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We need you! Come work for Mobile Nations!

Kevin has made himself Employee of the Month for six years straight and we’ve finally had enough. We need new blood to spice things up a bit. Before we start a bigger process of recruitment we want to reach out to you, our community, first.

We have two positions open right now that we need help filling and since we love our community SO MUCH we’re giving you the head start before reaching outside. Do you have what it takes to oust Kevin from the Employee of the Month plaque?

Are you the right person for the job or do you know someone that would be? Right now we are looking for a Medium to Senior PHP developer, ideally with Drupal experience, and a Junior to Medium Web Designer with CSS skills. 

Ideally you are based in the US or Canada. Miami, NYC, LA or Winnipeg are a plus but not necessary as we are a virtual team.

Email with a short introduction, why you would be suited for the job, why you want to work for Mobile Nations and your Resume.

We will not be able to respond to everyone individually but rest assured we’ll be looking at every single email.

Good luck!

David Lundblad
Design Director, Mobile Nations



There are 54 comments. Sign in to comment

Adretheon says:

I got excited thinking that you guys were looking for writers, oh well haha

Jnbs says:

Me too.. Oh well maybe next time..

DavidinCT says:

Me five.
I work in IT but, Not a Dev guy (just very little), I guess it all depends on what it pays and where it's located. Yep, it's about the toys and the money...(and the money is for more toys)

PSRBF6 says:

Me Sixty-Nine... not.
Actually maybe, I might consider it.

doomtuba says:

How do you even break into tech writing? It seems like something a lot of people would like to do, but very few opportunities save starting your own website.

NIST says:

Start a website called Mobile Notions.

Ordeith says:

Start a blog, get a following.  If you are successful many sites will take you for your demonstrated talent and existing fanbase.

Adretheon says:

Do what I did and just join a community and help out.  I write reviews and a little editorial here and there for free at another site. I can use that as my reference if a better oppertunity arises.

NIST says:

I talk in my sleep. Might podcast someday.

wpn00b says:

I haven't even begun but I agree with this. That's the way to get in. Its the new apprenticeship. Start a blog.

Jazmac says:

I would like to. I have opinion and enjoy writing.

Jamdot says:

But you can't read.

jsnod25 says:

ROFL perfect!!!

Z3MN says:


Ordeith says:

PHP?  That's too bad.
Now if you were looking for some C#, ASP.NET AJAX, or something along those lines....

iamoniwaban says:

My thoughts as well. I am a senior developer for both web and desktop applications. Haven't used PHP in over 8 years.

NIST says:

I have wordpad.

jsnod25 says:

But do you have PHP+?

MrA2Z says:

May be notepad++

pbroy says:

I would apply to be the trophy hot chick that wouldn't have to do anything, just be on video and look good.. But I'm not hot or a chick.. :(

diod123 says:

Haha, there's operations for that

NIST says:

There's an app for that

deansmilk says:

Not on WP :-P

NIST says:

Its coming. As a Nokia exclusive.

jfmanzo says:

Why don't you folks hire writers who can actually spell?

Spelling is sooooo last year...

I no right. Who needs to speel gud?

LaNiQuE says:

I doubt the fact that you can spell makes you a better writer then anyone else but you should volunteer to edit the articles so when you miss a misspelled word we can criticize you

PSRBF6 says:

"Junior to Medium Web Designer with CSS skills"

spaulagain says:

Hmm, junior to medium web developer sounds nice. I love me some CSS!

jlynnm350z says:

I'm in. . . Oh wait, I don't know squat about web development or PHP developing. But im eager to learn and I'm a fast learner and a gud speler. If you ever need someone to cut your grass, I'm your man!!

schlubadub says:

"cut your grass"? So not only do you want his job but you want to sleep with his girlfriend too? :P You should never cut another man's grass ;)

jlynnm350z says:

I love turtles

Corkers100 says:

Now then Employee of the month 72 times! That is an impressive record. Just wondering, is Kevin the only employee? Or is everyone else very lazy? Maybe Kevin is just amazing. Umm, is Kevin in charge of awarding employee of the month?

Corkers100 says:

Dude. Everyone loves turtles

schlubadub says:

Yeah, but Jlynnm350z loves them a little *too much* :P

Thargoid says:

I have Counter Strike Source skills.

dtiapril says:

Damn *secretly hopes they need an accountant soon*

Piro.Garay says:

Are you guys only hiring legal US citizens???

aubreyq says: meant legal residents.

Piro.Garay says:

Yes ma'am, I did...

LaNiQuE says:

Wondering how you guys found Jay hmm anyways good luck finding someone who surpasses Kevin

mrappbrain says:

I know css. perhaps I should apply

jake69 says:

I am a graphic/web designer and know CSS.  Is this a part time or full time job?