Weather+ gets another update with Live Radar, some fixes and improvements

Weather+ gets even more features in v1.3

Weather+, which was just updated a week ago, has received another bump to version 1.3. Despite being a relative newcomer to the wide array of Windows Phone 8 weather apps, Weather+ has made an impressive splash with its combination of cool looks and functionality.

So what's new? We have all the details.

Weather+ 1.3

  • Double Tap' on any forecast panel to view full 10 day glance forecast (rather than pinching)
  • Live radar
  • Customize live radar frame count, time between frames in settings
  • Option to hide alert count on live tile if no alerts have been issued

Along with the new features comes some bug fixes, including one that remedies the issue of live tiles with radar not updating. Overall, it's great to see this app continued to get developed and we hear there are even more features on the way.

We like what we have seen so far from Weather+ and recommend you check it out for free in the Windows Phone Store. If you are equally pleased, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $1.99, which will get you more themes, live tiles, and alert notifications.

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Rubidad says:

This is by far the best weather app that I have found. I particularly like the availability of a written  forecast for each day.  Images and icons that are used by most weather apps are unable to provide this detailed information. Thanks WP for the introduction.

KotsarikosG says:

Nice weather application But with price 1.99 for live tile not buy

jeffro02 says:

The UI is confusing. There are up and down swipes to go between screens AND up and down swipes to pan through scrolling regions. This makes it difficult to navigate to the huge amount of information provided by the app.

KotsarikosG says:

Totally agree is confusing menu...

grininja says:

That's why I uninstalled it.

Jazmac says:

Seth what are "imrovements". hehe

ThePKReddy says:

Mobile nations needs to hire a proof reader

Seth Brodeur says:

"Imrovements" are things that happen when an editor changes your title before publishing.  :)

I pride myself on my proofreading.

wiseguywood says:

This is a very promising app so far, glad to see it being updated rapidly!

allos autos says:

I love the addition of the double-tap to switch to the 10-day view, but it doesn't work on the "Current" panel. It would be awesome if it did! :-)