Vodafone rolling out Nokia Lumia 800 update

Vodafone updating the Lumia 800

Vodafone is rolling out a firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. The update, 12072, is primarily a bug-fixing release that will address the battery issue, updated the camera software and address the volume problem. The firmware update lacks internet tethering which is still slated for a future update.

According to Vodafone Australia, this update supersedes the previously announced 12070 update that began rolling out earlier this month in other markets. Apparently there was an issue that prevented the wide scale roll out of that update. It sounds as if this update picks up where the earlier roll-out left off.

We are getting tips that Vodafone Spain, Australia and U.K. customers are receiving the update. If you've received the update, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!



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What about people who got the 12070, are we getting this as well ?

heena jain says:

Reviews the battery update for that Nokia Lumia 800 continues to be launched on Vodafone.
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rodneyej says:

Yet still no keyboard fix from AT&T......

Seketh says:

I'm sure AT&T skipped the 8107 update and will only deliver Tango.
I know it sucks, but don't worry, next month or early June should be the end of your waiting.

kidjenius says:

im sorry for this off topic comment, but dam that lumia 800 looks outstanding. the colour is perfect

s2korpio says:

I just hope they'd do at least something to improve the 710's battery life and camera. The battery isn't had, but just wish it could do more. The camera however is quite mediocre.

Weust says:

I got the update notification last night here in The Netherlands.
Updating right now.

Ewass says:

Do you have vodafone? Because I didn't receive any update on my phone. What changes have you experience?

paulba71 says:

Update in Ireland also

cirbic says:

Update yesterday in Spain

j_the_geek says:

Updating now - UK
Didn't know there was an update till I saw this article.

shinho says:

Tried a Vodafone UK sim. Nothing yet

spO_oNa says:

Just got my update here in NZ on Vodafone.  Will update once i have had a play!

tannoid78 says:

Hi guys I can confirm that 12072 is available as I've just done mines from 12070 to 12072 I've just done it and the volume issue is fixed along with better image quality from the camera I will test the battery over the weekends a let you's know how its going :)