Weather Hound updated with transparent Live Tile support

Weather Hound Live Tile

For those not familiar, Weather Hound is a Windows Phone weather app that approaches things in a simple manner. The app offers, in minimalistic fashion, a weather summary with the core forecast information along with hourly forecasts and a seven-day forecast. You can set Weather Hound up to provide the forecast information based on your Windows Phone location or turn off your Location Services and set the location manually.

Weather Hound was updated recently to version 1.25 that adds transparent Live Tile support for Windows Phone 8.1 devices, increases the resolution of the weather icons and takes care of a few minor bug issues.

Weather Hound

The developer updated Weather Hound late last year with support for the wide Live Tile and while Weather Hound's Live Tile wasn't shabby to begin with, the transparent support improves things further. The Live Tile displays your current conditions and a three day forecast.

Weather Hound still offers lockscreen support, dark and light theme support and Bing wallpaper support (for the lockscreen). The update may seem minimal but adds to an already nice Windows Phone 8 weather app.

  • Weather Hound - Windows Phone 8 - Trial Version/$1.99 - Store Link

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Tafsern says:

Can't stop using Forecast though :)

Robbase29a says:

Forecast is good. And the upcoming updates will make it the best!

I like this app, clean and good info.

I use the same clean format but the one from amazing weather HD

Yeah, I have to say that Amazing weather HD is the best weather app out there, and it got even better with the Transparent Tile.

DarwinPurol says:

Never tried yet but looks like it shows more info on live tile than blue skies.

Juraj Padych says:

Transparent live title? Ah not again!

Tafsern says:

It's a choice!

hagjohn says:

Why have a background if you can't see it because none of the tiles are transparent?

I use the background, so it's not a problem to me, but some people don't use backgrounds, and their screens becomes a boring plain color wall. So that's the problem.

theefman says:

Because it allows greater aesthetic freedom and simply because people can choose which tiles are transparent or not. Or else you end up with one big image with hard to see text on some tiles which could be avoided if you had the choice to disable transparency.

Zuka_WPC says:

Cortana needs to be a meteorologist.

Kitavi Ken says:

Transparency Syndrome

kirklyt says:

The app could use a UI overhaul.. Weather Flow UI is a great example.

kirklyt says:

Here's another great example of a concept UI for a weather app on WP. I just found it on pinterest a while ago: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/31314159880825557/

AlwaysHedged says:

Anyone ever figure out what prototype that is [was]?

AlwaysHedged says:

Never mind.  It never made it beyond concept stage.

Juraj Padych says:

Xbox Video and Xbox Music haven't transparent live title feature on Window 8.1 but on Windows Phone 8.1 there are many app with transparent live title feature. You know, when these apps (Xbox Video and Xbox Music) used to be green as default it allowed you to find app much easier, but now several appa have a transparent live and I think it makes start screen booring one-colloured uncollour notcolloured Lumia :) You know what I mean!

bashar123cr says:

ask cortana what is ur favorite color


bashar123cr says:

ask cortana what is favorite car


bashar123cr says:

ask cortana where do you live


bashar123cr says:

ask cortana do u drink