of my phone before Mango (mango beta) so I can roll back if need to. Going to attempt this now to see if there is any changes.
I was about to go to the 8107 custom rom but, I"ll try this for a few days....

larspassic says:

Updated mine, everything went smoothly. I am surprised that VZW is updating. I had given up hope.

DavidinCT says:

I still gave up hope of them getting a newer WP7 device any time soon.

Updated my Trophy this morning.  There were three updates in a row and everything went well.  I'm sure glad to be rid of the "disappearing keyboard" issue!

jSon1175 says:

Is it just me or do colors seem slightly "richer" after the updates?  I always felt they were a little washed out on this screen but now, not so much...

DavidinCT says:

Anyone notice any changes ? Battery ? Performance etc ?
I already had 8107 this updated firmware, Radio software and bootloader....
Hope this didn't yank the possablity of using a custom rom...