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The first YouTube uploader app for Windows Phone 8.1 gets a nice update, more to come


One of our favorite YouTube apps, myTube is free for 24 hours


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Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion

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myTube updated to open YouTube videos directly from the browser and more


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Get the YouTube app that was pulled by Google

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YouTube for Windows Phone

Video Tour: Official YouTube app for Windows Phone

Today saw the surprise (yet anticipated) reappearance of the Microsoft YouTube app for Windows Phone. This time the app evidently has the consent of Google, who took issue with some of the features in the app and had asked Microsoft to pull the original. The bold move by Microsoft though has evidently paid off—Google has finally agreed to what looks like most of Microsoft’s requests for the app.

Our readership requested a video tour of the app and since we’re here to serve, we have obliged. Granted, we’ve only had the app for less than 60 minutes, but we can show you the basic functionality and even a few changes from the previous 3.0 release.

The good news is the majority of the previous features, including account management and high quality streaming are still on board. In fact, we now have the ability to upload via Wi-Fi or even over cellular, which is a great feature. Videos with ads though will display a pre-roll commercial, something that was missing from the original release that surely irked Google. Likewise, users have lost the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

Overall though, the majority of Windows Phone users, including those on 7.x who can join in, should be pleased. And since this app was released with Google’s approval (though not endorsement), it means we can expect updates when necessary.

Another feather in the cap for the Windows Phone platform, even if it took some cajoling. 

Windows Phone users can download the official YouTube app (v3.2) from the Store by following this link, scanning the QR code below or swiping to the right in our app.

QR: YouTube



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donebrasko says:

Yay upload!!!!

AndreStudart says:

amazing app! the only problem is that there are some few videos that we can't see, such as ''freedom- django unchained'' it says that the person who uploaded did not allow for mobile devices.. but if you use ''youtube HD'' for example, you'll be able to see..

is there anyway to fix that? =/
besides that, by far the best youtube app

It's not a issue man :/ unfortunaly. It's a request that Google made, because they wanted to give the YouTubers some freedom.

when mobile is one of the largest growing platforms and tablets are being adopted left and right, it doesnt make sense. Why block users from using the device that has a 99% chance they are going to try and use to watch your video? What purpose is there to letting users block mobile devices?

R42 says:

this is why i will stay with metrotube

Metrotube is stupid, the UI is so junkie..not as bad as the mobile YouTube apps that get 5 star ratings but I think the official UI is better.

ScubaDog says:

Actually, that's a setting on YouTube.  There are some videos I put on my channel that I specifically did NOT allow viewing by mobile devices.

Mad Strings says:

With all due respect, why do you not allow some videos to be viewed on mobile?

schlubadub says:

Why? Seems quite bizarre?

i know this. i was trying to get the point across of WHY google would even opt to have such a setting for users. it makes no sense financially, usage numbers, or ratings wise.

Localhorst86 says:

just out of curiousity, what reasons would you have not to allow viewing on a mobile? This is a serious question.

Some people make videos that require at least proper sound or a larger display to give the user the full experience.
It's like watching a full feature movie on a normal smartphone, you know you won't get anywhere near the full experience.

On my videos Mobile devices (Except tablets) make about 2% of my views, it's not like thats a big loss.

ymcpa says:

No one watching a video on a phone is expecting a full experience. Yet people will still watch movies on their phone. Even of it is just 2%, why block them. You're not losing anything.

here's another thing: if you get 1M. for example views, %2 is still a lot of people.

pawelf1 says:

but i tried on my lumia 800 and there is that text u cant play video, but if u put video in landscape and click pause it will play normaly i think its a bug

kenzibit says:

No upload button for WP7.x version ?

ianberg says:

Yes it seems so :-/

Pham Hieu says:

same question

Jaco Ra says:

People are still on 7.X?

ianberg says:

I'm on 7.x till my Nokia 710 breaks... It may be my last phone :)

Yes, some people are still on WP7.

aaa6112 says:

Thanks for the demo, Daniel. So if this app can upload videos from camera roll (Long press a video > share > YouTube), WhatsApp should be able to share video clips from camera roll too, no? Or is this app able to do so because MSFT developed it (and they haven't allowed other devs access to APIs that allow them to do so)?

Nakazul says:

I believe a lot of dark magic was involved between MSFT and G to make this happen. Not many companies have this much mana and can't influence the dark lords.

sasukeluffy says:

I believe this is due to the camera api's from Nokia, I think they allow this. Like look at Samsung's Video Trimmer app, or Nokias uploader.

arielp says:

upload also working on my Huawei ( and all non-Nokia phones) so this may not related to Nokia's API.

Nik Rolls says:

I believe the latter is correct. I've looked for this Share API before to no avail.

Well done MSFT, Well done. Made the bully comply

Acbuono5 says:

I'm sorry I have to say this one of one of the most ugliest apps that Microsoft has designed for "modern UI"...ill stick to metrotube!

sepatown says:

Please let me have what you're smoking. Please. "One of the ugliest apps" my ass.

Acbuono5 says:

I'm not smoking anything, if all metro apps looked like this I would definitely have just gotten a android apps for their os are actually a lot more minimalistic and cleaner looking...i hope Microsoft doesn't loose site of their original design language.

arielp says:

on the contrary, i found this app is more cleaner than metrotube. 
but thats just me.

have you tried this version, or are you using a completely different youtube app released by microsoft that was a web wrapper? Because this is very Modern UI compliant, and intuitive.

Acbuono5 says:

Modern UI is suppose to be minimalistic...this app is one big cluttered mess.

Modern UI isnt supposed to be COMPLETELY minimalistic. Not to mention they had to have some conformity to match the other Youtube apps, being an "official" branded app. This means that this is a compromise. Half Modern UI in having flatter graphics, modern ui controls, and cleaner interface, but Youtube App UI in its overall look and feel.

Acbuono5 says:

I can assure you that this is not an official app...just because google "worked" with Microsoft on this app doesnt make it official...same with the Facebook is listed as the publisher and not google. So because its not official Microsoft could have changed up the make it more unique to our ecosystem like they originally did with their Facebook app.

The Facebook app is an "official" app but its made my Microsoft,so that point is invalid. The original UI of the app was made when Facebook was different on each OS, and facebook wasnt all about unifying the UI. Recently FB introduced the ui from their apps ON THE WEBSITE, so it was natural for the WP app to change (even if they could of been a bit better at making it unique.).
Youtube, on the other hand, is a different story. Legally, microsoft cannot produce an app called "YouTube" without Google's permission. They could get sued. They didnt the first time around because temp. blocking WP users from the mobile website along side redusing to let the #3 OS from having an app wouldnt look good in Googles favor (they really shouldnt of gotten by with the last investigation that was done on them). Thats how things go. Call it "Youtube" and you have to take input from the company that owns it.
ALSO, the way the story goes, The youtube app (not the wrapper) was built with the Youtube Team (who is owned by Google and works for google, but technically is not Google themselves), so the UI most likely was regulated by the Youtube team to be consistent with the Youtube UI while still incorporating Windows Phone controls and methods belonging to Modern UI.
The summary of all this: Even if its not literally official from Google, its still titled as the "official" app, built in colaboration with Google and Youtube, and consumers new to the platform will not really know the difference anyhow; Being regulated by google, and built with Youtube (the team), the UI is gonna have some conformity to their standards


Acbuono5 says:

MetroTube is a lot cleaner than this app. What's up with the off grey bar at the should be black. And the app itself should support which background theme you have selected..white or black and not just white....there is nothing better about this app.

radde says:

Dude, arn't you nitpicking here a little too much?

I agree with you that the top bar could be scraped and the two menus buttons could be placed in the bottom bar; but your stand on this is a little harsh, don't you think?

And the fact that the App is currently only supporting a bright background, does not mean it wont be changed in the future; YT is using a bright background in all their presence after all.


Metrotube is cleaner in ways, and i think a menu system like the facebook app would of been better, BUT you are wrong on the colors. Youtube uses grey, not black, in their apps (thats app ui conformity to google's standards, as explained in comment above), and that background is in fact not true white (like that of the light theme) but is instead an off white similar to other platforms' app. (its easier to tell, when the screen is dimmed, the difference between the two.). Also this app carries the "official" title, even if produced by MS (see comment above again), which translates into "brand name" snobs (those who refuse to move to platform, no matter the alternatives, if the official app is unavailable) moving over to Windows Phone, which means more Users, More Apps, and an overall improvement to the ecosystem.

TMavC5 says:

Dude, are you serious?

walter1832 says:

....and where's my car?

I'll call the FBI on you. I know you're taking heroin. Well, the NSA already does.

bitwise says:

I thought the upload feature means its a lense and we can directly upload to YouTube from our phones?

Not in this version, maybe later.

Kadcidxa says:

Finally something for WP7 users. Looks and works great. However, there are ads now, I will keep using Metrotube then.

KKRLessey says:

Yes! Welcome back!

myjota says:

But im be here with metrotube

nez99 says:

Daniel got a message from someone on his iPhone during clip hehe

:) It was actually the video, though it did throw me off. True fact though, I don't have an iPhone. Kind of want one to compare, but will wait for the 5S.

Josh Harman says:

I was about to say throw Daniel's credibility out the window...

carlosrdd says:

F... IPhone....

Would taking 10'000 Nokia Lumia 1020's to the face stop you wanting an iPhone? After all, the 1020's will still work even after hitting you in the face ;)

schlubadub says:

I've never seen anyone use an apostrophe as a number separator, instead of a comma (e.g. 10,000.00). I have seen the full-stop/decimal point reversed with the comma in crazy countries (e.g. 10.000,00). Is an apostrophe normal where you are? O_o

kurotsuki says:

Well ... Thank you for stating that my country is crazy :p
About aphostrope thing, AFAIR, I've never seen anyone using it :)

Luminatic says:

Huh? Using an apostrophe as a decimal separator is normal where I come from (Switzerland). I find the usage for commas weird.

Adi2 says:

It is an american "issue" they think that what they use applies worldwide,don't worry once they understand it is not true they are cool lol

schlubadub says:

Except I'm Australian, not American. I think it must be a British Empire influence thing, as the comma as a thousand's separator is used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada etc. Actually this wikipedia page shows the world is pretty evenly split between using a decimal and a comma, leaving only the Swiss with their apostrophe:

schlubadub says:

It seems that Switzerland is the craziest country, as they're the only ones using an apostrophe instead of a decimal or comma. The Swiss have rubbed off on the Italians as they use it in their handwriting :P

kaynachtsman says:

Where's the video of your cat Dan? ;)

MetroTube is still better.... Lol. I don't even know why they bothered. Save resources for Firmware and OS. Thanks anyways.

Clavitox says:

Cuz not everyone is aware of metrotube . . . .

So he should have mentioned it lol. Come on now :) and its not even official. MSFT made it. Which is why it sucks. Google makes it or LazyWorm. Bottom line. MSFT did this simply for publicity. They know its basic and lacking. And ugly. MetroTubes Tile is awesome too.

KKRLessey says:

It's a great app but also the official

It's important because the platform needs an official app. You have to think of new users who will have no idea what the hell MetroTube is. it's only once you've been on the OS for awhile can you branch out and explore alternative apps. Try and pick up a foreign OS--BlackBerry or Android--and try to find "the best" third party apps on your first try. Impossible. You go right for the branded official apps.

And when they build the brain cells to understand... the better apps will be there waiting to make them feel better :)

RyanAMG says:

My first day on WP and I knew that WPCentral was the best tech app ;)

Haha I couldn't agree more! :)

Josh Harman says:

Because I'd rather have something somewhat official and an app that actually says YouTube on the tile.
Plus, metrotube isn't that great to me.

MyTube is so much better than Metrotube

Xaphoon148 says:

@Lawrence So MyTube is better than YourTube? ;)

kurotsuki says:

One question please. This metrotube thing, I know it can download for offline use, but can the downloaded vids copied to my desktop? Because GetThemAll sure can do it (albeit with it's basic UI).

gedzum says:

I also like metrotube, but one problem for me was that I couldn't view my unlisted uploads. I can now do that with the official app.

Kram Devil says:

Will wonders never cease

jlynnm350z says:

Seems sluggish, wont connect to network sometimes, alot of times, most times. Looks nice though.

Josh Harman says:

No problems here.

RyanAMG says:

Did you upload the video of your cat?

lol, no, at least not to the WPC account

Nakazul says:

Yes, my first video on the YouTube app. Feels great. I like how apps have really become smart and chooses your system language as default. It may have been there for awhile but I guess it just now that apps actually have more language options I start to notice it.

muderko says:

Does it play the sound in the background?

There's an option to run under lock screen.

What would be awesome is if we could upload through the Pictures hub using Share ... and without charging (retarded).

LightningXCE says:

You can share exactly like that, but not without charging.

Um, you can. Long press on any video in your Hub/viewer and you can upload to YouTube.

ninny1176 says:

Make to open the YouTube app first otherwise it doesn't show up in the Share menu

Josh Harman says:

What do you mean "charging"? There is no charge for uploading.

Localhorst86 says:

your phone has to be charging to upload. It won't upload while being on battery.

INGINE says:

Small typo, it's v3.2.0.0 my friend.

DJCBS says:

LOL "dirty videos"? I wasn't aware YouTube allowed that... =P I think the correct term is "videos-censored-by-the-puritan-hand-of-certain-users-even-though-there's-no-reason-for-censorship"

The app is back!! :D I was starting to think that it was gone forever.

Forc3 says:

AWESOME!! :) Hehe

James8561 says:

correction: it's version NOT

So far it works great. Very full featured and I haven't seen ads yet, so they're not super annoying. The only fault I have found is that on WP7.8 it stucks when trying to open a video for an external source (say, the WPCentral app, or Internet Explorer) and it won't play it at all.

zorb58 says:

It supports double wide tile too!!!

xmarklive says:

Hey Dan how easy or hard would it be for Microsoft to build or buy a YouTube competitor. Like is it patents or something . Because YouTube Is the only reason alot of us have a google email address.

They already tried that years ago. It was called Soapbox and MS got their ass kicked.

perhaps they should try again with vimeo? Maybe even integrate it into their service. Vimeo (pronounced Social Vimeo) has a ring to it imo.

coip says:

I agree with the idea that Microsoft should buy Vimeo and have written about it here. It seems that Vimeo is now the 2nd most recognized online video streaming website. YouTube has a complete monopoly on the market, so you would think other companies like Microsoft or Apple would want an alternative, especially the way MIcrosoft pushing for video sharing with the Xbox One and, you would think they could buy out Vimeo, clean it up a bit (first, by revising their counterproductive terms of service), and then integrating it into Windows 8, RT, Windows Phone, and Xbox. It would get significant market share pretty quickly, I would think, and at least offer us a decent alternative to YouTube (also, the only Google service I cannot currently completely avoid).

gedzum says:

I'd also like an alternative to youtube. It's the only google service I use. Problem I see is are the people I'm subscribed to willing to upload there as well or make a switch to another site.

thats the problem with a lot of services. If the reason we use YouTube doesnt move (aka: the content creators) than any MS video service could become dust. Even if they bought Vimeo, there is no guarantee it would get any more traffic than it does now.

DaBlackGod says:

I heard that ring tone,

Explained above: it's that video I played. I have Android phones, two BlackBerries but no iPhone.

muderko says:

No symbian?!!?

xmarklive says:

Hey Dan you should talk about the apps that are related to the YouTube app. I mean someone who is win coder and why dies he have 10 apps with no reviews?

4Tiles says:

This is a perfect example of where 3rd party apps beat official apps. No downloads and you get ads before videos. Why would you use this app? No thank you.

Unofficial apps break all the time though and in theory, Google could have them removed. It's about stability. Plus you may dislike Google, but shutting them out of their business model for video hosting is not the answer (or fair).

Josh Harman says:

Why would you pay for app that could stop working or even be be removed at anytime?
I have never downloaded a video from YouTube and don't personally have that need/want.

UnnDunn says:

Looks like this new version also supports YouTube live streams.

I still have the older build on my phone. It has no ads. The new one offers uploads and live streaming, but also has video ads. To update or not to update?

with the amount of vids downloaded on my older version, im staying. i also wonder if one could install the older version via the xap acquired via "install manually" since the app is now back on the store. granted, one would to have saved the xap before googe had the app removed, as well as have an sd card supporting phone, but still....

karelj says:

Won't play videos via the wpcentral app. Just shows the loading dots.

RockmanNeo says:

Happened to me too. WP7.8.

Shobiz says:

+9007.8. Happening to me too

Drewidian says:

I still have the version that downloads videos. I'll keep using that one for now just to piss off Google and not play their ads.

marcomura says:

That makes two of us :)
(I actually play the downloaded videos)

mipe NR says:

Well... three of us. I hate the ads. And love the dowload. :)

Makes four of us. :D

Sam_91 says:

Make that 5 of us ;)

walter1832 says:

I like ads. Still just 5 of us.

big_slim750 says:

Great! This update finally cancelled the 1 update notification (for the older version of the app) on the live tile! Double win! LOL! :)

Cellus13 says:

I'm more than surprised, i didn't believe they would post it. Now if only google could be a good company for the CONSUMERS and bring all of their google apps to wp8.

rafuru says:

I can't play any video :(, just get "this video is not avaliable , try again" 

WhippedKream says:

I've had this issue a lot when I had low memory or no wifi connection. Is the first one the case? Just wondering

alokinalset says:

Not currently available in Singapore?

kittananj says:

Thailand too!

Henky Foo says:

It says not available for my device. And my "1" on store is missing too, wonder why

Henky Foo says:

Still the same

Aryan Angel says:

Change the region to US or wait a day.

Henky Foo says:

I used the link from another fansite and succeed to bring me to that apps

MagentaFTW says:

I'll be putting up with the ads if only to support this collaboration between MS and Google. Y'all can champion MetroTube all you like, and you'll catch no grief from for doing so, but an official app is something that WP needs to grow the platform. Thank you Microsoft, Google, and WPCentral.

dikadik says:

still not available for my device, 620

CheersMate says:

Let us cross this one off the list.

Jaco Ra says:

Finally! Never updating & never deleting

kenzibit says:

Yaaayyyy...finally for Wp7.8. Thank you :-)

bigbosseby says:

While there are third party apps which does provide YouTube downloads, why is google so unhappy with Microsoft providing it??

this is an "official" app with Youtube branding, and its against the youtube TOS. If Microsoft released "Microsoft Web Player for Youtube" they could of had such feature, but since they use the Youtube name, they have to abide by youtube rules. MS is basically putting brand name over experience, seeing as many refuse to switch to WP due to lack of official apps, despite many viable 3rd party apps existing that connect to those services.

WhippedKream says:

Because they are providing it as an official one. Why would Google let anything official slide if it does not comply with their terms? I personally would love to have that feature but come on, it is understandable why. Just use MyTube or MetroTube. MyTube has offline audio playback so you can use your phone as much as you want while listening to an album on YouTube ;).

No offline? Will keep using old version :p

GardSec says:

I used the YouTube app to watch the video about the YouTube app. Did I create a timeline paradox?

walter1832 says:

Great! Now apes control the world!

jwinch2 says:

Unless there is really a compelling reason to switch, I will likely stick with Metrotube.  They have supported the platform well and they put out a quaity app.  I would like to support developers that are good to the OS as a whole and encourage them to keep developing high quality apps going forward.  

nikoduque says:

D: an iphone rang ont the background haha :P anyways i just want the app is pretty awesome and looks original thats good

yeungl says:

Should I update or not......i still use the old one

Tracy Daken says:

About time. Thanks.

Epic Pie says:

I find MyTube much better than the official app. But oh wells, at least Microsoft got the official app back

WhippedKream says:

It's that awesome offline music playblack while doing anything on your phone that has me hooked to it.

sumton says:

its faster than metrotube

monigal2 says:

Mytube is a very nice app, I'll stick to it.

ceraf says:

Haven't updated ever since Google first complained...should I keep it that way?

quiquemorme says:

Upload option doesn't appear in my Lumia 800. Everyone else with the same problem?

Shiawian says:

How about the download feature?

AhmedEltawil says:

Is that going to be a habit for Microsoft from now on to fight to get those top apps? So sad.

Jazmac says:

That number 1 has been sitting on my Market so long I have to now get used to not seeing it. :)  Good to see an official YouTube app from big M.

Colby Lee says:

Google needs to play nice. After all, most of their sucess is from the windows operating system.

Edipose says:

does anyone know if this app has suggestions when searching for videos? bummer that it didnt have it before.

toph36 says:

Why did it take almost 4 months to update? I am sure Google put up some road blocks. Glad to see it back.

HarisA1 says:


This is a bit of a coup for MS. Bravo. One less brick on the wall. Hope it helps to continue interest in WP as a viable mobile OS.

Shobiz says:

As a Lumia 900 user, the app feels sluggish. I am having connection problems and when I'm trying to open a video from another app, it gets stuck or directs me to the youtube mobile site. Metrotube still wins

Vheissu says:

Think I'll continue to not update from the non google influenced version

donebrasko says:

Ok who cares if you like the other 'tubes better. We can now upload videos and you want to complain? We have been given another option. My plan is to use YouTube and if it can't do something I'll go to metrotube and use it. I'm tired of the complaining. Be glad we have a new option. Just shut up and tube!!!!!!

Dk92 says:

I co-sign this.

walter1832 says:

I'll finance this.

ejlee072006 says:

Alright downloaded the app..
Tried to play video on portrait mode,I couldn't see a thing, I have to go landscape then back to portrait for me to see video..
Uninstalled!! I will try my tube..

rynthnyltrr says:

hi what region are you using? thanks!

rynthnyltrr says:

guys please tell me what region you are.. cause i can't download it and i'm using lumia 820 amber US region. :(

rAj06 says:

I'm on amber update on my 920.. Using India store..

WPUser111 says:

Hw did u get amber?

rAj06 says:

Updated manually by the methods mentioned in the forums..

rynthnyltrr says:

problem solved. try to search it first at the store then download it. direct download initially from the qr code doesn't work earlier.

joeynox says:

This is terrible. According to the verge On cellular we can only upload about 3 seconds of video.

uopjo6 says:

Serious? That's half a vine!

rAj06 says:

Why isn't this app available for 620? I downloaded on my 920.. It says the app is not available on my wife's 620! Tried changing the store from India to US.. Same problem!

rynthnyltrr says:

try to search it first at the store then download it. direct download initially from the qr code doesn't work earlier.

bigtoe88 says:

Microsoft needs to clean up thier store and put this app at the top of a youtube search.  If I was a new WP8 buyer who wasn't very tech savy and I searched for youtube in the store I would be very confused, and I would never find this official app.  It is like 20 spots down the list and most everything above it is called youtube. 
I am sure most people just install the one by Esunoka, because it has 5 stars, is called youtube, and is sitting at the top of the list when you search.  Someone even posted in the review of it "now we are talking about cooperation between Windows and Scroogle", so that person even know what is going on and grabbed the wrong app!

Ekon says:

Now we just need a pairing config for ps3, Xbox and all that jazz on here. Then it will be perfect. I like it alot.

uopjo6 says:

If you had the previous version and have an update, you should get an error for those without the app in store yet. Although its not a good idea anyways because the earlier version can download videos :) first time I was glad I got a error with the store.

ryraansh says:

Search suggestions!
Edit: THERE'S ADS NOW!!!! I got an ad for an Android app, no less.

akshatm says:

I think I'm not going to update this one. I don't want to lose my offline functionality and ad-free viewing.

Josh Harman says:

Use it until it breaks!

diktea says:

voice search immediately dissappears after releasing the hand (not usable) - anyone making it work

Josh Harman says:

Works for me, sorry.

CobraJ82 says:

Region restriction.

cgooge14 says:

I just uploaded a video via wi-fi but had to have the phone charging to accomplish this. If I unplugged it would stop. I'm on a 920..

Buzz Badillo says:

Mine never left

AhmedWP7 says:

Give me 6tagram with camera lens and will be the most happiest person on earth

Josh Harman says:

Should have it next week, Rudy said he will submit it by the end of this week... probably take a few days or more to pass through certification.