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Vodafone Australia launches My Vodafone app for Windows Phone users

WP Central

If you're on Vodafone Australia, you'll want to head to the Marketplace to pick up the the carrier's latest app which is geared towards managing your account.

The app, titled with the obvious "My Vodafone" is chock full of features including:

  • Account Usage checker.
  • View Bills and Payments (limited access to history)
  • Store Locator
  • View Network updates near you.
  • Contact Support and access the Vodafone Blog.

As WPDownUnder points out, Windows Phone has been on the carrier since 2010 so better late than never. Maybe perhaps they're seeing greater uptick in Windows Phone or see great things for Windows Phone 8. Either way, it's good for consumers.

Pick up My Vodafone here in the Windows Phone Marketplace; via: WPDownUnder

QR: My Vodafone



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PolishHitta says:

Verizon. Learn from Vodafone how to create phone usage app!

fwaits says:

I was just about to post this same thing...

When vodaphone India is laughing the app for us...:)

TallPaul86 says:

Now we just need to see Vodafone UK make a similar app for its UK customers now - its the only app that's missing from my Lumia 900

psteve2005 says:

Why they don't make apps such as these international releases is beyond me.

schlubadub says:

Because they are independent operators in each country. Australian stores have nothing to do with UK stores, and they have their own websites and systems. Each country needs it's own app...

nsp24 says:

Yes would like the app in the UK please!

WPCrook says:

Honestly, when will O2 pull their fingers out and roll out a really good app like this? For us UK O2 customers, we've got nothing.

irlju#WP says:

Wow, fantastic. If only Optus offered something :/

charliekrad says:

Well at least its not like Your Orange UK app which is unbelievably broken and unusable

schlubadub says:

The Vodafone app is hopeless. It doesn't work for prepaid accounts (can't check balance or allowances), and all of the other functions (updates, locator, help etc) just open up the site in IE.

conair346 says:

Sounds about right. I keep tweeting @vodafoneuk who tell me their website is Windows Phone friendly yet I can never get a mobile optimised site, only 'desktop' version.
Another half arsed attempt like the Orange app I once had installed on my handset.

jamiefinney says:

Hope they bring this to the UK soon

TallPaul86 says:

I had a live chat with Vodafone this morning, the guy said they are working on the UK app bit have no definitive timescales on when it will be ready

rcciren says:

I had that same conversation months ago! Moral - don't hold your breath for Voda' UK to deliver anything soon.

splash112 says:

Atleast its better than the half ar**d 'app' from o2-UK which just redirects you to the mobile myo2 page in IE