Vote Now: Here are the 5 choices for the new Itsdagram name!

UPDATE: Poll Closed at 1am ET!

After one thousand comments in just under two-hours, careful deliberation by the Windows Phone Central staff and Itsdagram developer Daniel Gary, we have narrowed your suggestions down to five choices:

  • Spry (for Instagram)
  • Pseudogram
  • Livegram
  • Instance
  • Lensa (for Instagram)

Where you see ‘(for Instagram)’ is for suggested app names that can go either way in the Store, so judge them either as a standalone or in full.

Voting will only be open for 4 hours and ends promptly at 1AM ET—so get your vote in early! You can of course follow the vote results as they come in by refreshing and we’ll announce a winner later on tonight (assuming we’re still awake).

To everyone who suggested an app name: thank you for participating! To those five who made it to the final round, congratulations! We’ll of course reveal the winner, who gets their name in the app and a $50 gift-certificate to our Store in a follow up post. Good luck!

If on your Windows Phone, simply head to m.wpcentral.com in IE to vote mobile!




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For the record, the WPCentral staff prefers 'Spry for Itsdagarm' and developer Daniel Gary like 'Pseudogram'!

jholso says:

I'm gonna have to say for just the fun of it, I'm with Daniel Gary on this on Pseudogram.

lippidp says:

You shut down the poll before I could bring in my winner:  Instagrahamcracker
Your loss... (joking)

rodneyej says:

Sounds racists.. Lol! Joking.

"Itsdagarm," LOL.
Thanks for liking Spry though guys, small victory for me!

hary536 says:

I think the voting will be little biased knowing WP Central's and devloper's comments. 
In any case, I personally don't like Pseudogram, but I do think that whatever the name is, it should have at-least the letters "gram" in it for better discoverability of the app in the app store. 

Clesanbar says:

Go Pseudogram Go Go Go

hopmedic says:

I'm with him on Pseudogram.  I didn't think of this until after submission close, but I think Pixdachrome would be good, too.

bawboh86 says:

I like Pseudogram the most, personally. But it looks like "Instance" is in the lead as of my vote.

Sam Sabri says:

I was with Spry at first, but I've been leaning Instance since we last chatted :)

pierrerv says:

I'd just call it "GramIt" get it? gram it?

Too late but how about "JustGramIt"? lol Say it real fast ;)


joelsilva says:

Instagram Client or Client for Instagram sounds much better. 

Ticomfreak says:

That's what I said lol

Dominic_W says:

I actually thought the original name was fine.

Glad you did, but Instagram did not.

iyae says:

But they didn't mind the illegal use of their private API? That's odd. Very odd.

Growing the social network, (by quite a lot, if I correctly recall the big downloads this app has,) without needing to do any work at all?

humboldt1 says:

Great response sir

rodneyej says:

Instagram is coming.

How upset can instagram get when they don't even have a wp app hence why his app exists. Lol well they can but come on. What's funny this is probably the most telling news that an instagam app is coming soon.

Micah Dawson says:

Spry sounds cool but not for an instagram app

rodneyej says:

Question #2.. How did you do that Bingy thing?


fwaits says:

Meh.  Well can't make everyone happy...

Instance sounds the best to me. I dislike the over-use of -gram, and both Lensa and Spry have "for instgram" in them.

Actually the "for Instagram" is optional.

still, lensa and spry sound weird imo. Instance gives the notion of being related to Instagram in a sense, while still being a different name. At least thats what i think, anyways. Others i entitled to their opinions as well. May the most popular name win.

I voted for Lensa, but it seems as if Instance is winning.

Chill510 says:

Shame I like the "Itsdagram"...i know its too late but how about "Insta8 for Instagram"

tbonenga says:

Insta8 is ok but all 5 off the other options blows. Totally crappy names.

Chill510 says:

Yeah...im not really liking neither of the finalists names.

So sad that I only saw the contest after the close!! :'(
My suggestion was Instagrammy....

apocacrux says:

I doubt that would have been selected anyway, so don't feel sad.

williewillus says:

Not a fan really of any...but if I had to choose, livegram

rodneyej says:

That's the best sounding one if you have taste.

Eas195 says:

Lensa is something like what I've heard in Indonesian...

FunGuy13 says:

Lensa sounds like a sugar additive or some sort if eye drops...

Lensa is "lens" in Bahasa Indonesia :)

Metaru says:

I wanted to submit semaphore but I was like 1 second too late. Wikipedia it, its abstract unique with a nod to the history of the technology. Weep that you can't have it!

Metaru says:

Well, wiki semaphore line. Not just semaphore (which is a programming term, I guess)

chadwick611 says:

Instance is a pretty dope name

tbonenga says:

For a diarrhea pill

mjrtoo says:


I still think it should be insta-dan

TJWINS says:

If the name doesn't have "gram" in the name then it will be overlooked in the store and suffer from lack of downloads. I prefer Livegram!

Not necessarily. Instance could give the notion of being related to instagram, and I assume the Windows Store uses tags or some other similar system for searching, so as long as it was listed properly, it could be better than something with gram in it ("Instagram" excluded)

tcman88 says:

worse names ever!!! wth

erzhik says:

There were a lot worse names in previous news post.

sholokov says:

I actually am not a big fan of any of them. I saw some better names in the previous post. But for the sake of voicing my thoughts, i will still vote.

tbonenga says:

Amen brother...... Looks like the dev is committing app suicide with these name options

MrVol84 says:

I thought you guys didn't want anything with gram? :/

That was our personal recommendation, but there were still like 70% of submissions with 'gram in the title. For the final vote, we tried to spread it out a little...some with 'gram, some without.

MrVol84 says:

Eh.. Not crazy about any of these. Pseudogram got my vote. I pray Instance doesn't win! That would be a travesty.. Lol

Residing says:

Pseudo = Fake/Counterfeit.  Sorry, but Pseudogram just has a negative connotation, in my opinion.  Seems as though the app uses legal means to accomplish what it was created for.
Instance FTW!

RichDunbar says:

Given that it's not official it could also be likened to being written under a pseudonym. Doesn't change tthe quality of content though.

clbarker10 says:

Integrity man! You don't change the guidelines for countless people who don't proof-read your article! You made your job harder by doing that.

MrVol84 says:

I agree with clbarker.. Those 70% should've been the large chunk of people that got disqualified. Making your decision a lot easier.

Awe, Spry is losing. :-/
Though, I gotta admit, I can't really decide between them all... I like all of them.

izzykahn says:

Wow. So this is what it came down to!? Eh...not a good selection in my opinion. I'm not gonna vote, but I will predict that the name will be pseudogram.

Ordeith says:

I liked instamatic.
Regardless, I want it to start with a 'i' so I can still use the jumplist when thinking instagram.

izzykahn says:

Instamatic does sound good. :/

apocacrux says:

Then vote for Instance.

DJCBS says:

While none is particularly appealing to me, I think Instance is the best one.

Spry is a cool name but makes no sence to me, given the App in question. (Pseudogram is cool as a joke to throw at Instagram for a while but not as a permanent name.)

How about Winstogram

Oxymoron428 says:

I like Spry :)

juan6996 says:

Really liked Hipstagram...

sunnybyday says:

+100. Better than any name in this list. Had to vote, so voted Instance.

erzhik says:

My guess there would be a problem with Lensa name, given that Lensa is a WorldPress theme that lets you connect to your Instagram account and view pictures. I could be wrong of course.

KrightonX says:

Pseudogram is the best option for the marketing needs.
"PICTURE APP" would suffice though.

Codesmith says:

Instance. Think about it. For this scenario the easy choice.

Codesmith says:

BTW, I heard that Liquid Daffodil's Instagram client is going to be called Frankengrind. Weird!

riceboyler says:

Crap, I thought I had gotten my suggestion of SuddenOunce in, but I guess it didn't go through.
(Let's see who gets this one...)

DrewLumia900 says:

All terrible choices compared to my suggestion of "PixSee"

Spry is absolutely ridiculous...come on....REALLY?!?

PixSee is pretty bad too, so it's okay...

DrewLumia900 says:

Its a world better then Spry. That name looks like a dyslexic person was trying to spell spy

getalex says:

Dude, wow. No.

Jaco Ra says:

PixSee? loooool

lesd777 says:

Spry. Figured I better vote before they close it early again. Not cool. Anyways, I'm so tired of the phrase "gram" I'm going with Spry.

AlexanderJJJ says:

Instance isn't good! No one will be able to find it! The title doesn't have anything to do with Instagram that relates to it! I pick Pseudogram!

apocacrux says:

Instance actually has more letters in relation to instagram than pseudogram does.

jMawl says:

They'll find it the same way they find something like Rowi...if it's popular it will be found.

Developers can tag their apps, which is why searching for "Instagram" yields all sorts of results now.

I vote Pseudogram since it at least sounds like an Instagram related app and it pretty much is a pseudo app...It works

HermanDeezy says:

Instance sounds just about right

swizzlerz says:

Lensa is best.

H3llain3 says:

Psuedogram gets my vote

Wael Hasno says:

Lensa or Instance, I suppose.. Anything is better than the old name, sorry but Itsdagram was weird to pronounce.

Fun fact: it was literally based on Daniel Gary's 5 year old and how they pronounced "Instagram", lol

Wael Hasno says:

It's cuter if you put it that way but still, I was like 'errr' most of the times I stubmled on the name/app. :P
I guess that proves how mean can the Instagram people be.

I always thought it was "IT'S DA GRAM!" like "IT'S DA BOMB!"
I even mentally yelled it every time I read it.

Jaco Ra says:

Aaaay Spry is there. Cool I vote Spry

alokinalset says:

Im late in the party when i read the news i tried to comment but it does not accepted. Hope daniel read it from app review

mab664 says:


mixtnet says:

Funny! I like it.

Problem with the new names (Without instagram) are that it isn't obvious that it is third-party for Instagram.  So this means that people with Windows Phone who generally are not on websites like this will not know of this app.

Not crazy about any of these names. Something like Prysmcast I like

rynthnyltrr says:

InstaGlam, PhotoGlam, PhotoFab!

We're past that point already, just vote!

rynthnyltrr says:

alright.. PhotoGlam would be dope though..

rynthnyltrr says:

voted for Spry! :)

Jaco Ra says:

will (for instagram) be in the title ? That kind of turns me off of Spry

Um sorry.. But it is going to be a great app, with a lame name .. Smh

iyae says:

Forget this changing name crap and work on the filters. Who cares what its called? :P

RaphaelChaia says:

Instagram cares.

iyae says:

Yeah I got that. But that raises the question why don't the care that Daniel is profiting off of illegal access to their APIs? Doesn't add up to be honest.

RaphaelChaia says:

Maybe the official client is on its way, and they dont care for an unnoficial one in the store to play the C&D card, I dunno.

KasakDesign says:

Instance sounds good. Like someone said earlier, the original was awesome. Sucks they're making you change it. Hope the new name will be as catchy. Good work on the app btw. But in all seriousness I use WPC every day and you guys are awesome for the constant flow of content you bring on here. Sorry for the ass kissing. Well deserved though.

I'm liking Lensa, pity XaviGram aka SavvyGram never got into the comments lol, but yea Lensa for me.

jcrs1987 says:

Usually devs are not great with design and names.. let that to someone that is more creative with that, i liked lensa and instance

abond32 says:

All the suggest names in the article are wack. The current name is way better. Don't change the name. Leave it alone. Just continue to improve the app.

You missed the point: He has 24 hours to change the name or have it pulled.

abond32 says:

Yeah I didn't read it. Just looked at the names. FilterGram socialGram CamGram. Thanks!!

rodneyej says:

This dude bellow said "Microgram".. Now, that's got to be the best one yet! How did you guys miss that??

Ian Onilla says:

I vote for "Viewtiful"

sManowar says:

I know this isn't in the running, but I'd rather have it called Pictogram.

Jaco Ra says:

I wanted to say Shutterbug but it was to late. But yea will (For Instagram) be in the titles I need to know before I vote

beachhoppr says:

I would gone with gramCracker but Instance for gram works

MacDaMachine says:

Instance sounds better

"Livegram". Its simple, and reflects the Windows/Microsoft connection of the Whole thing.

black_lion says:

Spry for Instagram

strokee says:

They should name it "In$tagram."

lantern20 says:

I really liked itsdagram. :)

Lensa is "lens" in Bahasa Indonesia. So i voted lens :)

RaphaelChaia says:

Metrogram! Oh, wait...

PS. Voted for Lensa, its short, its elegant, its catchy.

agm353 says:

I still think Microgram is the best...

rodneyej says:

That's the best one so far!!!

sayonical says:

I don't like any to be honest so which ever is chosen I'll live with

blackhawk556 says:

I was vote #500 :) Instance it is

AJ_PTY says:

What about Snaptacular, Pictastic, LiveItGram?

gevabar says:

My was better Daniel photofeed and you can eventually turn into a windows phone instragam product when they build up enough users....using gram is just copying.....photofeed makes sense consider it up for a vote

Marco Enxuto says:

Hello, my sugestion would be "ShootPhrame". Taking a vote though.

Stevied1991 says:

Pseudogram gets my vote.

charlyc311 says:

Instance or Lensa Sound ni e

Ian Onilla says:

Spry for instagram

Tjalsma says:

I like pseudogram

willied says:

Instagrammar. The app that focuses on well spoken images.

dortyboy says:

The name has to be catchy and easily marketed. Spry, pseudogram.what the hell. Boring ass names

Let's do a fun little test using some names currently in the Marketplace with the ones up for voting now...
Insta Boobs
It's rather difficult to add to the river when it is already flooded. However, some of these new ones DO stand out.

I voted for instance ... but I don't really like any of the suggestions that much.
Too late now, but how about Instamatic ... or would whoever owns the bones of Kodak sue you as well?

clindhartsen says:

I'd imagine that would lead to confusion with Hipstamatic, another photo effects app.

Lensa or livegram

SleepyTheDon says:

I vote Pseudogram, it has a nice ring to it but the paid app logo shouldn't have to be changed

SEKKDS says:

I should have went with Mammogram....woulda won.

HM02 says:

I like Instance.
I made a litle mock-up (like my idea for the name thing) but using "Instance" instead.

Jaco Ra says:

Instance if Spry only if (For Instagram) wasn't in it. Any name with gram in it is corny in my opinion

Jaco Ra says:

Shutterbug !!!!!!!

clbarker10 says:

I have to say, I almost made it. I personally think my choice "Live Share" sounds much better than "Live Gram" but hey... there's a company named Google so I rest my case.
Yes I'm bitter and broke. I voted for Instance because it the only name up there that should have beat mine.

S1rCharl3s says:

InstaLens was better ;)

Jaco Ra says:

Somebody tell me Shutterbug isn't a good name

I think that's already a name for something lol :P

Jaco Ra says:

Not in Windows Store