Wavetooth waterproof BT headset giveaway

We recently reviewed the Wavetooth IPX8 waterproof Bluetooth headset and found it to be an interesting Bluetooth accessory.  Not necessarily for everyday use but if you want to stay connected to your Windows Phone while in, on or around water it's a nifty gadget to have.

Now that we're through reviewing the Wavetooth, we want to give it away.  To have a chance at winning the waterproof headset, simply post a comment on one of our stories between now and Monday, August 30, 2010 at 9:00pm PST.  We'll then randomly pick the winner from these postings.

You will need to register to be eligible (no anonymous comments will win) and you can tackle that process here.  Good luck to everyone!



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erenken says:

This device does looks interesting. I just don't know if I could trust my $400+ phone to a zip lock baggie. Would be nice if it had good range and you could just leave your phone on the deck while swimming.

jaxbot says:

looks interesting, but im not sure how well I can speak underwater ;)

flagator#WP says:

If it is waterproof it should be sweat proof. I would get one for sports activities. I just wonder how it sounds?

parkerreno says:

Looks awesome, i want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

novzu says:

Looks great! I've been looking for a good way to listen to music while doing laps and I might have finally found it.


This is a comment I am posting in hopes I will win.

Also, more WP7 details and vids please.

Andre says:

I want to go surfing !!!!!

C4RL0S says:

This would be great for exercising. Too bad I easily get out of breath when jogging; I couldn't really carry a conversation. But I want to win anyway :)


Part of the reason I love swimming is because you can be alone with your thoughts without any white noise or distractions, but this would still be cool to try out!


Wavetooth is great and it is an essential gadget to have for people who have bluetooth earphone, they can travel without the fear of rain.

protaganis says:

For how much I'm outside in the rain or around the rivers and lakes for my job, I could use one of these.


That's cool thing..
binaural beats