Video purportedly shows new Nokia Windows Phone, looks suspicious

A video has shown up on the YouTubes via MyNokiaBlog that looks to be some type of internal Microsoft/Nokia commercial. In the video, some renderings of supposed Nokia phones running WP7 are shown in full motion, along with some old footage from Microsoft videos recycled for good measure (e.g. from September 2010)

Is it real? Fake? Someone having a goof, we have no idea. But overall it does seems a little suspect and we don't believe that those phones are real in any sense, though perhaps they are planned. Either way, it makes for some nice pondering on what Nokia may have in mind though we're not sure it's that exciting.

PS Original video was pulled, now it's back up. Ta-da!

Source: MyNokiaBlog; Thanks, Abhi, for the heads up



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MarcXW says:

These phones look amazing!!! I'd buy any of them. I just hope they have front-facing cameras.

It was great upto 0:50 then it was clearly fake. Impressive video and great phones.

slicedfruit says:

well funny that you say it because it actually is fake and is a concept phone first shown in the video of microsoft in productivity future vision here: http://www.microsoft.com/showcase/en/us/details/e7728af1-3fe4-4e25-a907-...(2:08 minutes)http://bit.ly/qKnhpt

I do like that video. :D

This video is most likely the promotional video that introduces the concept/potential of the Microsoft/Nokia alliance from February 11th. The video includes all of the concept phones, and angles of the phones that we've not seen before; not to mention it looks professionally done by both Microsoft/Nokia as it includes many Microsoft future concepts videos, i.e. 'Anna'; the video recording of the video, however, is not professional. Anyway, I don't think the actual video is fake, but the phones are the concept designs that we've all seen before; we just don't have confirmation if the concepts will actually reach store shelves.

blackcat28 says:

OK Nokia if you can produce phones that look as nice as this you have my vote to buy a handset.

Its hard to tell, but its not out of the scope of Nokia, who have been known to produce some crazy concept phones to have something like that shown at the end of the video.

M_Lyons10 says:

Yeah, Nokia has some of the craziest designs of any mobile manufacturer... My favorite was the one that let you "smell" what was around the person you were talking to... :|

doctore says:

That last phone-- which had no edges just all screen was damn nice!

thenet says:

LOL seem like they took video off youtube!

M_Lyons10 says:

Yeah, that sucks. I wanted to see it... :(

mango.lover says:

Which confirms that it's not fake.