Voxer for Windows Phone 8

Walkie-talkie app Voxer has been updated, improves notifications

It took Voxer a month from announcing their plans for Windows Phone to producing an app in the Windows Phone Store. A lot of you were happy when the app came out, most because it was another official app joining the platform and it has an audience. That first app however had some issues. Does the latest update that came out today fix them? Let’s find out.

Voxer hit the Store and the tail-end of June. At first we didn’t really see the value in another messaging platform, but after using Voxer we quickly saw the appeal. For us, Voxer works great when we’re together at an event (like Build or CES) and need to stay in contact with each other. The first app had some errors when it came to notifications. Here’s what the latest update fixes:

  • Many notifications fixes
  • Other bug fixes

Boom. There you have it, go update your install and see if any notification issues you were having have been fixed in this update. After updating we sent some messages and didn’t notice any delays in receiving toast notifications for people messaging us. Of course when it comes to toast notifications and Live tiles on Windows Phone your mileage may vary.

Voxer is free for Windows Phone 8 devices. Go to the Store to get it, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

via: Windows Phone Central Forums; Thanks, Kavu2

QR: Voxer



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rodneyej says:

Yes❕... Now, didn't I tell you guys that it would be updated this week❔ Sam❔❔

rodneyej says:

Why can't you just give credit where credit is due❔... Lol❕...
But, I did! Ask Daniel...
I know,,, Shut up Rodney.......

moc426 says:

Stealing this.

Raesu says:

"when it comes to toast notifications and live tiles on windows phone your mileage may vary". Why is this and why doesn't Microsoft acknowledge it? I feel like my phones' live tiles eventually just stop updating...my 920 I had before my 1020. It was refreshing to have live tiles again on my 1020 but now my Bing lock screen stopped updating! A main feature so buggy and eventually unreliable is inexcusable.

rockstarzzz says:

If you enter a wrong password the pop up will keep appearing no matter how many times you press "OK". I dream of a day Android will have market share under 1% AND that is the day when WP apps are coded flawlessly.

cookgoose says:

Notifications coming through smooth as butter now. Lumia 925 sim free.

rodneyej says:

I'm not completely convinced because it was a intermittent issue.. I'll be more confident after a few days of use...

When I receive a Vox and I open the app, the download of the vox just hangs. Its pretty annoying. Then I have to close and reopen the app numerous times before it finally plays the vox. I hope they fix that too. The app is good but its got a little ways to go compared to the app on IOS as far as stability goes.

Are you still having trouble listening to Voxes with the 9.24 release?

alikokce says:

You can do the same thing on whatsapp now so no need for this app u heard?

goodsit2 says:

This is free and more fun:)

Robert Grant says:

Dunno about fun (it does look nice), I'm very happy with WhatsApp's stance on payments.

realwarder says:

You can do the same thing in the standard messager. No WhatsApp even needed...
Message/Attach/Voice Note/imge.

Josh Harman says:

Wow, I had no idea that you could add voice to texts.
The only question is if the format is supported by other platforms. I've never seen ".amr".

ViktorG says:

Exciting! Yay... always glad to see more apps !