Voice chat app TalkBox goes into open pilot test for Windows Phone


We mentioned TalkBox way back in November coming to Windows Phone. The popular messaging app derives its name from the ability to do press-n-hold a button to send mini-voice clips to your friends, basically making it a lazy man's chat program.

The app was in private beta for the last week and we've been running it during that time on our Titan II. It's undergone quite the makeover from its alpha days and we have to give the TalkBox team a nod for making it well designed (we really like the splash screen).

The service is free, it can scan your contacts to find other TalkBox users, allows you to send pics, type back and fort, share location and of course send those voice clips.


The service has been on iOS and Android for some time, is in beta on BlackBerry and even alpha on dying webOS. That's good news as it means it's not a new service, allowing you to connect up to the rest of your non-Windows Phone users.

The app won't be in the Marketplace for a few weeks as the company has just opened up its pilot program for all of those who can side-load (aka developer unlocked devices). So if you feel like lending a hand or just want to give it a go, head to the source link to read the details and grab the XAP file.

Source: TalkBox



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jubbing says:

Just installed it on my android phone to check, it seems only 8 people (none of whom I ever speak to regularly) have the device, so unfortunately I won't be using it. 
Good to see more apps heading this way though.

I think we already have HeyTell app in marketplace which does exactly the same thing. HeyTell is also available on both Android and iOS.

jodorowsky says:

There's at least 3 apps on windows phone that do that.

xirsteon says:

Can u name the 3rd app? Heytell, Talkbox, and?
Last time I checked, Voxer don't want the add'l wp7 users on their network .....cuz u know the wp7 users might suddenly make the network slower ......just like those moronic iCrap users complained on Twitter about 'droid users slowing down Instagram.

xirsteon says:

What's app is ok but once u use talkbox, u'll know it's definitely better. It does all of what whatsapp does and I'm tempted to say even better. I'm just impressed w/how quick it is.

"There's at least 3 apps on windows phone that do that."

Not sure how that's relevant for those who want to use the TalkBox service. 

xirsteon says:

I just tried this and it's damn nice app for a 1.0 app. It's quite snappy, fast.  The feel of the app is nice too..feels quite polished. Sending voice/text/pic is quite neat and quick too..

fwaits says:

HeyTell works great, but it only does voice messaging.  This has voice, text, picture, etc.  If it's solid, might be a nice way to go.  Kinda like HeyTell + What'sApp all in one.

gilmanyu says:

wellsaid buddy. 
Thx from the talkbox team.

havox22 says:

This is better than kik, much better

xirsteon says:

Ok...Notification needs fixing. Push notifications only comes in if u open the app.

nez99 says:

My mates just tried it on android not overly impressed. Heytell is buggy and contact integration is terrible. Look forward to trying this out on wp7

I would like to check talkbox once it is available on WP

xs2k says:

I still prefer WhatsApp over this.  Contacts doesn't sycn automatically and you have to individually add each contact with TalkBox.  The push-to-talk is cool, but we hardly use it.

deadwrong03 says:

Theres wechat in the market now and its good i like it better than voxer. jus have to spread the word its on iphone and android as weixin up to 20 person group chats voice text and video support its my fav just needs more users in the U.S. lol

its waaaay better than heytell

jsayz says:

Check out WeChat

dinod says:

I really like and use HeyTell, but this seems to have many more features. I look forward them coming to the WP party.

gilmanyu says:

Hey WP fans!
You can now sign up at this page and TalkBox will notify you once TalkBox is ready for download in Marketplace!
Sign up page: http://goo.gl/7nOcV