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VLC for Windows 8 to be submitted to the store this week


The wait has certainly been an enduring one, but we're almost there folks. The VLC team has updated the Kickstarter blog with an entry detailing some work carried out on the port to WinRT platforms. The team believes they'll be in the position to submit the app once again to the Windows Store this week, so we should see VLC on Windows 8 in due course. What started a few months ago as a Kickstarter project is soon to become reality. Pass the break to see some screenshots.

The blog post itself covers development time spent addressing audio crashes, leading the team to eventually deciding to rewrite the audio stack for Windows Metro platforms. This is hoped to enable the VLC app to run through store approval and be made available for consumers. Going by both the Kickstarter goal being reached and how much interaction we've received through our coverage of this development, there are high levels of interest in seeing the app go live.

VLC Winows 8

To help you all get through the remaining days until the app is finally available, the VLC team has published some screenshots to show off the UI.

VLC Win8 Beta
VLC for Windows: Audio Screen

VLC Win8 Beta
VLC for Windows: Video Screen

Want to see more? View the full gallery of screenshots over on Imgur.

What you see in the above screenshots is the application the team will be submitting in the next few days. Stay tuned to our feeds and we'll let you all know when VLC is finally available. It's also worth noting that we're not sure whether this WinRT release will cover ARM-based hardware as well or just x86 for the time being. We do know that support for not only Windows RT but Windows Phone is also in the works to compliment full Windows 8.

Source: Kickstarter




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schlubadub says:

Sweet! It's the best video player out there

Cryio says:

I'm still liking Media Player Classic more.

Tafsern says:

Agree. Classic is awesome!

fbloise says:

+1020 for Media Classic

Hotrippr says:

I loved MPC but I had to go back to VLC because it wouldnt let me turn off laptop screen with a script that I use, it just turns right back on :(

_Emi_ says:

I think PotPlayer is even better than MPC... the only thing that "lacks" its the command line stuff, you know to easily integrate it with Mediaportal or whatever, but PotPlayer has too many nice features, its updated really frequently, and its just better in my opinion, but MPC is better than VLC, no doubt about it.

One reason (or perhaps the only reason) I prefer classic over VLC is this shortcut; Alt + F, B, D to download and open subtitles.

x I'm tc says:

Yeah, but if it only works on x86, who cares? There are easy ways to play anything on Windows proper already.

milkybuet says:

While I also think that MPC-HC is the best video player for Windows (probably the best player period), I believe when saying "only works on x86", x I'm tc referring to lack of a Windows Store version. And x64 is is not a different architecture, it's an extension to x86. Formally it's denoted as X86-64.

nokiauser911 says:

Vlc for windows phone will be awesome!

QilleRz says:

Agree ! But is this one support subtitle or not?

schlubadub says:

Of course... VLC has always supported subtitles

_Emi_ says:

its funny when people say crap like that... because NO, its not the best, in fact, its a popular player that sucks so much in Windows, it really sucks... well it works, but there are better video players than VLC, so I would obviously think VLC is useless and sucks compared with better alternatives I use now. so of course its just funny when people say "VLC = best", because I think people like you are just lying to themselves.

schlubadub says:

I've used many, many, others - and always gravitate back towards VLC. How on earth is it "lying to myself" when it works flawlessly on any video or music file I've thrown at it... what else do I need it to do? I don't see how anyone could say it "sucks" on Windows, as I've never had any issues with it. What are your "better alternatives"?

_Emi_ says:

im not talking about "throwing anything at it" that pretty much you can do with any video player (not WMP of course). Im talking about properly play the "heavy" video properly for example, and features you might want or to fix that or anything else.
what about changing codecs... like to LAV ones (unless you think they are crap and useless)? what about using MadVR for example or any other video render of your preference. what about Touch Gestures for win7 and win8 users?

and you said "the best player out there" you didnt say "to me" you were really stating VLC is the best player, which it isnt.. only because it works for you it doesnt mean it is the best.
or do you forget when VLC cant properly play 1080p videos? or 10bit? or decent bluray playing? some people even have problems with subtitles in different formats with VLC (but of course you might not even watch movies with subtitles so how would this affect you?)

or "small" features like remembering where you left last time you watched that video? DSP plugins? or thumbnails when you put your mouse in seek bar? shutdown computer without a script/bat file? and I mean, specify times, after playlist completes, file completes? or Sleep the computer instead of shutting it down.
and well... alot of features that you might find in other video players, but I know a player that includes everything I said.

like I said, I just think its "crap" you saying "VLC is the best" when:

1. it clearly misses features other have.
2. its your opinion, only because it "works" for you, but of course thats not the reality if you look at other alternatives.
3. I said VLC sucks, because when I tried it, it never impressed me... I always tried to see why people thought it was good, it doesnt even have a nice default interface. I started using SubtileEdit for example, so I installed VLC couple weeks ago, because its supported to play videos and you can then adjust the subs, and guess what? it didnt even do the job properly... I had to re-do all the subtitles because it didnt display the subs as it should have, they displayed "fine" of course like they should, but the frames werent displayed correctly to put the subtitles in the right place.
I had to change windows codecs with Win7DSFilterTweaker to use LAV so the video would play properly in that SubtitleEdit player.

see what I mean? Im dont mind you liking VLC but its no near to be "the best", which is what Im arguing about. because as you saw even if most of the videos I have VLC would play them fine... still it misses features others have and make the video experience better.

to each its own, obviously. but again, you saying "VLC is the best" its not correct, and Im not saying my player is the best either, but its better in most aspects to VLC that I cant see how VLC is the best then.

have a good day Schlubadub, dont know if you got to this point since my post is so large. but I use PotPlayer. dont think you will use it or like it since you have an obvious preference but again, the features in potplayer are really nice, of course, VLC is easier for a novice user, and its multiplatform (which I dont care since I use Windows) but in MY opinion PotPlayer is way better than VLC.

schlubadub says:

Is it really necessary to say "to me" or "in my opinion"? "It's the best" is always going to be subjective, especially when it comes to thousands of video players.

It sounds like you have a lot more advanced needs that go above and beyond the needs of the everyday user. The last time I had to mess around with codecs was at least 10 years ago (no joke) so I've never tried to change them in VLC. Touch gestures would be great if I had a touch-enabled laptop or desktop... I assume the new W8 VLC will have all that stuff in spades?

I play 1080P videos all the time, so I'm not sure what issues you're having there. I think they had stutter issues a couple of years ago? Is shutting down / sleeping a computer really an essential feature?? Aren't you supposed to be actively watching the video? :P

I've only used subtitles a few times recently - no issues for me... but what you describe sounds like incorrect subtitles for the video you're trying to play (mismatched play lengths) but I don't know what you're actually trying to play (legit movie or something torrented).... and I don't really want to know haha :P

PotPlayer looks interesting... I'll check it out, thanks!

FearL0rd says:

Nice... Are they doing a WP version?

schlubadub says:

Did you read the last sentence?

ZuNuKoo says:

Thank you now when everyone reads this they know exactly where to go for answers. Helps to read the whole thing before commenting though. Can't wait for the WP version.

Cool...but is there going to be a Windows Phone version?

Talk4Lig says:

Nobody knows but I heard rumors about mentioning it in the last sentence

Bob101910 says:

If it could read .flv files properly, I'd actually use it

eruptflail says:

Awesooooommmeee best news all week.

immyperez says:

Indeed...sick of the of the xbox video player or whatever it's called...don't get me wrong, does the job...but not as well as VLC for x86! I just hope it works with the play/pause buttons on my remote like the Xbox video player does.

doeboiO says:

Windows Phone pleaseee, video lan

pranayhotkar says:

When is the wp version coming out?will it be out with the rt version ?

Cryio says:

Aparrently at a later time.



Anyway, we have Moli Player in the mean time.

TofuDelight says:

This is awesome!!

Lenin17301 says:

And the whining for a WP8 release date begins... now.

bilzkh says:

For what it's worth, there's MoliPlayer.

bashbaliga says:

I guess they will start developing for windowsphone which means another year for release, yay!

DennisvdG says:

Can someone explain why you would use this instead of the regular desktop version?

kinpin2131 says:

1. If you're using windows RT 

2. if you're using a tablet or touch screen laptop

3.  Uses less energy , less system resources etc. 

Cryio says:

You forgot "more stylish"

DennisvdG says:

None of these reasons apply to a desktop pc

CobaltDragon says:

They do if you're running win8 and you have a touch monitor, want to use the snap feature, or want to stay in the metro UI instead of switching back and forth.

kinpin2131 says:

Shifting the goal post? I think 3 will still be relevant.


3.  Uses less energy , less system resources etc. 



    Pacmanimal says:

    I bought a 23" LG touchscreen for the desktop.

    So it does apply.

    And... it works a lot better with touchscreen since I have my Sony Flip 15.

    No touch no more 

    Wacft says:

    Because you cant use the rugular version on rt or wp.

    DennisvdG says:

    Rt and wp are not a desktop pc now are they

    kinpin2131 says:

    You didn't ask about Desktop PC , you asked about Desktop version of the app so his answer is still relevant. 

    JoeCogan says:

    For those of us that want to use VLC on our WIndows RT devices (ie:  Surface RT, Surface 2).

    Techno-Freak says:

    Windows RT can't run legacy Windows applications except the ones bundled with OS, so Desktop version wouldn't work on RT.

    jhoff80 says:

    Potentially because of Snap, Play To support, a better touch interface, integrating into Windows/Bing SmartSearch and possibly other reasons as well.

    diktea says:

    And so why dont they give priority to WP and RT, not a great advantage on desktop computers... Except maybe the interface .....

    DennisvdG says:

    Okay so it's nice on rt but useless on w8, just like I thought

    jcutting says:

    Wrong. As jhoff80 mentioned above - snap support, Play To support, and a touch interface would be good benefits for Windows 8 AND RT. Totally valid points for all Windows 8 and RT devices. I snap apps on my quad-monitor, non-touch, development workstation every day. The touch interface would be very beneficial on Win 8.1 (i.e., not RT) tablets, touchscreen laptops, and touchscreen desktops.

    App store availability is also a great benefit for users looking there.

    It'll be great to have VLC for Windows 8, RT, and WP8.

    jhoff80 says:

    Because getting it approved for the store for x86/x64 is one necessary part of the process to get it to work on ARM.  The code will be the same for x86/x64 and ARM, they just need a compiler toolchain that is compatible with ARM now.  It's not like releasing for x86 is slowing down the ARM development, since they'd have to get store approval for ARM anyway.  (That being said, it is of course possible that they've already done this work for ARM compiling, but it doesn't seem likely to me; I feel like they'd have said something already if that was the case).


    Besides, many of those things aren't just nice on RT but nice on ANY PC.   Being able to use Play To to send an MKV from the PC to an Xbox, for example, is nice whether you're using a desktop or a tablet.

    Already wondered the same exact thing. Takes more time I guess to develope it, but that should have priority one since what is out there for RT does not run that well.

    ChazTyldsley says:

    Awesome! Been waiting for this on my Surface 2. PressPlay Video is ugly and slow, Mobile.HD is great but costs and when VLC has been right around the corner it seemed pointless dropping down money on it. Looking forward using it and for the future of the app.


    Does anyone know if it'll support MKVs from the get go?

    stephking92 says:

    I don't know why they'd wanna call it VLC if it can't support MKVs. VLC players are supposed to be able to play every damn file extensions on the planet, right?

    Sulslim says:

    MKV videos ???

    schlubadub says:

    No, they're mine! Get your own

    Good grief this is terribly designed! The layout is clearly only geared for mouse users rather than people on any form of touch device (I just tried with some of the images on my tablets and everything's so small. It's just like the desktop; it's useable, but not a good experience).

    And even beyond that it's not designed for touch, it's just a terriblly cluttered design completely lacking in understanding of the fundimentals of UI and UX design in general, let alone the modern designs being championed by Windows, iOS, and Android.

    I suppose it'll be good to have an RT app that'll play mkv files at least. ;)

    And it'll be good to say we have VLC on the platform at least, even if it seems a lot less exciting and useful than it did a year ago when I financially backed it.

    AndyCalling says:

    The tiles look to me to be the same size as the start screen medium and wide tiles. The UI seems to be basic but using usual metro elements. If they are not too small on your start screen, what makes them too small for VLC use?

    maybe they're using a device with higher resolution than your tablet for the screenshots. look at the desktop taskbar as comparison.

    Rockartisten says:

    You haven't considered that these images are screen grabs from a big high res screen? The app will obviously scale differently on smaller screens. Stop and think buddy. ;)

    Lol, I did stop and think. However they're using the exact same model of tablet I own in that photo above and based on a year of using that tablet the interface looks way too small!

    Unless WPC have just mocked that up themselves, which is possible.

    And yeah, the screenshots do appear to be from a 1920x1080 monitor, which shows just how little the VLC team understand why they're making it and what they're making it for.

    Still a terrible interface, whether it scales better than that screenshot or otherwise! ;)

    _Emi_ says:

    The UI looks like this becuase they are copying it from Zune UI... it looks just like Zune, and Zune while it looked "not too bad" it wasnt touch optimized yet.
    you should hope this wont be as small as the screenshots, because it would mean VLC copied a bad UI and never understood how to build a better touch interface for tablet win8 and RT users.

    bjax says:

    Speaking of kickstarter, I would totally support a kick starter from Rudy Huyn to bring all the popular WP8 apps he's made to Windows 8.

    I'm hoping mkv with subs works!

    AndyCalling says:

    Not sure if the WinRT release will cover ARM hardware you say? But I thought WinRT was only available on ARM tablets? If a WinRT version comes out then surely ARM units are covered?

    jhoff80 says:

    Wrong.  WinRT is the development framework that both Windows 8 and Windows RT use.

    AndyCalling says:

    Ah. Thanks, I did not realise that (not being a dev these days). WinRT has a different meaning for the average user, as WinRT is an OS too. Poor naming from MS there.

    jhoff80 says:

    "It's also worth noting that we're not sure whether this WinRT release will cover ARM-based hardware as well or just x86 for the time being."

    I'd be shocked if it does.  They've said many times before that the goal was to release it on Windows 8 (aka x86/x64) first, and then only after that worry about getting it to ARM.  The problem here is that they want to use open-source tools to compile, and some of this stuff isn't currently ARM compatible (at least for Windows).  Unless they've been keeping completely silent on this important step, there's still a ton of work before it'll be on Windows RT.

    Rockartisten says:


    "At the same time, we're spending quite a bit of time to get a working version for ARM, so we can deploy on Windows RT too. We don't know exactly how much time, but we hope it's a matter of weeks. The issues are mostly compiler related.

    Windows Phone should not need a lot of extra work for the API, but will require some work for files management. Adaptation of the basic UI should be simple enough."

    jhoff80 says:

    I'd love to be wrong on this.  We'll see soon enough.

    jpelgrom says:

    In those last 4 screenshots (from the linked gallery) I see Metro UI apps pinned to the taskbar... For example:

    Corvodin says:

    There is software that you can install, that adds that function.

    ryraansh says:

    IIRC, it's a program called ModernMix

    Anyone know if you'll be able to use MS's play-to feature with videos played through this app?

    Cthugha says:

    "It's also worth noting that we're not sure whether this WinRT release will cover ARM-based hardware as well or just x86 for the time being."

    Should be for both x86 and ARM :D

    Their latest update mentions "So, here is another update about our port to WinRT platforms." (notice the 's').

    And their december update mentions "The WinRT platforms have mostly 2 flavors: x86 and ARM. And we'll try to be on both of them."

    DJCBS says:

    I honestly think there's no reason whatsoever for this to only run on x86 (Windows 8). After all, if you're using Windows 8, you DON'T need a VLC app, you can have the normal program. On Windows RT on the other hand, you can't. So it would make more sense to first release this "Metro" version for RT and then make it available for those few that use Windows 8 in Metro-Mode.

    FFugue says:

    The standard VLC app is great for a desktop computer, but a lot of tablets run the real Windows 8, and let me tell you, the controls are really hard to access via touch on my Surface Pro so currently I only use VLC when I absolutely have to (either because of the video file format or for subtitles) because it's a pain to use. Also, the interface of the standard app is really WinXP. It's been needing an update a long time ago so even for user running Win8 on a standard computer it'll be a welcome change. But yeah you're right the app is totally missing for WinRT users, but I guess they made it available for Win8 first because it was easier and then they can update it for WinRT. It's better than waiting for both versions to be ready before releasing it.

    _Emi_ says:

    why dont you try some other video player? Potplayer for example allows you to have nice skins you can find in deviantart (for bigger buttons and all that, even an integrated skin has big buttons that might work better for touch)... but PotPlayer also supports touch gestures for various actions.... in fact almost everything, since you can even "customize" if you want beyond what potplayer tell you.
    I know it wouldnt be like running a Win8app, with Win8 features like playto or snap or apps that are super touch optimized but using VLC on desktop its not the only choice, especially if you can use touch gestures in a desktop video player I suggested, change codecs, skins, etc etc.

    how do you know this VLC port will work as you expect anyway? nobody knows yet. but at least you have a surface pro since RT ones are left behind after some paid for kickstarter and all that

    sicarmy says:

    It's me or they have a different version of Windows where they can pin metro apps to the taskbar?

    jhoff80 says:

    There are third party apps that already let you do this.

    Corvodin says:


    Nice, getting quality, official apps lately. Heck, even just quality apps all around for the past while. Need this to grow the platforms and ecosystem.

    Pranay1995 says:

    I don't think it will work because moliplayer pro is the best player in WP store which offers mkv and subs support already, and even vlc on android isn't running as good as it's competitors so with moliplayer around there no chance for vlc on WP, although its best for windows pc.

    anthonyda says:

    You won't be able to use VLC on Windows RT because they are using a custom compiler that doesn't produce Windows RT binaries.

    BlackGoku says:

    We need a Wp8 app also desperately!Until then Moli Player rockz.

    FFugue says:

    Would be awesome if they would add xbox music and scrobbling to lastfm!!

    Shekhar77 says:

    What about Windows phone 8

    Finally , we 're gonna see VLC on Windows Phone soon.

    freshfelicio says:


    VLC is always one of the first programs to install on a new PC because it just plays EVERYTHING. But I also want to play EVERYTHING on my Surface! I also think it may be a better than Xbox Music and Xbox Video as a gallery organizer. For example, I am really missing a Genre view.

    MethodGT says:

    It took a while to find it, but Xbox Music DOES have genre view. In your collection, view Albums, and then instead of By date added, or By a to z, click By genre.

    ncxcstud says:

    Will it make playing bluray movies easier? That's my one gripe with vlc at the moment...

    suniltamboli says:

    Will it be FREE ?

    Is this for windows phone...??


    taymur says:

    Wow. I remember the days when I used to tell people this is the most powerful media player, no one believed me and they kept using windows something 123.
    I love winning with my self hahaha

    Elangoooo says:

    Finally gonna c vlc tile too...

    Man, this program is very good... but I hate their icon!

    Credo93 says:

    I wish Windows Media Player was available on Windows RT :( But good news that this app is coming!! I hope you can set music to 150% of loudness so i can play my music even louder on my Surface 2.

    maheshpc says:

    When it will be available for users?

    marlasota says:

    This is excellent news!

    Sweet. I use it every day on the desktop, but I can't wait for Windows8 Play To abilities with this to my xbox. I won't have to convert all my .mkvs to mp4s now.

    myjota says:

    Vlc kickstarter?????? What are fuuuuu... More that 20 years most popular media player on most popular os. And they are beggars?!?! Absolutely crap business example.

    Anant Anand says:

    Delay of VLC suggests their inability... And it's submission after moliplayer may indicate that vlc might reverse engineered moliplayer...

    hagjohn says:

    Hopefully, they as that all the fake VLC apps in the store be removed.

    xxcorpxx says:

    Sweet, moliplayer pro is great for the phone but, this is great tablet need.

    vlad0 says:

    The built in Windows 8 video player does a very good job at battery saving while playing a video.. much better than the desktop VLC player. Every time i have to watch a video on battery, i use the built in player. I am hoping VLC RT will be able to do the same..

    avigyan says:

    This must have support for subtitles.

    Atlast its like waiting for my girlfriend..omg she is finally here

    FedorKriviy says:

    Isn't that sad, that the best player that we have is WMP classic? How old is it? Why Video App support so few formats. =(

    _Emi_ says:

    uh? WMP classic is NOT the best... and there are newer versions taken from it so its not that "old" if you see the changes guys add to it, you can easily find them. but I still think there are/is better alternative(s) than MPC, I can find in a small Bing search.
    of course i wish WMP and video app would support mkv and flv natively, but most of the time I watch videos in my "normal" htpc where I run desktop apps.

    Most excellent.  I will look forward to using it with my ultrabook.  Otherwise gonna stick to MPC on my desktop. 

    _Emi_ says:

    why would you want to use this VLC (since you could use the desktop one) instead of MPC in your ultrabook?
    it doesnt seem to bring anything new and nice, it only copied Zune UI and call it a day.

    you could simply use mediaportal or XBMC or I think even desktop Plex (since has a win8 app) and then you could simply integrate MPC as a player for those Media Centers, instead of not so great internal players and have a nice media center fullscreen w UI ith your movies and probably more organized than with vlc, your music, plugins and stuff, but then still use MPC with the codecs you want and the video render you want, with the movies you play from those media centers

    This will be awesome as wp needs a good video player such as this.

    xlandhenry says:

    Is it just me or is the previous UI mockup a hundred miles better than the current one?

    Anyone else noticed a "Boobies" video in last screenshot?

    Even tried to click it xD

    genuine555 says:

    Will there B a WP version soon ?

    I heard rumours mentioned in the last sentence, but can anyone confirm ? ;)