Verizon’s White Lumia 822 with charging pad render leaks

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Leave it to perpetual leaker @Evleaks on Twitter to post an image of the upcoming Verizon Nokia Lumia 822.

We’ve seen the device before and have heard some negative feedback from those who are disappointed that it’s not the 920, but you have to admit the device looks nice in white—albeit in this tiny render.

The device features a 4.3” screen with wireless charging built in and is rumored to fetch for just $50 on contract. That’s not a bad deal though we’re hoping Verizon goes “big” with a flagship Nokia phone in the near future.

The latest rumor pins Verizon’s WP8 release schedule sometime in November, possible between the 6th and the 12th.

Source: @Evleaks; Thanks, Michael S., for the link!



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Jf.Vigor says:

Lol... Potential release 1.5 weeks away and Verizon still hasn't made any announcements. I guess that's a good thing. From the NYC Nokia event I enjoyed going to... To another full week at least for lumia 920's release... This has been one looooooong wait..
Grueling too

Verizon won't announce more than a week ahead of time.

Z10YkakPES says:

Looks nice actually

jcagga says:

Please be the matte finish white.

husfus says:

Looks waaaay better than those ugly renders

jabtano says:

That looks so much better than the L810  very nice. I think the L810 looks like an ugly box

scottd34 says:

the o/s isnt official launched yet either... give ms time to do their official launch then see what vzw says.

Ty1361 says:

I guess that confirms wireless charging =)

tribexx says:

Have to see what that Samsung looks like...or the 8x colors.

I'm one of the verizon/920 whiners, but looking at that picture, I'm drooling a little bit.  Not a horrible consolation prize.  Nice to see something not in black.  Maybe I'll buy off-contract in case the 920 becomes available on Verizon in 6 months.

db4williams says:

Wireless charging and SSTS are what draws me to this phone despite the low res screen.

How big is the battery and is it removable?

Looks nice. Though its not a 920

smontoya2 says:

Still don't like the design. I'm weighing in on the 8x /8s for my next device on Verizon.

stephen_az says:

I hope people do understand that is not an image of a device.  It is a rendering of a device.  There is a huge difference....

Residing says:

Well, this same source leaked so-called 'renders' of the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, and both were spot on with regards to the actual product; with that said, I don't think that the actual design of the Verizon version of the Lumia will be any different than this image.

I would forego the higher resolution if it got good reception. My Trophy wins the "worst reception" trophy. It drops calls like the pros drop 2 foot putts. Not sure I could go for another HTC. My buddies Samsung GSIII also on verizon is not as good as the his old motorola droid x. Since there will never be a Motorola Windows phone, My only hope is Nokia, not sure their reception reputation, but it can't bad can it?

smontoya2 says:

Not sure if it may be your location but my Trophy has great reception & connection. I use it for internet sharing & streaming my zune pass. I would also add that for a 5mp camera, the quality was better than other windows devices at the time. It may be wise to shop for a better carrier in your area. Good luck_phx, az.

I know I live in marginal area in the country, but not really that far out in the boondocks. Verizon is the only carrier in this area worth a darn since they bought out Alltel. My dad also had a Trophy which he promptly took back because of the same reception issues, and now with the same carrier, his Motorola Droid X2 works way better than the Trophy. It just really sucks compared to Windows Phone. My wifes Razr (smartphone) also is near perfect for reception. T-Mobile & Sprint are unaware of life outside the city around here, while AT&T has updated their coverage maps to make them look better, they were 2G Edge network up until last year. I was just wondering if Nokia had a good reputation for excellent antennas and good reception like Motorola. I guess I'm just gonna have to take a chance and use the ever shrinking 14-day aggregate trial window for new phones.

Carchathoth says:

Well, Nokia is known for one of the best antennas in mobile phone industry. They have dozen of top notch antenna patents, which prevents such cheap copycats like HTC to clone nothing but just colours and design (like asians like to make it: "make direct copy, then change something a little to make it look original").

Thanks for the info on Nokia, as I have no experience with them. It does make sense that they are good at antenna design / reception, having been in the mobile phone business for a long time, like Motorola. I guess my next phone will be a Nokia 822.

hfb3 says:

Nokia had the Pi ( 920 ) the Arrow ( 820) and the Atlas all in development at the same time. The Atlas was supposed to be the most powerful of all the devices per past reports. Why now are all the reports saying this is the bottom feeder if the group? Maybe this is the better of the trio, lets wait and see the real release specs! Just hoping!

Judge_Daniel says:

I have always had great coverage with my Trophy, but I have had a lot of connection issues (failed texts, pages not loading). I figured it was Verizon's fault, though. I do not believe that I could ever say that the camera is or even was good. I also have the Focus, which came out before the Trophy, and it not only has a better camera, but it has a lot more camera options.

bignacio87 says:

Looks waaaaay better than AT&T's L820 and tmos!