Cortana heads to the UK, China, India, Australia and Canada!

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Lumia Cyan update rolls out on Canadian Lumia 625

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Asus Vivo Tab Smart, Microsoft Office 365 and Nokia Lumia 625 in O2 business deal

Lumia 625

The Nokia Lumia 625  is the most affordable Windows Phone with 4G LTE capabilities, although the Lumia 1320 is priced competitively. Here in the UK, should you be a part of a business and be actively seeking a new deal for smartphones, O2 has a sweet deal which includes the Lumia 625 from Nokia and the Asus Vivo Tab Smart Windows 8 tablet.  

As well as the two devices, O2 is also bundling Microsoft Office 365 with the deal, which costs nothing upfront and £41.77 a month. The 24 month contract includes unlimited calls, texts and 1GB of data (4G). Should you not require Office 365, O2 an offer you a cheaper contract at £35.83.

O2 Business Windows Deal

Be sure to head on over to the O2 website to check out the two deals and make a purchase. A perfect option for businesses and employees.

Source: O2



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sholokov says:

Looks like a good deal.

RatPriest says:

What's the 625 like? If anyone has one, would you care to comment, as I'm interested. Cheers.

Pratik Mehta says:

625 is a nice looking phone. Comparatively good,but you have 512 mb with no glance screen.

You get glance with lumia black update

Rich Edmonds says:

It's pretty good, but as Pratik notes you're essentially picking up a low-end device with a large screen and 4G connectivity. 

MI TB says:

Got it a month ago, it's realy a good device, with a big clear screen, (without Glance, and a 200 dpi) what to say about the batterye ? realy good, I can use it all day long with H+ network, and have a fair 30% at 7PM. :)

Heard that they are nice.  May want to wait for the 630, which is rumored to be receiving a bump to 1GB in memory.  It also is likely to have a slightly faster Snapdragon CPU.

anirban130 says:

A bigger 4.7" screen with wvga display 480p 1.4ghz n 512mb n with 5mp with led flash. But fone is super smooth, n surfing internet is too good on that screen, i hope with 8.1 update, it wud get more better with ie 11

cannon#WP says:

I don't know if the deal is worth a 2 year contract. The 625 is low end and Vivo Smart is pretty affordable on eBay right now. But if you're hard up on cash and need a great tablet, I guess it's worth it.

Tips_y says:

02 is actually selling their services for unlimited call & texts and 1GB of data for £35.83 (without Office365) per month, and the reason for the lock-in of 24 months is because it includes the Lumia 625 plus the Asus Vivo Tab Smart. That plan is like any other plan offered by carriers with a "free" phone included, except this time, a tablet is added. Cash-strapped or not, I think it's a good enough deal.

1MiNo2 says:

Any news regarding Lumia Icon for Europan carriers ? Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile? 

Aashish13 says:

Nokia Lumia icon India?

pljwebb says:

These prices do not include VAT so that will spoil what at first looks like a bargain. If that was a consumer price under £42 for the lot I would say "buy it!".

wps81 says:

O2 tariff is not appealing at all. Get these devices from ebay and get a One Month Unlimited Data tariff.

mickichd says:

Nokia icon outside us yet? I m waiting to upgrade from 720 but don't wanna go for a year old specs(though excellent) just want something new for the peace of mind.. For after 8.1 all small devices will be done n dusted by Microsoft,no other updates, i know i know 8.1 is the best update n stuff but if i wanna buy a phone now i would like to have another 2+yrs of support

wait for wp8.1 devices

2tomtom says:

+920....waiting ;-)

Tips_y says:

Hasn't that been leaked pretty good already? To wit, a similar device to the Lumia Icon called Lumia 929 is going to be released internationally with WP8.1 pre-inatlled.

Morten Nicko says:

Great deal!!!!!
Now...please come to Indo

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AccentAE86 says:

Wow, I knew Canada had ridiculously expensive mobile fees, but this really confirms it.

Why is edmonds rich?

Renaldo868 says:

Does anyone want a home and student activation key?