Cyan Updates!

Lumia Cyan is going global for the Lumia 920

Canadian Lumia 920 on Cyan

Lumia Cyan update coming to 920 in Canada

Lumia Cyan Updates!

Lumia Cyan going out to Lumia 520, 920 and 1020 users

Lumia Cyan Updates!

Cyan update hitting Lumia 920 users in UK, Italy and Spain

Cyan on AT&T

Lumia 520 and 925 on AT&T finally get Cyan and 8.1


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Beat Nokia by predicting world cup games in Sporting Mouth to win some awesome prizes

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Lumia 930 availability on Ireland's Meteor pushed back to mid-July


Visual comparison of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Apple iPhone 5

How grand do they look together?

Russian Windows Phone community has managed to upload a video comparing the iPhone 5 to the Lumia 920. Both were recently unveiled and while the former will be available shortly running iOS 6, the Lumia 920, Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, is expected to be released later this fall.

The Lumia 920 is quite a beast compared to the Apple smartphone in terms of both size and weight. But Nokia's hardware is solid, we've had reports from readers that their Lumia Windows Phones have survived multi-storey drops, key scratching and more. Unfortunately, not the same can be said for the iPhone with many taking to Twitter to complain about easy scratching (or "scratchgate").

Unfortunately we're still unable to see what else is new in Windows Phone 8, though the reviewer does go into how the sheer size of the Lumia 920 isn't too much of a jump should you consider it against an iPhone 5 with a case attached. Just by looking at the video the Lumia 920's display looks a pinch brighter than the Apple competitor.

WP8 Poll

Our recently published poll results show that the majority of Windows Phone readers are behind Nokia, but are strongly warming up to HTC with what the company has brought to the table. Samsung on the other hand... well... enough said, really. But the support for Nokia is strong from Windows Phone consumers, which shouldn't come as a surprise.

We'll be eagerly awaiting more details to be unveiled of Windows Phone 8 and what's new for consumers, not to mention hardware launches from HTC, Nokia and Samsung. But we shouldn't forget Windows Phone 7.8, which will be heading to legacy hardware as an update once Apollo has been released - we're still unsure exactly what's included.

Let us know your thoughts of the iPhone and Lumia 920 in the comments.

Source: YouTube,, via: WMPU



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Dormage says:

Theres 930 written on the phone! (top left).

WinPhanKyle says:

You sure its just not the time?

Tike is on the top right...

tomyang says:

A few days ago, i find this website sell lumia 920, but today i can't find the phone, i don't know why, Chinese people often get the new phone for the first time.

jagu says:

Awesome!!! Can't wait to get one of these i hope it comes out for T-Mobile :D

rbf1337 says:


mjrtoo says:

Looks like a 2 to me...

jessecabrera says:

If only it was released on T-Mobile :'(

subkamran says:

"Unfortunately, not the same can be said for the iPhone"
No kidding. My fiance dropped her 4S and the back hit a corner, so the glass cracked. It didn't shatter but now it looks like someone shot her phone in the back.

Iconoclysm says:

That will probably not happen with the 5, but the paint will likely chip and be an eyesore.  The droptests out there for the 5 are very impressive.

Tomasz S. says:

Oh, so the arrow pointing to "all programs" is not gone after all. It has been moved to the bottom of the Start Screen.

peterjr1boom says:

I hope there is an option to turn it off, it looks really ugly :L

lippidp says:

Holy smokes. How is an arrow "ugly". It is neither ugly nor beautiful. It's an arrow. I bet your finger is ugly, so maybe you shouldn't touch the phone? I bet your breath occasionally stinks, too, so please don't use voice command, either.

exyaster says:

I think he means "ugly" as in terms of awkward placing. I don't really like the arrow there either, but that's me. No need to rant.

sumsk7 says:

I've grown to love the arrow and how it offsets the tiles, maybe that's my artistic side. The tiles look weird to me now that it covers the whole screen but, I'm sure it will eventually grow on me.

Murgatroyd7 says:

I'm with you.  I like having the arrow on the side with the "gutter".  It just looks awkward to me without it.

alex6272 says:

That was my first thought as well. I also wouldn't mind an option to have the gutter back

ChrisLynch says:

Which I think is a more natural placement, considering they removed the blank space to the right, filling the screen with more tile space.

MrVol84 says:

That Lumia is looking quite sexy in yellow... They should release a burnt orange color too!

deloa84 says:

Yeah really like the Lumia. I did get to see the iPhone 5 in person. Overall its nice but I am not impressed...

myjota says:

Nokia lumia 920 in fone of iph5 looks like bussinnes class mercedes- big beatty and best

myjota says:

Iphone for kids

sumsk7 says:

Don't forget about the Starbucks crowd. One espresso with the Starbucks branding in the left and the iPhone in the right while rocking out the scarf while telling everyone how great they are.

Cellus13 says:

IPhone looks old and nothing new.

cannon#WP says:

Wow, the iPhone 5 looks like an antiquated toy next to the Lumia 920. Then again, it looks like that next to my Titan II as well.

CronGM says:

The only thing that bugs me about the Lumia is how it looks gigantic. I'm used to using my phone with one hand, so that could be a problem. But I'd take the Lumia 920's features over any other phone's any day.

Malmer says:

There is a big difference in the UI between WP and iOS. iOS often has navigation - such as a back button and many other things - at the top of the screen. In w´Windows Phone they have almost all navigation at the bottom of the screen. That way it will be easier to use with one hand, and a bigger screen really isn't such a big deal. 

ChrisLynch says:

Completely agree, and as long as app devs follow the Metro design principles, and don't rehash their iOS or Android crap UI.

chad08er says:

Never noticed this before is their a option to change how the tiles flip on WP8?

bono5112 says:

Anybody notice the arrow is at the bottom of the home screen

Holy crap, you can tell how much thinner it is there at the end... that is to say, BARELY... we're talking 2mm at best. No, I think the bigger differentiator is the width... I understand why people like smaller screens around 4" when they have small hands. That's never been a problem for me to understand. The weight argument is one that people really should be focusing on.

tomatoes11 says:

Yeah, I was actually quite relieved after seeing this video. Sure, the Nokia Lumia 920 looks FRICKING HUGE for some reason. The round designs maybe but it really isn't that much thicker than the iphone 5 which is a relief.
So I am leaning more towards the Lumia 920 now after this video, before I was thinking HTC 8x because the 920 was too big.

wormy6 says:

Yeah I agree...  Looking at size specs has given me this idea that the lumia is this giant monster that looks old fashioned or cheap because its way too big.  But now I see them side by side the size is more negligible.

bdgamas says:

Wow the iPhone has a bigger screen, wow!

DHX says:

(@3:01) Ooh la la! Wonder what their kids are gonna look like!

ahuczek says:

my thoughts are stop posting articles like this. its silly flame bait and worst yet, the video is terrible. could have been a 30 sec clip like every major news source on the net thats already done this. instead we have to listen to some little guy ramble for what felt like 10 min. 

scdkad says:

IPhone icons are so pathetically stale and outdated. Can't stand looking at them. Haven't changed in the entire 5 years its been out!

ElReyJey says:

Unfortunately the Lumia 920 is way too big for me. And I'm sure that many other people will not buy the phone just because of the size. The most successful phone (you know which one I mean...) has a 3.5" display... So tell me: How do the people over at Nokia (or HTC... or Samsung) come up with the idea that "bigger is better"?!? It just does not go into my mind.
Of course there is a market for big phones.. but I'm sure that a 4" highend phone would address many more people than a 4.5" highend phone...

cannon#WP says:

"How do the people over at Nokia (or HTC... or Samsung) come up with the idea that "bigger is better"?!?" - Easy, look a the success of the Galaxy II, III, Note, and One X. All large screens, all big sellers (well not some much the One X). I actually think 4.5" is probably perfect as it's not THAT much bigger than best selling 4.3" phones but not such a mental size leap as my 4.7".

ElReyJey says:

Ok.. maybe that's a difference between USA and Europe.. I have not seen anyone having a Galaxy Note. The HTC One S (and even the One V) is much more popular here in Switzerland than the One X. I agree with the S3 and S2. But these phones are also the most advertised ones and still seem less bulky than the Lumia 900 and 920 because of their thickness.

Agree. If they had put the OIS feature into a Lumia 820, I'd go for that instead of the 920. But it's not a choice, so I'm leaning towards the 920 just to get the phone/camera convenience factor with a quantum leap in photo/video performance.

As an iPhone 5 user but avid Windows Phone fan! I definitely can not wait to buy this phone! Nokia has really brought a lot to the phone and I can't wait to see the reviews when they come pouring in! And yes I have some disposable income which is why I want two phones :D