Warp Photo Booth brings more effects in latest update

Warp Photo Booth Update

Did you have a lot of fun playing with Warp Photo Booth, an app we mentioned a few days ago? It gets better with a major update that has just been released. Version 1.4 brings more warp effects and bug fixes. Check out our hands on video and walkthrough of the update after the break!

New in Warp Photo Booth version 1.4:

  • 15 new warp effects!!!
  • Better rendering of each effect.
  • About page.
  • Bug fixes.

Warp Photo Booth creates a distortion effect for your camera, making your selfies look incredibly funny. Just click the round button at the bottom of the screen to take the photo. You can then share the ‘warpies’ to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other apps on Windows Phone.

Warp Photo Booth screenshot

Previously, only one effect was available. The update brings new effects that can be selected at the bottom. Three effects are included for free: Upnose, Twister, and SmallNose. 13 more effects are available in a pack as an in-app purchase. It costs $1.29.

Warp Photo Booth is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. We think it’s incredibly fun to use. Check it out if you haven’t downloaded it yet and let us know what you think in the comments!

Warp Photo Booth



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nakialj says:

Looks fun. Awesome review mark.

Needs to have a video record option.

theoremy says:

Oh nice idea! I'll add it in my todo ;)

TheSnapDude says:

I went to buy the new effects but you dont allow my XBOX $15 card on my phone.  Can you allow us to buy the effects in the windowsphone store using computer?  That would work :)

theoremy says:

Sorry mate, I can't help you since the payment methods are handled by Microsoft... Try to contact them to know if it's possible!

MilkyTee says:

Take photos with this app, send via 6snap, confuse the hell out of people

theoremy says:

Great review again! Thank you so much! :D

- The developer

DennisvdG says:

Great app, payed for the add ons

theoremy says:

Thank you!!! :)

Nakazul says:

I love this app.

Cant download...not available for 520...it doesn't matter if we don't have a front facing camera...we can still take selfie..plz add support for other mobiles also

theoremy says:

Hi! Yes, other people told me, I'm working on it ;) Follow @warpphotobooth for the latest news!