How apropos as the Video-out hack for Windows Phone 7 finally gets a video demo

We reported a few days ago that some developers at XDA Forums have managed to get those pesky video-out drivers working on their Windows Phone 7 devices. The drivers, often used by Microsoft during press and developer events for demonstration purposes, have never been released publicly and that won’t change for WP7 anytime soon.

Users though who are brave enough to flash a custom ROM on their phones that have this driver enabled, can partake in the nifty experiment.  It’s not an easy task and you’ll also have to have drivers on the computer installed for it to work as well, but once you do so, it’s actually quite a smooth experience, according to Jaxbox over at Windows Phone Hacker.

Though, like you, we would love to have this feature, we’ll just wait until Windows Phone 8 comes out as it is rumored that the next-gen OS will have this built in for consumers to enjoy without any fancy software tricks.

Source: XDA Forums, Windows Phone Hacker



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Bushybro says:

Jaxbot puts in work, his name is always popping up when it comes to windows phone. I salute you, man. Thanx for all the hard work.

Hopefully someone releases a standalone driver and/or app, but im gonna hold out Wp8.

deloa84 says:

When I am brave enough I'll do this if I don't have a new WP8 phone yet. Props to Jaxbot for figuring it out.

Nakazul says:

I agree with the others, thnx Jaxbot for the work you do.

Racxie says:

How well does this work with running videos/games? Because if it works fairly well ,it could be very useful for creating video reviews and guides for apps and games by recording what's on your monitor while your phone is plugged in!

transis says:

I was wondering if will be a WP8 flash custom ROM to my Lumia ?!
I hope so...

v4nandu says:

Yes... If that could possible to flash wp8 on L800 i will be very happy......