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Walking Dead and Windows 8 ad finally shows up

Earlier this morning we wrote about the new Windows 8 commercial that aired during the Waking Dead on AMC last night.

Reader pbroy managed to rip a copy from a recording of the show and now we can show it to you in all its glory. The video gets quite a chuckle and should do well as far as gaining attention. Thanks, pbroy, for the video!



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ThePKReddy says:

Finally, a good commercial.

inteller says:

I agree!  Finally no dubstep crap, but they still threw in a hipster with skinny jeans...

sumsk7 says:

So can you redirect you text messaging from your service provider to your win8 tablet?

dinchy87 says:

No. This is windows lice serivce - called messenger or facebook chat or other. But no gsm sms service

I dont want windows lice, you can keep that to yourself.

ThePKReddy says:

That would be incredible

stoickiwi says:

I wish! Ala Blackberry Playbook style with Bluetooth. It would be sooo good!

xpxp2002 says:

webOS supported this between their phones and the Touchpad. I was really hoping Microsoft would bring this to Windows 8/Windows Phone 8, especially since this will be the first time I'll be in the complete ecosystem to use it.

Not yet, although there's no API restriction preventing carriers from offering an "account" setup for that.

pbroy says:

No... "Waking Dead"

Ticomfreak says:

"The Walking Dead"

lancguy says:

That was an awesme commercial.  Microsoft is already doing a great job advertising...can't wait to see more.

willied says:

I thought it was pretty darn funny.

JamesDax3 says:

Very good stuff.  MS needs to do more these types of commercials for other shows.

rAemAAn says:

Hope its a start of things to come, great stuff

ebradley says:

" it's a date."
" I can't wait to eat you."
Seems a little tongue in cheek, especially for MS.

MaulerX says:


"I can't wait to eat you"

Yea... The feeling is mutual babe.

Nakazul says:

Lovly stuff, absolutely lovly.

TriAxis says:

There was also a 2nd Windows 8 ad during the Walking Dead. It was a Countdown 10... 9... 8... 8... 8... Awesome ad that really showed off Windows 8.

gsquared says:

They should have put a WP8 in there as well.

Wow, that ad was way better than The Walking Dead.

hyperova says:

You sir are so very lame...

hyperova says:

From that comment you must not like other equally well done shows like game of thrones and breaking bad this must also mean you don't like well done games what a sad life you must have how does one stay entertained without quality entertainment?

MaulerX says:

That was a pretty darn awesome tv ad.

I know it's for W8, but it's awesome to see the familiar Metro UI getting this much exposure. It can only help WP's cause.

dsba says:

W8 & Zombies, how can someone not like this?

dsba says:

Is that a Surface?

iampoz says:

WalkingDead SEASON 3 PREMIERE NOW REIGNS AS BIGGEST TELECAST FOR DRAMA IN BASIC CABLE HISTORY. So alot of people would have seen it. Sorry for the all caps it was copy and paste.

MavvaZ says:

Need a Grimm version.

wpeight says:

Just saw windows 8 commercial on Ch 7 showing during tv show castle. This is good keep showing it on popular tv shows