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Wallpaper Sky for Windows Phone 8, more wallpapers than you can shake a stick at

Wallpaper Sky

There are plenty of quality lockscreen wallpaper apps over in the Windows Phone Store and you can now add Wallpaper Sky to the mix.

The Windows Phone 8 app pulls in millions of user created wallpapers as well as images from Flickr. You can download your favorites and if you have a lockscreen wallpaper to share, you can upload it to Wallpaper Sky's servers for others to enjoy. Wallpaper Sky is another healthy source for our Windows Phone lockscreen wallpapers.

Wallpaper Sky has a fairly straightforward interface with pages covering recommended wallpapers, a listing of the various categories of wallpapers, an exploration page listing new, hot, Flickr, and collections of wallpapers, and a My Center page that lists your app activity.

Wallpaper Sky

Each category of wallpaper is broken down by new, hot, recommended choices. Thumbnail views of the images will display the number of downloads that particular image has. A keyword search is available if you have what you're looking for in mind and wallpapers can be flagged as favorites for easy reference.

When you see a wallpaper you like you can download it to your Windows Phone, share it via Bluetooth, messaging, email, etc. or share it with NFC. There is also a preview button to give you a feel for how the wallpaper will look before downloading.

Wallpaper Sky is a robust collection of images and a good source for your Windows Phone lockscreen wallpapers.  Images load promptly and Wallpaper Sky is just a smooth experience.  The only difficulty I had with Wallpaper Sky is finding just one image to use out of the thousands of outstanding wallpaper offerings.  Luckily, you can set Wallpaper Sky as your lockscreen background and the app will rotate random images to your lockscreen.

Wallpaper Sky is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can snatch up here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Wallpaper Sky for Windows Phone 8, more wallpapers than you can shake a stick at


Finally a worthwhile backgrounds app. It would be nice if it had the ability to automatically update the lock screen though.

Anyone wish that Microsoft will enable .gif wallpaper or whatever they are using for their Bing search page image.  This way the image of the day can be animated and any other service can use animation too.  Today's image of the Ring-taild cat moving is so adorable.  I want that on my lockscreen.

Why, why, why do they keep calling it wallpaper when it's lockscreen picture on WP8, there is no such thing as wallpaper or start screen backgrounds on this phone just a sea of tiles... Call it what it is please.

apparently the OS disables the background task and hence the auto update of lock screen if i may ...does not take place dev if u reading it fix it please...ditched my 500 px hope that gets fixed...way better than all the other out there