Viber v4 hits the Windows Phone Store with stickers, notification sounds and more

Viber Lead

Viber is a messaging services enabling you to text, message groups and make free HD calls. Available cross-platform, the Windows Phone app has again be updated. Today we're looking at version 4, introducing a range of new features for consumers to utilise. The company previously brought back spell checking and added new backgrounds, but today's update includes stickers, notification sounds and more.

Here's the full list of changes in version 4:

  • Download many free and paid stickers from the Sticker Market
  • Get more details like when your message has been seen and when your contacts are online
  • Viber notification sounds will be used for incoming push notifications
  • Ability to hide notification content
  • Improved resuming and loading speed and push notification delivery

You can download Viber from the Windows Phone Store for free, not to mention the Windows 8 version while you're checking out this service. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Nice to have the new features ! Good going Viber !! :)

sosan says:

Does this version can play video massage?

Wael Hasno says:

Please tell me it's much better than before..

SenneVc says:

It's much better than before..

Agent-P says:

Does it finally have a toggle to stop automatically saving photos when you view them?

Rich Edmonds says:

It seems faster...

Charles Wang says:

Seems a bit buggy after the update, just getting "Unexpected exception - Unexpected exception occured." whenever someone sends a message to me, and not receiving it.

Rich Edmonds says:

Really? Will attempt to reproduce. Can you confirm on another WP?

Charles Wang says:

Seems to be resolved by a clean reinstall. Maybe the stickers stuffed up, was trying to download multiple stickers at the same time.

Rich Edmonds says:

Sound. Couldn't get it to balls up on my WPs, lemme know if you run into anything further.

sunil254 says:

Same here.. getting "Unexpected exception - Unexpected exception occured." message

ViberTeam says:

Hey! Please try to uninstall Viber>reinstall... Let us know if the issue persists.

vin1310 says:

I am using a nokia Lumia 620 and uninstalled and reinstalled the app 3 times...still when i enter the code it says 'Unexpected exception occurred'. What do i do?

jplumia820 says:

Same here. Getting a lot of error messages. Can't receive any messages either.

jplumia820 says:

Reinstalling fixed it . Thanks!

Yes, okay Rich. Nice to know. Now for the story of the day: release the WPCentral Windows 8 Version!!!!!

darklord12 says:

Rich.. Can you provide a list of apps that will be available after updating to Lumia black(yea yeah i know this is off the topic :P)

Rich Edmonds says:

In what way? You mean store apps or Nokia apps? We've covered the update fairly extensively, along with new apps and features opened up after upgrading.


darklord12 says:

Thank you for the link
(you are doing a great job!! :) )

darklord12 says:

I cant download nokia refocus on Lumia 520..is that due to low RAM?

Naren Parker says:

Still lag though on the 920. Of all the IM clients I have installed (Skype, WhatsApp, Hike and Viber), I find Hike to be very responsive. The interface is good. You get stickers and chat themes as well. Would be great if the other clients had the Interop access that WhatsApp has right now although it wouldn't be required if WP 8.1 has the required APIs to access all media content. The only catch is that most of my friends are on WhatsApp/Viber. These clients need to be optimized for better performance and low battery consumption.

Jack Janik says:

YES. whenever I use an IM app, my 920 will be dead within a few hours.

rockstarzzz says:

Ever wondered why?

Arlensu says:

Line need to work on his sticker store and a more stable message system, sometimes i recieved the message straigh away, sometimes it take foverever! and Calling with LINE is a nigthmare, that is why I still have Viber, eventhougth is not the best for calling.

Jf.Vigor says:

Can I make free calls to anybody?

plsbru says:

To people who use Viber. 

schlubadub says:

and anyone who is anybody will have Viber :P :P

ViberTeam says:

Viber to Viber calls and texts are free. :)

gevabar says:

This needed an update......it was getting to the point...that I would stop using it because it would lock in landscape mode and not turn vertical when I turn my phone

Tafsern says:

And faster? 

Rich Edmonds says:

So Viber.

Such speed.

Much optimise.

Snappy FTW.

So wow.

hs k says:

So amaze
Many speed
Such errors
Try reinstall

BigData says:

I had that issue, too. Also, even if volume was off it would make sounds when sending messages, and there was no way to sign out of the app without uninstalling. Would be great if there was at least an option to require a PIN when launching.

ViberTeam says:

Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into it.

anism says:

Yes same here getting errors, not receiving messages.

Rich Edmonds says:

Hmm, try re-installing the app, this appears to fix it.

ViberTeam says:

Hey! Please try to uninstall Viber>reinstall... Let us know if the issue persists.

cooljatt says:

Finally an better version of viber. But still has issue with server connectivity... All the time popup the error message ....network error..... .. Maybe it will be fix soon.

ViberTeam says:

Hi! Uninstall>reinstall should fix it. 

No contacts.keep say your contacts are syncing ????????????

rockstarzzz says:

Everyone with issues, do a clean install, no errors.

MilkyTee says:

Not getting any texts here either and keep running into error messages. If I reinstall, do I lose all my messages? When I installed Viber on my Android tab a while ago and synced to my phone, all my messages and contacts were wiped. Is it safe to reinstall?

ViberTeam says:

Yes... :/ At this point this is the only solution though..

MilkyTee says:

Assuming this is a legit account, can you say if there will be a hotfix for the above issues in the coming days? Still not working and I'm not willing to reinstall.

tamolnar says:

Losing all your messeges is a pretty big error.

jay5353 says:

Nokia storyteller beta app also picked up some update today i think bugs fix.

Can Viber pls have the ability to silence the sounds whenever we finish typing sth? They're pretty annoying.

Ultimateone says:

I wish whatsapp was as quick as these guys

How I do clear install plz????

TJWINS says:

Uninstall the app then reinstall it. Don't use the update feature. I always like to restart my phone before reinstalling but that's probably not necessary.

kriss1062 says:

Viber update is useless. Without testing it released and after update missing new messages

ViberTeam says:

Hi, can you please clarify your issue?

Reinstall did not work for me,.,

Getting Unexpected Error Occured message..

Getting only Toast Notification for a message received, but once i open viber and the conversation i receive error and no message is shown.. 

This occured after Black update or Viber 4.0 i'm not sure coz i almost did both on same time :(

Jack Janik says:

I wish kik would get some WP love.

PipoDj says:

STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Oh finally. and it fixed the toast notification issue i have with viber. nice update. hopefully it's not buggy.

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Always ahead.
WpCentral is the best.

schlubadub says:

WP7 version hasn't been updated and is still completely broken. I got excited when I found a "Viber for WP7" app in the marketplace as the current one is just called "Viber". I installed that, and it crashes at the same point as the other one. FML

Rich Edmonds says:

It's time to upgrade! You can pick up a WP8 for next to nothing. Come to the dark side, we have cookies :-)

schlubadub says:

Haha yeah, I've been waiting to upgrade since launch & have the cash to buy it outright... Just waiting for a top-end model with microSD. I'm seriously burned after owning a 16GB device... I don't think 32 will help either. I would consider 64 or 32 + microSD. Only the ATIV has been top-end with it, but it's pretty much gotta be Nokia for me. For some reason they consistently leave it out of their flagship models. Low & mid have it, even the comedic-sized phablets have them. I thought the 1020 couldn't possibly not have it, being all about huge photos... But it was gimped to 32 as well. Sigh... The wait continues

ilgulamc says:

I use viber 2.2 on my Lumia 800 daily without problema. Even toast notifications for viber and wassup have been working fine for quote a while now... Waiting for wp7.9 before jumping to wp8. Until they update the calendar for me it makes no sense anyway...

schlubadub says:

It crashes on my HD7. I authorise my phone number (enter pin sent to me), next screen asks for a name and it crashes. If I'm quick I can submit a name but it crashes right after. I've done clean installs, reboots etc to no avail. I just assumed it was broken for WP7.
7.9 isn't coming... You'll be waiting forever. Or did you mean 8.1 on WP8?

Can anyone please tell me where i can find the 

  • Viber notification sounds will be used for incoming push notifications?

exiva says:

You need GDR3 for that feature.

Jupast says:

Seems to be generic, no way to actually change it, which is a shame. Unless they've hidden it somewhere.



ViberTeam says:

It is generic at this point, no way to change it. Thanks for your feedback!

sfsdfs says:

Bleh, update did not work. Tried to reinstall, but does not receive any activation code.

BTW, does not receive activation code on PC-version either.

ViberTeam says:

For assistance obtaining your access code, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/1j1ErWk

kloby0903 says:

Nice! But I prefer Whatsapp .. for me its better and faster

No love for 7.8 devices :/

The desktop app has more stickers than its mobile counterpart and everything is free in that too!

The app is too heavy.

jassp87 says:

Im having a problem with my viber here. I have a lumia 920. The.problem is, if i close the app. I cant receive any calls, but it only notifies me that some called me. But when i open the app. If someone is calling me my phone rings. Pls help me guys.

althe says:

I am having a similar issue. If I close the app, or even if I leave it running on the background, and someone tries to call me, Viber does not ring. It only gives me a missed call notification. Now if someone calls me while using the app it rings fine. FYI I do have the option to let it run in the background activated and I also have the option to leave the WiFi always on activated. Any help would be appreciated..

ViberTeam says:

Hi! This issue should have been fixed on the last update.. Did you update already?

cuirka says:

Hi! I wrote a comment below, and reacting also here, as I am having a similar issue. As soon as I close down Viber, the notifications and sounds don´t work - not with a delay, but not at all! I mentioned that I checked my data restrictions (none) and wifi keeps on when screen times out, but still I don´t get any notification of sms and calls. It was working though at first, when I got my phone in December and then, without changing the version, it stopped working all of sudden in January... Any help coming soon?

I´ve just reinstalled again (v. 4.0.1), but the issue persists. 

I3unny says:

Does anyone use this?

aemehran says:

Is it ringing again for a while, last update made it to a notification only.

Cyrax.NET says:

Same as above. Still no ringing or toast when someone is calling. Come on guys sort it out or at least beg Nokia to help you.

Cyrax.NET says:

I've had time this weekend to do some testing and I think I have narrowed down the issue with missed calls/no ringing to interaction or misinteraction with WhatsApp.  I do not know the mechanics of the notification service well enough but I assume some conflict occurs between the background agents communicating with push service.  I will submit a ticket and assist how I can.

slavrenz says:

Still no way to send or receive video within the app. Fail.

DollOfWar says:

Completely agree. I seem to use whatsapp for videos only. Sucks that they havent included this feature is viber already

That was a much needed update

Jupast says:

So the tone is just a generic one we have no option to change? Or am i missing something here.


I can't open it after the update. It crashes.... Nokia Lumia 820

vhaakmat says:

It is very buggy on my Lumia 920 (Black & GDR3 updated). It constantly crashes, I can barely use it :(

ViberTeam says:

Hey! Please try to uninstall Viber>reinstall... Let us know if the issue persists.

vhaakmat says:

Thakn you.. The reinstallation solved the proiblem.

One more issue: Not all the smileys sent from the IOS platform are properly displayed on the WP version. I still see lots of blocks. The same for the Windows Desktop and Metro version. It still displays a blank message bubble when certain smilyes are sent from an iPhone.

Thank you guys for the update

DollOfWar says:

I dont see all these updates for the 822. I still can't see a preview of the push notifications nor the sound options

DollOfWar says:

My bad, the notification only works if you stay on viber and your phone isnt locked. Defeats the purpose though. 

ToobaJ says:

Works fine on Lumia 520...... Thank goodness!!

disappointed !!
after updating it was giving "Unexpected exception - Unexpected exception occurred." message. then did a clean install and now it's not showing messages properly. Seeing the push notification when I open the app,I can barely read my latest messages. It takes few more seconds to the latest message. App resuming seems slower.
I have 920 updated with Black.

ViberTeam says:

We're sorry to hear that. Please contact us via: http://bit.ly/ynxX19 for further investigation. 

rotkod says:

Same... Code no accepts, after clean install v.4... :(

ViberTeam says:

Hey! For assistance obtaining your access code, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/1j1ErWk

rotkod says:

Gil C. Help me... Viber works...

mpanchal says:

Post update, I accidently switched off my ONLINE STATUS sharing. I reinstalled viber and it shows the Status sharing as ON but I can not view my contacts' last seen status anymore. It has been past 24 hours and It is still not showing it. Does anyone know how to fix this??

P.S. I have already tried deinstalling and reinstalling it several times. Have done soft reset too.


ViberTeam says:

We'd be happy to recieve more info regarding this issue, please contact us via: http://bit.ly/ynxX19 for further assistance. 

george.matar says:

update is not working properly... only when connected to wifi it's working. and a lot of errors pop ups are coming as well. 

Further clarification, is it still blocked in saudi arabia? if so how come it works on wifi?


pepsicocom says:

The new version is throwing the following error each time I send a text message:  "unexpected exception occured"

Awful update. Error message keeps popping for received messages, and I cant read the messages. I currently have the number 60 on the live tile, and I dont even want to open Viber cause I would have to click 'OK' for 60 error messages.

pepsicocom says:

uniinstall it and then re-install, I think it will clear the problem

ViberTeam says:

Hi! Uninstall>reinstall should fix it. ;)

pepsicocom says:

ok, I discovered I had to uninstall and then re-install the application to get the new features (and the old features) working after the update.  It's better now

vhaakmat says:

After un/reinstalling it it works fine now.. Time to run it through its paces. I like the new sticker idea. So the phone finally has all the stickers the desktop version has. I need to see now if i can see the smileys that the iphone users were sending me are displaying properly now


Glad the new version is out..loving the new stickers :)...i hope new backgrounds come out with the next update...the problem i have is that am not being able to call out after the new update, i just receive messages and whenever someone tries to call me...i dont see the call coming in...just a notification of a missed call pops up...if this gets ok i would be happy!

ViberTeam says:

This is a known issue and we are currently working on a solution. We will update you as soon as we have more information. We appreciate your patience and support!

ok great! thanks! :)

tsoomoo says:

Battery drainer! Use skype.

Reinstall did not work for me,.,

Getting Unexpected Error Occured message..

Getting only Toast Notification for a message received, but once i open viber and the conversation i receive error and no message is shown.. 

This occured after Black update or Viber 4.0 i'm not sure coz i almost did both on same time :(

    cuirka says:

    Hi, I am disappointed that even this update did not solve the live-notifications issue.

    I am having persisting problems with getting notifications about messages and calls - no sound, no locked-screen notification.

    I have checked data restriction, wifi keeps on when screen times out and everything, however, I keep missing all the messages due to the non-functioning notifications... It is the same on wifi as well as on data plan...

    Any help how to solve it or should I wait for the next update?

    I would note also that at first, when I got my WPhone, it worked all well and the troubles only occured this January... Without updating the version or anything.

    Hope for some tips...


    ViberTeam says:


    We would like to investigate this issue further. Please open a support ticket here: http://bit.ly/1aOwGy2 and a support agent will be in contact with you shortly.



    Does the windows version of Viber not allow voice messaging in texting/chat?  It appears it does not, please FIX and update with voice messaging, its a key feature that android version has!!!!  PLEASE.