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Vieather for Windows Phone

Get this now: Vieather brings a Modern weather experience to Windows Phone

More than a few of you noticed a certain weather app on my Start screen from today’s earlier video on Simple Calendar 2. Truth be told the app in question, called Vieather, is not actually new, but it has had regular updates and its due for some recognition.

For one, the app is completely free. No ads either. Number two, it’s simply gorgeous looking. If you’re a big fan of the alarm app 627.AM, Simple Calendar, or any app that embraces the Modern UI theme then this app is for you (it’s also for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices, natch).

The app though does lack a bit of substance, meaning if you want a full-fledged weather app than you may want to stick to our other favorite, Amazing Weather HD. Vieather, a merging of Vietnam + Weather based on the developer’s locale, is as straightforward as weather apps come, giving only today’s forecast.

The app does feature a flippy Live Title that is customizable with an Accent color of your choice (though no doublewide support) and it is simply stunning to look at. Vieather also utilizes the Weather Channel’s service for data, meaning accuracy should be top notch.  Plus, as we mentioned earlier, it’s free.

Vieather for Windows Phone

So if you want a basic “here’s the weather now and for the next few hours” app that shows off the Modern UI, we urge you to give Vieather a go. You can pick it up here in the Store for all Windows Phones.

Make sure you watch our video tour to see it in action.

QR: Vieather



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Xaphoon148 says:

Hey, is that an Daniel Rubino app? ;)

Nabkawe5 says:

I imagine in the future , apps will advertise on people (much like perfume advs these days.)
Picture this a close up on Daniel Rubino he looks at a phone in his hands then looks at you and the line reads
Vieather by Daniel Rubino. he takes a coat and an umbrella and heads out ...  :D .

jgbstetson says:

Oh thank you! Some of the paid weather apps are nice but require large chunks of space. 3 Mb, free, and no ads? Sold.

FavBrowser says:

Free, just like google products

jgbstetson says:

Nay, the price of admission is ads and your information.

bcasteel says:

That is a nice looking app, but I'll stick with Amazing Weather HD :D

Is there any other site that responds so quickly to its readers' questions with a full blown article of information? Good job.

:) You guys ask, I serve!

Hey Dan u should show us ur homescreen and make an article wer we all show our homescreen

Credo93 says:

+ 920! i love to look at other Windows Phones ! Curious how they like the start screen!
Please make one Daniel!

IV made mine look like a comic book before I still got the pics

luimende says:

What is the app you have in the corner with the two footprints and a 15 count? 

Cjax2011 says:

+1840 I'd love to participate!

Nabkawe5 says:

I was about to remark this , I just love this site.

Second app by Viet devs that got featured on WPCentral (The other is PhotoPlace Pro/PhotoWeather Pro, I can't rmb which, though). Heh, good job! :)

This dev has talent...wish he'd port over his Calendar app to English (and his other apps too)--he could be big on this platform!

If you haven't already contacted the guy on that, I might try contacting him :D

Mocah says:

Dang. Now you've gone and made me have to copy your start screen setup. Pretty much happens every time on WPC.

clbarker10 says:

As a designer I think its too cramped. Bad use of space in the app.

Catlasers says:

Thought the same. Some Nice elements, but could use some space.

mohmia says:

Agree. Could use some more space or show less info instead of cutting off (like the wind info is cutting off). The temp data is also cutting off on top even on L 920.
I understnad this is a non-native English app for FREE with no ads, so definitely like it, indeed a beautiful app. Good way to showcase WP 8 UI strengths compared to bland and skeumorphic iOS or Android apps.

mdscj4 says:

Way too cramped. Makes it less than 100% metro.

SchueyF1 says:

Really nice app, going to give it a go for a bit.

Aggemam says:

I keep getting a "ooops! cannot found you!" error, strangely AFTER showing me my longitude and latitude...

KLinCHI says:

Same problem here. Also when displaying temp in Fahrenheit, the "Feels Like" list says it's 9999. Lol! Other than that, liking it so far. Just wish the track me works. I'm on the 710 with 7.5 which may be why?

poddie says:

Doesn't work on my 920 either. Also, should pickup theme and accent from the os, and allow 12 hour clock.

danielgray says:

Real feel was wrong in Australia, then i enabled lice tile, reopened app and all wad good.

q21701 says:

Lice tiles?! Eeew. No thanks. ;-)

Cornbean7077 says:

Anyone else think of Dragon Ball Z when they read this comment?? ;)

jasonstatham says:

awesome on my lumia 610!
thanks for the support on 7.8.

marantaz says:

I got this earlier today, it's clean and looks good. I like apps that don't give me info overload.

Dancsi31 says:

I just grabbed it, I really like it

rubenbest says:

I love his start screen

Rauliulian says:

Not working, cannot find me ;))

cybermoose89 says:

Looks nice but i prefer weather flow tbh

mpt15 says:

The track me doesn't work. I added my location thru search..
The app is really good. I love it. Im sticking with this. :-) :-)

clappenings says:

It's nice. I'm especially loving the real feel temperature of 9999f :)

poddie says:

Yeah, it says that on mine too...

HM02 says:

My favorite temperature. 9999.

ahardin says:

The heat's not so bad, it's the humidity that kills you.

Blocks9 says:

Met office is the only weather app worth having (if u live in the UK, and only need UK weather info)

HM02 says:

Look at that sexy Daniel tile.

cannon#WP says:

This is pretty nice. Thanks for the suggestion Malatesta!
I'm thinking it's time for the WPC editors to write updates to those old "What apps are on my start screen" articles.

trickym81 says:

I just downloaded it. It's a great looking app.

Jazmac says:

I had this app months ago. Nice app

Chef316 says:

Downloaded this to try it...after adding my current location...it tells me it 71°F buy feels like 9999°F.....weird...wonder if there is a way to fix this

jesse.saris says:

The weather app looks great!

Alex Ionas says:

"So if you want a basic “here’s the weather now and for the next few hours” app that shows off the Modern UI, we urge you to give Veather a go."

The apps name is "Vieather" not "Veather". 

tbradwofford says:

Downloaded Vieather after reading this article. Seems nice, but according to the app it currently feels like 9999 degrees where I live. Ouch!

tbradwofford says:

Just read some of the other comments and saw others noticed the same issue.

DaSchnee says:

Hmmm, let's see if this one messes with my background tasks like AW HD and Weather Flow do..

iamoniwaban says:

A weather app must have weather alerts.

tbradwofford says:

Warning: It feels like 9999 degrees outside

iamoniwaban says:

Ha. However. The temp is showing correctly for me.

Not for Indian users ?

mpt15 says:

Why not? Works fine for me. In Mumbai.

blackhawk556 says:

Accuweather has the best live tile and weather app. Hands down .

schlubadub says:

I prefer HTC Hub, and that isn't filled with ads...

DanaOira says:

This looks beautiful! Love that it's free.

jabtano says:

Few minor things it could not locate me so I just punched in my town. also feels like 9999. but on the flip side I rather like this app much. I pined it right where I had My other weather app I'm going to use it for a while. So what up with the Developer I understand there is a rather nice calender app as well?

duncan0622 says:

Thanks Daniel. I am one of the askers!

peter14f says:

The format shown in 'chart' is DD.MM. Wish could change that to MM.DD in settings. Otherwise this is currently my favorite weather app.

I leave at the default orange color and pin it amongst my teal theme. Looks great.

Nightwishh says:

Very nice app, i use it now, but i have 2 issues with it:
1. bad use of space, some things on the screen are cut in half.
2. live tile it`s not updating on my Lumia 720, even if i`ve chosen to update every hour.