Vieather updated for translucent Live tiles on Windows Phone 8.1, weather never looked so good


We are absolutely loving the translucent Live tiles in Windows Phone 8.1. Don’t worry, we’re just as confused by how much we love this new feature. It’s one thing to see it leaked in videos recorded with a potato, but it’s another to actually use it. We’re not alone, a lot of you seem to love the feature and developers are moving to support the translucent tiles in their own applications. Looking for a weather app that plays by the translucent rules? Then check out the updated version of Vieather.

We last covered Vieather in early March when the app was updated to version 2.0 that brought a new weekly forecast. Today the app is sitting at version in the Windows Phone Store with the following features:

  • Translucent Live tile for Windows Phone 8.1
  • Faster… Better… Important Update

Vieather Transparent tiles

We totally understand the translucent part of the changelog, but we’ll let you guys and gals find out what exactly “seems faster” in this version of Vieather.

Vieather is a beautiful weather app for Windows Phone. It’s free, with no advertisting and comes recommended from your friends at Windows Phone Central. Take the new translucent Live tile out for a spin and let us know what you think. Just a heads up, it took a couple of minutes for the tile itself to become translucent. Be patient.

Download Vieather from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip Mike B!

QR: Vieather



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This app looms nice, but I just want an update for Weather Flow. Can you guys get in contact with them? :-/

Sam Sabri says:

Quick Bing'n tells me the devs behind Weather Flow now work at Skype. Maybe they don't have time? Will contact them.

Thanks Sam, I really appreciate it. I use Weather Flow all the time, but it hasn't received an update in a year...

Jupast says:

They work at Skype now?

Well hopefully they're in the UI Department because Weather Flow's UI is absolutely beautiful, especially the dark themed 'Metro' mode. I'd love Skype to have that option.

anandv427 says:

On the way contact those WhatsApp guys too :D...this weather app looks good

yeah ryt , whatsapp devs i thnk, have forgotten us nw!
8.1 -  i still dont see apps (earlier promised) coming in for us

kingenu says:

maybe because this is a "Developers preview" 8.1 not the real one..........use your brain man! 

they're not going to release it until nearer to the 8.1 public release

hey sam pls ask devs to make some apps for watching tv on wp8
n now since we have html 5 videos support with 8.1 , it wont be a pronblem now !
doirds n ios have dose things , den y cant we !
n ny idea on vlc media player and new whatsapp updates ?
vlc seems just a rumor to me , dey never intended to make an app for such restricted phones (dunno knw if i shud call wp`s smart or not)!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Dictionary slap in the face.

No man ! VLC for windows phone just started a while ago. They said they'd start it for phone after the 8 version.

anandv427 says:

Now restrictions seems lighter...downloaded videos are coming to video hub from internet explorer

sban85 says:

how was that easier to type than normal words...

kenzibit says:

Do you think, live tiles with information (CNN, BING NEWS, SPORTS, etc) should be transparent? IMO I don't think so cuz reading will be a lot harder. What say you?

2tomtom says:

I would like them ALL to have the translucent effect as an option. Love the translucent effect but want it on all tiles. Otherwise, the effect does not work for me.

byobg says:

It works surprisingly well (or absolutely horribly, of course, depending on the background image you use on your start screen).

The speed seemed to increase?

It has great animations and fluidity. I like advanced weather hd, but its not as smooth and fluid as this one. So i use awh only for live tiles..

vikrant6 says:

Right now I'm loving Blue Skies.. Give this a try..

apocacrux says:

Blue Skies is way better. The live tile actually work and looks great!

Love it too but three hours between tile updates is too long.

TJWINS says:

Live tile updated every 3 hours is not really a "live" tile. I liked it but I need the temperature to read now not 3 hours ago. I really don't know what the developer was thinking

Hey, the developer needed to pay per request for the service he was taking the forecast from *forecast.io*, that's why he put it at 3 hours. He's planning to introduce faster updates with in app purchases.He told this in the comments on the article about blue skies.

TJWINS says:

Couldn't he use a free service instead and give us real time updates?

Actually one of the reason that people are using it is that the service he uses is a very famous service on ios weather apps and people switching over from iOS like it. Besides, this is the only service which gives textual 'next hour' and 'next 24 hours' text (my city only gets next 24 hours). So it was a hard call for him probably. I can advise one thing, mail him saying that you'd like to see his app using accuweather or weather channel for the live tile, those are free services. And he can keep forecast.io for the in-app information. That would solve your issue, and his too.

Sir Switch says:

Yeah I recently switched to Blue Skies also. Loving it

cyborg4 says:

Blue Skies forever.

nakialj says:

i love vieather app on my lumia 920.

chataddicted says:

its always nice to see an update but now i deleted all the weaterapps and only use awesome lock weather apps on my lockscreen and trust me its awesome :)

bryangei says:

Bummer, I really like the Bing weather app, but this looks really good with the translucent tiles. Maybe Microsoft will do something with the Bing app.

It was a tough call unpinning bing weather from my start screen. Hopefully they will update soon. That and the News apps. 

CreepinJesus says:

I want to use Bing Weather but it doesn't have a live tile for current location :(

bryangei says:

It does though! There is a weird way of doing it. I think you have to set your home weather to be location then pin the tile from the app list, or something like that.

CreepinJesus says:

I'll give that a go - I thought I'd tried that, though, but maybe it's changed since then. Thanks.

I wonder what Samsung will call this new feature.

They've made a new chatting service called chatON, read about it in the newspaper. And they say its going to be available for android, iOS, windows and blackberry. I presume they meant windows phone ? Strange, trying to emulate Skype. MS better add file sharing to Skype, samesung added upto 1GB file support.

From what I remember, they have had this for a while on Samsung droids as a part of the in built bloatware.

Kristijan87 says:

Well, it definitely seems more translucent. Kidding. No, seriously, I think I'll replace Weather Flow with this app for the time being.

Blue skies is also worth shot especially if you're into apps that have beautiful minimal design. It also features a Transparent live tile 

TJWINS says:

Blue skies would be great if the live tile didn't update every 3 hours.

apocacrux says:

I couldn't get it to work. Kept giving me some error about start time being after finish time or something so no translucent tile.

The error you're talking about it due to improper settings. Set start time to 0:01 AM and end time to 11:59 PM. Works for me.

apocacrux says:

Yep, that fixed it. Thanks!

saputraj says:

I want translucent Weather Flow

shreyas15 says:

I just have a tile called viether8 sitting there. It ain't updating. The tile is pinned from the app list right?

AYOtornado says:

Same issue here!

shreyas15 says:

It works now. Guess it takes it's own time.

Aashish13 says:

Download bing weather use Microsoft apps. They are almost complete and they are native apps. They are upgraded periodically

Kins69 says:

App does not load any weather data and pinned tile is not translucent (although in the settings the option "translucent" is selected).

shreyas15 says:

Give it some time.

Sunnyspecv says:

They should really work on the design layout... It's cluttered.

GusterBuster says:

Love this weather app!

bozza72 says:

Still wont show all details for New Zealand so its pretty usless for me :(

DaiaX says:

It replace Amazing Weather HD.

vjollila96 says:

Translucent tile won't work on wpcentre

Matt Sharp says:

My thought exactly. For all the excitement the wpc team has about translucent tiles I cannot get it to work other than the place holder tile for iconic with the wpc app...

robinthekid says:

I'm pretty sure the updated app is in certification now. Should be coming out any time now.

If you follow us on Twitter, we said next week for the fix :)

Matt Sharp says:

Awesome, you da man Dan

Trevor Wolfe says:

Will it work for both tiles?

avigyan says:

I saw that on instagram.

CJ Thunder says:

Does the live tile use current location or favorite location?

PureView says:

Don’t worry, we’re just as confused by how much we love this new feature. It’s one thing to see it leaked videos recorded with a potato, but it’s another to actually use it.

Was this proof-read by a potato?

Sam Sabri says:

Yup, stupid potato

dkhere says:

Uninstalled Blue Skies and installed this one...

vikrant6 says:

I prefer blue skies though.. Live tile is minimal with no clutter..

dkhere says:

I guess this one is better since for the live tile, the data updates more faster.

Most of the time, in live tile, the data shown will be broken or will display old data.

Reebs Reebs says:

Typical decision making: Looks vs. Brains....

hahahahha !
wtf devs keep on making dese weather apps and shit in peace!
we already have 100 for platform
nobody give a shi about expanding the wp store 
i am big tym football fan , but there aint a single app (official) which can let me watch the matches live on my wp!
tunein radio, talksports are the only app till date , but the two offers only commentary 
while in my region there are official starsports app for ios and droids!
its been 1.5 years now using my +820
i dont see m$ growing in smartphone range!
i always expected more from windows phone , bu till date i havent got anything that should be a flagship for users!
how many weather apps do u guys have on ur phones!>?>

noorimanyosh says:

Pretty.Pointless update

Marco Gomes1 says:

You what doesn't seem faster?! WP 8.1

2tomtom says:

Installed for the transparent tile. Looks awesome.

niro_1520 says:

Guys i have a doubt... Its off topic... I ve lumia 1520 if i install dvlp prevuew for 8.1... Will it void the warranty...

avigyan says:

End this ASAP.

Kyorin says:

Vieather insists on showing the current location information on the live tile despite me setting a different location to be the default in settings. Anyone else seen this?

Basically I want to keep an eye on the weather where I'm going on holiday in a few weeks time, rather than the weather where I am now.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it, maybe I'm just missing something.

peterc84 says:

Yes well said you guys, weather flow is indeed the one

jayant_daga says:

When WhatsApp will be updated. Damn that team

peterc84 says:

When is wpc getting the transparent tile I enjoy wpc its honest and informative. Downloaded vieather just now to my 925, it won't load up?? Hmm back to weather flow I think
Liverpool, England

William Kim1 says:

Transparent* translucent is when an object allows light to go through but not as much.

AndreaTek says:

Good app!! but does not save the data downloaded for later viewing, when there is not internet connection.

zsolo1111 says:

My weather apps does not refresh my live tiles since i installed the developer preview.

Any ideas?

920Walker says:

Is the app running in the background?

zsolo1111 says:

Yes. I tried soft-restet,than a normal reboot, but nothing... And it's the same with all the weather apps.

FlorisRe says:

hey anybody nows what app has the live tile with the quotations shown on the left lower corner of the screenshot of the startscreen?

First time install here and won't load any weather at all. Finds my location then just sits there fat, dumb and happy with a question mark.

reda igbaria says:

I'm waiting Bing weather to do this

AnthonyWhoso says:

Sweet. Gonna check this out.

Nimdock says:

I've found that for me pictures that have subtle gradient changes work best... If the picture is too busy my screen just looks cluttered (specially using 3 columns instead of 2).


For instance, I had a picture of my girlfriend at some point and while I think she is the hotness the screen just looked very busy.


Last night I changed to the picture of a sunrise that I took in Dominican Republic. It has two main sections with subtle gradients, the sky, and the sea. And I think it makes the screen looks beautiful. I guess somewhat similar to the picture of the article. Although in my case the water starts much lower. :P

jemaho says:

Tried this app numerous times on different phones in the past but never got it to work! Same here on Lumia 1020, opens, finds my location than sits and hangs on getting daily update! I came to conclusion this app totally hates Belgium!

It hates Germany as well :-(

hakan439 says:

I have neither a translucent background or update in start screen in my Lumia920 Wp8.1. Very dissapointed. 

rreszler says:

I believe you have to enable the setting on the 92x

CGA111 says:

As per usual no wind in m/s, only km/h, uninstalled.

strikeswp says:

Downloading to give it a try. Does this app notify me via toast notification if there is severe weather in the area? That is one thing I really look for in a good weather app.

Nimdock says:

You just made me realize that I don't think Amazing Weather does this.

strikeswp says:

Yeah, a lot of weather apps don't. You think that would be something app developers would consider more often based on the amount of weather apps there are in the store. There doesn't seem to be any mention of push notifications or alerts in the settings of this app ><, has a great look and feel to it though.

strikeswp says:

Also, accuweather looks good. My complaints are that it has an option for "Push Notifications" but it is grayed out and wont let you turn it on? Kind of stupid. Also, there is no paid version to get rid of the stupid banner add. Live tile does not automatically update based on location, but you can pin a billion different locations to your start screen. Also kind of stupid. The quest continues for an app that will satisfy all of my wants / needs.

This app is not working for me :-(

neodoru says:

Nothing beats yahoo weather, imo! I hope they'll port it asap.

Can't set a particular city in lieu of location. Deal breaker.

illidanx says:

One problem, live tile does NOT update. I'm using Blue Skies instead.

aienjell says:

Best translucent weather tile. Still like amazing weather more, hope they add background images with an update.

moore1emu says:

Still can't get it to update to a live tile transparent or accent... Waiting several hours

When is weather flow going to get translucent tiles.

Tried Blue skies. Its sucks! Largest tile has overlapping text. What else has translucant live tiles?

Any report of battery draining with this application? My battery was drained from 95% to 51% within just 3 an half hours today without any usages( everything including data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location was off).I used to get good battery earlier.idd didn't installed any other application other than this yesterday or today. Pls help me

2uiam says:

The app doesn't find forecast, just keeps loading.

jemaho says:

For those having problems with the app not loading the forecast, just go to Settings/general and set "data provide" to Accuweather! That's how I finally made it work on my 1020.