Vivino for Windows Phone 8

Vivino Wine Scanner for Windows Phone 8 is now available

We mentioned last week that Vivino Wine Scanner was coming back to the Windows Phone Store soon. Well, the wait is over. The popular wine app and service is now available for download. It helps you pick, remember and share your wines.


  • Snap a photo, recognize and save wines. Manually identify the few wines not immediately recognized
  • Simple and straightforward - find all you want about wines, prices or ratings
  • Add wines to your Wish List to ensure great future experiences - and know where to buy which wines with our Nearby function
  • Get personalized recommendations based on your taste
  • Connect with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Contacts and be inspired by their wine experiences.
  • Browse wines, ratings and reviews from more than 4.5 million users
  • Like and comment on their ratings
  • Scan offline, we keep your image and resume when you are connected
  • Upload old pictures from your photo album and store on your wine list. Know when to drink by adding a Drinking Window to your wines

Vivino Wine Scanner is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. There's a PRO version that adds more features:

  • Simple cellar management with My Cellar: Log the wines you own, sort them by price, rating or date and add notes.
  • Get in the Fast Track for manual matching - it really is a fast track.

Are you a wine drinker and have been waiting for this app? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Want more? We'll have an interview Vivino CEO Heini Zachariassen coming up!

via: Deani Hansen

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Windows Phone keeps getting better

ade333 says:

Unless you're a music fan

wozburger says:

Like a fine wine

Zuka_WPC says:

At least nobody is WHINING about the price.

No, that would be the last drop.

josonjoy1986 says:

I don't have any use of it. Still happy as the ecosystem grows......:)

Dos101 says:

So happy for this! Pleasantly surprised to see that when I bought the Pro membership on iOS it's tied to my account, not the specific app.

raul_junior says:

I love apps with good design

louisoneal says:

I don't drink.....but I'm excited.

simphf says:

What do you do with your mouth?

Will6371 says:

Just think how excited you could get with a few drinks.

2tomtom says:

Don't drink, ever? Not even water :D

pvcleave says:

Do you know on the pro version if the cellar management with My Cellar, allows you to backup you collection? The thought of putting the collection in and resetting my phone does not appeal to me. I will not use a database that is strictly on the phone, with no backup.

Yes, it's all sync'ed to the cloud and between any other phones you may have - across WP, Android and iOS :-)

pvcleave says:

Thanks, I need to get back to cataloging my wine. I hate need to go donw and look at each bottle figuring out what I have when I want to select or not knowing when I am at winery looking to buy.

tmc1979 says:

Why does it need location services?

We have a few neat features that requires location: The "Nearby" section shows you wineselling places nearby (restaurants, stores), and you can check out their selection through Vivino. You can also indicate where you're scanning a wine, so that other users can know where to buy it.

Will checked it out today.

patiua says:

It's a great app. Been beta testing for a week now. Wrote to them some time ago and asked for a WP app. Nice that they got back and sent a beta link. Even nicer it's generally available now!

lostlogik says:

Won't let me upgrade to Pro, saying "can't find item in catalogue"

Hey, works now. Windows Store just had to get up to speed with the In-App Purchase launch as well :-)

JohnCz says:

Just downloaded, nicely done .. there are a couple features I think are missing but that gives me an jdea for a new app.

Daniel, "The the" popular wine app...

Wagan8r says:

Funny, I saw this app on the Amazon Fire phone announcement and was wishing it was available for Windows Phone. Wish granted!

KMF79 says:

You can't always get what you want. Sometimes you get what you need. In this case you needed a nice new shiny awesome wine app ; )

Cannot buy to Pro version... Says "Can't find item in catalog"....



Thanks! We're looking into that. May just be a delay in the store roll-out, but we're checking :-)

Hey, works now. Windows Store had to get up to speed with the In-App Purchase launch as well :-)

Thanks, just bought it. Great job !!!!

en2012 says:

This is what I waiting for

nakialj says:

If my best friend seen this he will love I.

Spread the word :-)

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yes! Lets see how it works...

loribinca says:

I was worried that this would not work with the 'focal length' quirks on the 1020 - it kinda worked - right label - wrong year .. 

KMF79 says:

Today is a good day! To have a glass of wine? I say yes!

conansaga says:

This is a great app!

textomatic says:

Finally!  It's back!

not for dry ours

eruptflail says:

I don't think anyone knows how excited I am about this. How good are they with foreign, little known wines?