Viber picks up big update for Windows Phone

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Viber HD for Windows Phone returns to the Nokia Collection

Viber HD

Guess who's back, back again? It's not Eminem.

Viber has had an interesting time on Windows Phone since it launched itself onto the platform. The app is presently available for all Windows Phones but is limited to messaging and sports no voice capabilities. This was to change for Lumia owners with the release of Viber HD in the Nokia Collection of OEM apps last month, which boasted VoIP functionality.

Unfortunately, due to bugs and performance issues, Viber HD was subsequently pulled from the Windows Phone Store and those who wished to download the communication solution for their Lumia Windows Phone were unable to do so. We expected an update to be released for those who already have Viber installed, as well as the app being made available to download once again after all issues were ironed out.

Lo and behold Viber HD is now again available to Lumia owners and an update is being pushed for those who already have the app installed. We're unable to spot Viber in the Windows Phone Store (apart from the main official app that sports no VoIP functionality), nor is it yet listed in the Nokia Collection, but at least direct links work.

Viber App

Hopefully with the work that has been carried out by the developers, users should be able to use the app to make calls and converse with contacts without missing address book entries and connectivity issues present. Unfortunately for those using different branded Windows Phones, the app is still exclusive to Nokia - for now.

No information is currently available as to when Microsoft will lift the Nokia exclusivity on Viber HD so all Windows Phone owners can enjoy, but when such a day does finally arrive, at least the app will be in working order.

You can download Viber HD from the Nokia Collection on a Lumia Windows Phone.

QR: Viber HD



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TMavZR1 says:

Still having same problem.  Crashed after launch on my Lumia 900.

cioculetsv says:

Working like a charm now... Lumia 800-Italy. Way to go, Nokia!!!

wohoo!!! it works now :)

GJ Kuz says:

Couldn't download the app. Nokia 900 US

sholokov says:

Me 2. Even though they claim"any Windows Phone 7 device", Marketplace says it is not available for my device (Samsung Focus).

It is for Nokia only...

Radu Grama says:

Same error on my Nokia Lumia 900 in the US.

Gunners1210 says:

Not available in malaysia...

zilab says:

I had the bug version installed checked via QR code and it asks for update.  Calls are now working like a charm :)

Miistercoool says:

Why not Eminem? Lol

alifarhatt says:

Works in Australia Lumia 800 Telstra.

realix13 says:

I get update but voice still not worcking :( 

Shiroi says:

Woohoo! It's available in the Philippines!

Rynz08 says: from the philippines too.have you tried voice call?is it already working?the 1st time i installed the app,its not working although it was a few weeks ago.

Works fine now! Wow, even on 2g, loud and clear!

ilgulamc says:

Lumia 800 in switzerland, happy to say that it works now! Still problems with push notification for incoming calls, but this is normal business with wp7 i guess...

Nakazul says:

This sounds like a soap opera.

abduz says:

Got it installed, calls work but many of my contacts won't appear on the contact list...tried uninstalling and installing several times. They used to show up before the update.  Any solutions? Lumia 800

Not showing up for me. Telus - Canada.

switching says:

My family and my friends´ families don´t use family plans any more. Usually we buy unlocked phones and we use Skype, Viber and Messenger for free calls or video calls. Every one makes his or her own internet data plan with operators, because some of us use a lot internet and some of us use only very little internet with phones. All in all, this has become less expensive for us in total, actually.

terchoo says:

Not available for UK :S

eolorvida says:

Philippines represent! but still no Viber for calls... says app still not available for download...  :(

dasarp says:

Keep getting: "This app is not available on your device." (Lumia 900 US)

riffraffy says:

"Keep getting: "This app is not available on your device." (Lumia 900 US)"
Yeah, me too. I'm in So Cal. And already downloaded v2.2 a couple weeks ago. Not getting any update message, either...

Mario Ali says:

Does not allow download... Had the previous version, now cannot get any.... This is BS

rocky 710 says:

Works perfectly in my lumia
Good job viber

IsTrooper2 says:

In Singapore and it works

cae758 says:

Unable to download the new update, though I have previous version on my Lumia 900 in NY.

Yeah! Its work~ but someone call in need to click the notification bar and wait the call appear~ hope is not a 7.5 problem

gbuster says:

This app is getting much worse, getting the code alone is a pain in the neck... Better go back to the tried and tested UI

rahul4aug says:

It is again throwing error "No Service. There seems to be problem connecting to viber service. Please check your connection and try again".
I have tried both wifi/3g connection, it works a few time on both the networks and majority of time it throws the error.

WixosTrix says:

Still not available for my phone Lumia 900 US

KustomAU says:

Updated but still crashes on my Lumia 900 in Australia

rnpereira says:

Nope, not working in Brazil. I downloaded the app, just now, but the service is down.

jkrc717 says:

The link isnt working. US 710