Voxer unveils Windows Phone 8 beta program, invites consumers to participate

Vox WP

"Are you ready to start Voxing on your Windows Phone?" That's what the public announcement on the Voxer support forum reads, which details a beta program for the Windows Phone platform. Good news for those who are eagerly awaiting the service to support Microsoft's mobile platform. So how does one get involved with the company to test out its product?

The post notes that the team has opened up the testing access for the app to a "limited number" of users to provide feedback and anonymous data to the development team for improvements and bug fixing. But again, how does one get involved? It's easy to register your interest as a consumer and hop aboard the beta train. 

Simply fire an email over to windowsphonebeta@voxer.com, which will bind yourself to the company's agreement that the .XAP file, any provided feedback and information regarding the performance of the app will remain confidential. Once the email has been sent and yourself chosen to participate in the program, the terms and conditions will need to be agreed to for access to be granted. After that, you're in.

So what information do you need to provide to the team? Here's a good starting point:

  • Email used on a Microsoft Account (Windows Live ID)
  • Email used on a Voxer account
  • Brief statement as to why you'd like to be a part of the beta program

It's good to see the company publicly announce the beta program. We've been following its progress with Windows Phone to accompany support for the Android platform, which already sports an app. If interested, be sure to fire the Voxer team an email with the relevant information and get involved to help shape the upcoming Windows Phone app for other consumers.

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myrandex says:

So why this over Skype I wonder?

Jazmac says:

Choice. I dig options. Other than grandma, many people like choice.

tbonenga says:

I have a lot of friends who use this app. I don't think Skype has a push to talk feature.. So they're kinda different

Jazmac says:

Good point. The article I read on another site talks about ppt. This post, not so much.

SleepyTheDon says:

Skype is a great platform but not everyone uses it. I try to get everyone I know using the same programs because its just easier but options are key and one may have that one feature you like over the other

myrandex says:

Yea I have no problem with choice or options, I was just wondering what differentiators exist between the platforms. What I like about Skype is how many devices support it, even older devices and PCs and phones too. It seems pretty universal which is nice, but I just wish it would become truly integrated soon similar to Facetime on iOS.

tbonenga says:

Voxer is cool. I have a lot of friends who use it. I'm glad it's coming to W8. It seems like all the big name apps are finally coming to W8.

I love choice and all that but considering Skype's integration with the phone, windows 8, outlook.com and the new Xbox, I am too heavily invested to try one more communication service.

Josh Harman says:

What happened to the Xbox/Amazon article?

Sarang68 says:

Good point. Seems to have disappeared. Mystery

Mic98 says:

That's what I was asking myself too.

blackhawk556 says:

What was it about???

Sarang68 says:

Maybe the Xbox One took it away. ;)

My buddy got a Nokia Lumia 900 back when I did and he has a busted up HTC android just for vox lol


kiddj55 says:

Rich your pic has nothing to do with the article. That's the wrong app. Here's the website for the right one http://voxer.com/

L2nak says:

Yeh.. but good try Rich, you had me laughing haha.

ho0lee0h says:

Lol got me laughing as well. Easily mistaken.

blackhawk556 says:

I emailed them yesterday about this and all I got was a response telling me how to sign up. I thought emailing them was the how to?? I got a link directing me to their support page, that's it. Did I do something wrong?

wonder1070 says:

You're not alone man. I have been getting the same problem. It's been like going through a circle trying to get ahold of them. I have no idea what the issue is. No actual response at all.

blackhawk556 says:

Why can't we have a good messaging app like BBM?? I want picture messaging, video messaging, audio messaging, location sharing, read receipt, sent receipt, large amount if smiley icons, AND notifications to work 100% correctly. Whatsapp is so close but notifications are junk. I hope this app is what I'm looking for.

ho0lee0h says:

Whatsapp is getting a proper revamp for WP8.

Etios says:

Whatsapp is getting a major revision in June.

ho0lee0h says:

Guys, Voxer is NOT VoX. VoX is a VoIP service much like Skype. Voxer is a push-to-talk app. VoX is available to Android only. Voxer has apps for iOS and Android. Voxer is a lot more social than VoX. It's like Whatsapp for voice messages and it's awesome.

rodneyej says:

What's up with that stupid Android robot on the picture? I don't want to see that $hit!.. Lol!

Jazmac says:

What he said.

Tkukucka says:

Anyone know when it's coming off beta 

wonder1070 says:

The problem with signing up for voxer beta is that there is pretty much no response from them after signing up and emailing the necessary info. I have tried to sign up 3 days in a row with nothing being email back to me..... obivously they are swamped by all the wp8 users wanting to try it first haha.