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Verizon Trophy 2150 mAh extended battery now available

If you managed to snag a new HTC Trophy on Verizon, you may at times feel a little underwhelmed by the 1300 mAh battery on board (most WP7 devices sport around 1500 mAh). If that's the case, remember to pick up an OEM extended battery via Verizon's accessories.

The extended battery is a plump 2150 mAh, which should work even for the biggest users out there. Of course, it does feature an extended "hump" door but it doesn't seem too large for those who need the juice. The big juicer goes for a fair $49.99 + tax.

It's nice to have options!

Source: Verizon; Thanks, Max R., for the tip!



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ymala1 says:

I thought that was an incredible s pictured there for a second, and did a double take as to why a droid was on wpcentral. That was pretty clever of HTC, more battery for those that need the juice, less for those that prefer a more svelte slab. 2150 mAh, that is monster.

Dark Mirage says:

I wish the Focus had these options...

Paul Acevedo says:

Same here. I'd love a longer life Focus battery.

wolf1891 says:

...ditto that from this DVP owner over here... =/

Winterfang says:

HTC always sucking in the battery department. I'm glad I got the optimus that last me a whole day of heavy browsing, zune player for hours, texting, and the occasional round of pacman at medium bright screen =).Also last 2 whole days when using low.

evolutionqy7 says:

Same here on Omnia 7. Get a days battery life easy with data and bt always on with some music and an occasional game and browsing. HD7 would last me from 7:45 AM to about 6-8 PM. Which is lol battery life especially if your not home by that time.

diego3336 says:

It reminds me the old days of AMPS Motorola phones with "Green label battery", "Blue label battery", et al lol.But I wish I could get more juice from my Optimus 7 too, even if needed a battery cover like this one.

sko says:

Huh... just ordered my full body protection... hope I don't need more juice... I suppose if I do I'll try a seido extended battery?

mango.lover says:

I'd rather spend my money on a 32GB microSD upgrade.

jimski says:

Damn, been waiting since November for a battery like this for my Surround. Only option is a 3900mAh Mugen which is not a bump, its more like two phones. Come on HTC, show me some extended battery love.

dalspartan says:

My Trophy shows up tomorrow, I'll be purchasing an extended battery ASAP

xirsteon says:

After researching several options for my HD7, here's what I purchased I had bought a Seidio, I would need to regularly remove/replace to charge both or get a separate charger. Instead, I charge up this badboy and it can charge anything that charges via USB plus 2 devices at a time. Another plus, it's got 8900mah and it's portable (i.e. traveling, camping,etc)