Verizon's "excited", waiting on Microsoft for Windows Phone 7

A few months ago it seemed Verizon Wireless was giving the cold shoulder to Microsoft and their new OS, taking a "wait and see" approach.  However, things may have changed recently, possibly due to positive word-of-mouth that WP7 may have potential after all.

In a recent Tweet, the company suggested that they're just waiting on Microsoft to deliver the OS and that they're "excited" to offer the new platform to their customers. The waiting on Microsoft bit goes back to the unfinished work on porting the new OS to CDMA. We know Sprint is a big partner with Microsoft and that they're getting close to launching the much anticipated 7 Pro.

Will we see some WP7 action from Verizon sooner than later? It looks like we will.

Thanks, Joe C, for the catch!



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Why can't anyone get the name right...? It's fucking "Windows Phone 7", not "Windows Mobile 7", "Windows 7 Mobile", "Windows 7 Phone", "Windows Phone 7 Mobile", "Microsoft 7 Phone", or any of the other horrific permutations of the name that are constantly bandied about.

MistaWet says:

First the Kin reenters the market and now Verizon is excited?

Sounds like a done deal to me.

Sometimes first isn't always better but I get the feeling Sprint and Verizon are going to drop some killer devices.

ninjaap says:

Conspiracy theory: So who really killed the KIN? VZW or MS? I mean, the problem with the KIN was that it was just too expensive for a semi-smartphone. Who's fault was that? Well VZW sets the monthly fees and pricing. Now they wanna make things right with MS and bring back the KIN and offer WP7...

gibbyhome says:

I beleave its Windows Phone v7

people should just call it Windows Phone

what I think is very strange is on the back of the Kin's
it says "Windows Phone"
now excuse me if I'm wrong but Microsoft does have a CDMA Windows phone all ready !! the KIN...
So WTF is the hold up...
am I wrong ??

nulldev2010 says:

This is a pretty big news. We knew Sprint was on board but I was wondering where Verizon is standing on WP7 issue.


HTC 7 Pro pretty please.
LTE support pretty please also.

theefman says:

A tweet hardly qualifies as an official statement, does it?

letsgojets15 says:

Does no one else notice that the word "Mobile" is not capitalized (meaning it's not a part of the OS name)?

There have been rumors of Verizon Windows 7 tablets for a long time. Who is to say these are not Windows 7 devices that are mobile - hence Windows 7 mobile devices? Catch my drift?


I forgot about Windows 7 tablets. This is certainly a possibility.

densbucs says:

I sure hope MS gets this ROM ready ASAP !!! But then again, even if MS does get the ROM ready by, say, Jan 2011; how long would it be 'till Verizon release's a device? If not by the spring then i am jumping ship to AT&T....Let's push this through guys.

Jayceecam says:

I just wanted to put a side note. I freakn LOVE my Samsung Focus. That is all.

Sent from my Samsung Focus, a windows Phone 7.