Weather Hound updated - Adds HD Lockscreen support, weather alerts and more

Weather Hound

Weather Hound is one of our favorite Windows Phone weather apps. Its minimalistic design delivers a healthy amount of forecast information that includes your current weather conditions, an hourly forecast and a seven-day forecast. Add Live Tile and Lockscreen support and Weather Hound is a solid, attractive looking Windows Phone weather app.

An update is now available for Weather Hound that takes the app to version 2.0 that has the customary bug fixes and performance enhancements along with support for HD lockscreens on 1GB+ devices, weather alerts, and more.

The HD Lockscreen support came about at the request of users who didn't like the blurry lockscreen images on the 1080p Windows Phones. After a little bit of work, Weather Hound now supports HD resolution for Bing images, solid color or custom images with the 1GB+ Windows Phones.

A Weather Alerts page has been added to Weather Hound's main pages that offers detailed information on your current weather situations. The update will also add a notification on the main, summary page of the application. Future updates should see toast and Live Tile notifications for weather alerts added to Weather Hound.

Weather Hound

Other key features of the version 2.0 update include:

  • Extra Live Tiles
  • Original Live Tiles cleaned up
  • User controlled Live Tile transparency
  • Nearest storm distance displayed on the Summary Page
  • Splash Screen redesign

You still have the ability to add New York City Subway information through an in-app purchase ($.99).

We are told that new features are in the works that should be pushed out in the coming months. Hopefully weather radar is one of the features under construction. Regardless, the updated version of Weather Hound improves upon an already nice Windows Phone weather app.

  • Weather Hound - Windows Phone 8 - Trial / $1.99 - Store Link

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Off topic but please help. To be able to update my phone for firmware n additional 8.1 features... Should I need to switch back to India region?? M using US now ..for #cortana obviously

Aman2901 says:

Ofcourse..When the firmware will be installed then you wouldn't need to change it back to US of A!!

M asking ... Should I need to switch to India for installing firmware or I ll get it even though my region is US (without losing cortana)?

Aashish13 says:

U will get the update even though u have changed to US region. If u switch back to India u will lose Cortana. Cortana is still in beta and Microsoft will announce when its perfectly optimized for India. At that time the India region might get and update of the os when Cortana os released for us.

Thanks. I really didn't want to switch back cz of cortana. But definitely need Cyan... My phone's touch get unresponsive a lot

Aman2901 says:

For that only I said "ofcourse"....Or if it doesn't show an update when the region is US and you know that the update is out then you can change it back to India!!

Ya! I've to do that only then. Cyan is imp than cortana. Anyways thanx

Aashish13 says:

Waiting for bing weather to get updated with new features. Don't know what's Bing team upto. Even for bing news.

Idk what's wrong with them but I like the old bing news... New one is slow and consumes more data

Jupast says:


For all the talk of Apps being seperated from the OS so they can be updated more frequently, the (former) Bing Apps haven't seen any significant updates in a very long time, and some could use them.

Anubis4574 says:

This reminds me: Does anyone know when those 8.1 custom lock screen apps are coming?

Dinky89484 says:

The details on the lock screen looks a bit better than amazing weather's and weather flow's...maybe I've gotta give one a try. So many weather apps.

As far as lockscreens go, I gotta go with awesome lock. As far as weather apps, amazing weather HD pretty much does it. I do agree about the bing apps. Love Health Fitness and Food Drink. Since cortana naturally uses bing as her reference I would think they would put more into the weather and sports apps.

NorwayCowboy says:

Is there any better weather on this one? Cause all the other weather apps I have shows bad weather the next seven days.. Their useless :p

EcDumB says:

Yeah! I believe this app is the most accurate one.. Bing weather forecasts are off most of the time

boredofthis says:

I would have to agree. I really like forecast.io as the weather source, more apps should use it.

Bing weather always seems so inaccurate.

EcDumB says:

Best weather app in store!!. Kudos to the developer for the quick fix to support HD lock screen images

boredofthis says:

By far the most accurate and best laid out weather app in the store IMO

This feature of nokia mobile is awesome, I will try this on my new Nokia set.

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Mark Ingram says:

Updated the app, crashes out to start screen every time I try to enter the settings page :/ Lumia 620 running 8.1 preview

Mark Ingram says:

Reinstalled it, seems to have sorted it, great app btw :)

len0808 says:

Within 30 seconds of installing app, I got 3 pop ups reminding me I have 2.5 days trial, and as soon as I hit ok, it took me to another page to buy the app. Uninstalled immediately.