Viber for Windows Phone coming in the next week or two

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Viber has been busy creating an app for Windows Phone, and we previously looked at an early 2012 release timeframe. Now we're stuck in the middle of early 2012 and it's time for the community to see some light at the end of the tunnel. If you're not familiar with Viber (official website), it's a VoIP service that's used by millions of Android and iPhone owners.

In response to an email inquiry from a Windows Phone enthusiast, Viber had the the following to share:

You will be pleased to know that Viber for WP7 is coming very soon. Please stay tuned within the following week. We will be announcing its publication, system req. and more, at that time.

We'll keep our eyes open and ears tuned for any further details on an imminent release for Viber. It'll be positive to see yet another popular means of communication for Windows Phone.

Via: WMPU; thanks Mark for the tip!



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Hiiiiiiiii says:

I am not sure it said "two weeks"?

Lol look at the picture its the same iPhone 3 times makes it look boring now put a lumia up ther then it's worth lookn at

rodneyej says:

Yeah, soon people will recognize that the WP screen is much more functional, and cool, to use and look at than any current OS. Could you imagine waking up one day and seeing only tiny icons on your 900? You would have to tap the icons just to see the basic information inside. What a nightmare that would be. What's sad is that the mass doesn't even know, or want to admit, their OS has a old school WinMo, Palm era interface. WP's going to catch on, but to be honest I hope it never becomes bigger than iOS, or Android, just neck high with them. I'm kind of enjoying this exclusivity right now.... Most likely it will be huge, which is cool to.

koenshaku says:

This app is a really good idea if it actually didn't drop my calls like every 5mins. I always end up switching to skype or nimbuzz. It is more than welcome for windows phone though a lot of people in my address book use it.

thoughthalo says:

Awesome.. Keep them coming :)

I've been waiting for this quite a while. One less app to miss!

erix_2pac says:

Keep all the famous apps comin! If that happen?! Android and iPhone will be history.. Lol. -peace

AlExAkE says:

Yeah, it doesnt say week or 2. Your guess is based on specualtions (which I hope turn to be true). I've been waiting for Viber forever... cross fingers ;)

Lobbie1978 says:

I'm pretty excited about this, however I'm quite worried about privacy. Read this: http://blog.agmon.com/2010/12/04/why-i-will-not-install-viber/

foxibs says:

Yessssssss, can't wait for viber, people keep asking me, are you on viber? are you on viber? I will be on viber in one week or two

maxschels says:

Glad to hear this.
But I don't need it. It's just nice to see, it's coming :D

RawrrSavior says:

Friend just asked me last night if I had Viber...lol

myfyp2 says:

That is good news!

terchoo says:

That is a great news :P

kapsyme says:

Tango works great on windows mobile....try it

Mattyh95 says:

Still waiting... Hurry the f#£& up Viber! I've been waiting patiently now hurry up and give us a date!

zilab says:

almost 2 weeks now, no official word yet?

Has it happened yet? No.