WeatherMaster for Windows Phone gets bumped to v2.5

WeatherMaster for Windows Phone

WeatherMaster is a highly rated, world weather app over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. WeatherMaster lays out the current conditions and forecast in a clear and simple fashion. We liked what we saw in our short review and the weather app was recently updated to version 2.5.

WeatherMaster themes

The update adds a new "metro style" theme with a gray color scheme and sharper corners to give you an alternative to the blue color theme. The update also brings the following features into play.

  • Animated Radar
  • Wind Chill or "feels like" temperature
  • Alerts signs for windy days
  • Chinese (Traditional) language support

The update to WeatherMaster helps to improve an already nice weather app for your Windows Phone. There is a free trial version available for WeatherMaster with the full version running $1.99.

You can grab WeatherMaster here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Verkunder says:

Mine's been bugging out a little since the update. Sometimes the numbers don't show up.

ejlee072006 says:

Weather app from msft is all I need..

Ton77 says:

What's the best weather application out? I currently use "the weather channel"

I really like Weatherbug.

I recently found one called Värdet. it looks awesome and has great live tile and is totally free and ad-free!

ajua says:

I use Storm Glass, which can pin up up to 4 tiles to the start screen. It shows current and 3-day forecast. That's all it does, but has good customization options for the tiles and it's free without ads. For complete forecasts I use Weather from Microsoft, which could use a revamp for Mango and live tiles.
I will try that one called Värdet. I haven't seen it or heard about it before.

caesar500 says:

I can't decide between storm glass and weather duck. Check them out.

erasure25 says:

I like weather live.

Lng0004 says:

WeatherMaster and WeatherLive are my two favourites.

montel1978 says:

The weather channel works great for me.

slinky826 says:

Same here. I'm happy with the weather channel app.

Jiggy24 says:

I use weather live but going to try this weathermaster out. But I like weatherlive to keep that metro look :)

MannLou says:

Weathermaster is great but for soem reason I keep coming back to AccuWeather and I'm not sure why. I think it's the simple Live Tile option.

erichon99 says:

Weather live works for me, updates every hour (includes time stamp) just to keep me honest.  I also enjoy WeatherLive's live camera feeds in your area.  I stopped using Weather Channel.

munichlondon says:

I am using weather master. I really like the look&feel.

This is WP7 best weather app, imo, and I tried them all quite thoroughly. Only minor grip is that sometimes Live tile doesn't update, but others either don't support Live tile or behave even worse in that matter. Totally deserves the money.

Hampus says:

I just use the HTC app that came with my Titan, works great.

mjrtoo says:

By far the best weather app, now with radar and wind chill!

nizzon says:

I LOVE the new design!
Best weather app I have used on the phone and most usefull Live Tile imo.

aheinrich says:

Best live tile out there. Weather Channel live tile radar is useless in Canada.

kleineMax says:

Also using AccuWeather... Maybe because I had it on my old non smart C905 phone

jrtorrents says:

If anyone is look for a really good weather app lookup for Vadret on the marketplace. Its better looking, great lifetile, Free and adfeee

jimski says:

Sorry, but this app just reminds me too much of Windows Mobile. And not all of those memories were good ones.

R0bR says:

I use Accuweather for the App not the useless tile. I use Vadret for locations I travel on business to for the live tile but I find the temperature it indicates to be off by about 4 degrees. I pinned the Poynt App weather tile for my local weather because that tile seems to always update unlike many other weather tiles.

azimutha says:

Nice looking interface, but installing it and trying to run it, having never done so before I was greeted with a message that said:
"WeatherMaster runs in trial mode. Only 7 days has been left from trial period. Would you like to buy Full version now?"
Then the app quits. In answer to the question it poses, no, I would not like to buy the full version without first trying it out.