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Weave newsreader teams up with Microsoft, delivers OneNote sharing for all users

Weave newsreader has been on Windows Phone since 2010 and is one of our go-to apps for keeping track of news or topics of interest (there’s also a swanky Windows 8 app for your Surface or PC). Last week, we covered a significant update that brought Pocket support for saving articles. At the time, we hinted that there was room for “one more share button” and we now have the answer as to what that’s for: OneNote.

Microsoft and Weave had teamed up to use their new OneNote API, which gives developers the ability to integrate OneNote into their apps. Weave is one of those apps, and one of the first to do so. Even better? There’s no update, just open up Weave right now, and it will be there under the Share button. Surprise!

Tapping the OneNote button will take you to a login screen, where you can enter in your Microsoft Account info (you only need to do it one time). That’s part of the new API function, and it is essentially you giving Weave permission to post to your OneNote (but crucially, not read).

Once you do so, you can then just one-tap to save to your OneNote for later viewing. Images, media and the entire article as seen in Weave is saved. While perhaps not as focused as Pocket, using OneNote in this manner (combined with Office Lens), makes Windows Phone quite a powerful media recorder.

Watch the above video to see it all in action and explained by Microsoft.

Weave comes in two versions: free (ad-supported, with no ads throughout March) or paid ($9.99). You can also grab the free Windows 8 version, so that you can read everything, everywhere.

Let us know how it’s working for you and how you plan to use it in your daily life! (Remember, there is no Store update as the OneNote API was basically 'turned on' in your Weave app).

QR: weave free     QR: weave paid



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ravi72munde says:

That pic is something

Zigmono says:

Imagine what it will do with Cortana.

giorgio h says:

Anyone knows her name?

Jenifer Nicole Lee.
What would Tyler Durden do?

zaidgkhan says:

Lol epic photo hahah

Laura Knotek says:

Awesome! I went looking for an update before reading there isn't one, but it does work.

simphf says:

BOOBS. I fixed your comment. You're welcome.

mjfadaway says:

Likes to flash her waxed bits? Lol

akak84 says:

And the paragraph below the pic is even funnier...commonly exploited trap by tranny prostitutes...

rockstarzzz says:

Thought any dev could do this, why the need to team up?

Laura Knotek says:

I didn't think it could be added without an actual update to the apps.

Any dev CAN do this. Once Microsoft released the APIs. Weave had early access so that their app was the first out of the gate with OneNote integration. Notice how their app did not need an update? The OneNote API was built in with the last update.

It's a way to set an example in a high profile app, so that other devs can see how it works and how people like it.

Laura Knotek says:

Now that's cool! I like that there wasn't any need to submit an update for approval and then make users download / install update to add the new feature.

rockstarzzz says:

Why hasn't WPC app got this sort of arrangement then? WPCentral app is very high profile on every WP! Jay...?

ravi72munde says:

What would Tyler Durdon do if he had a windows phone ?

Jack Janik says:

Sweet! Now I can share my porn stories with my friends!

awneze says:

What's this about again? Sorry I got distracted

jlzimmerman says:

There's an article in here somewhere but I can't seem to find it : /

Great choice for the cover ...

Oh, and seems faster.

Jack Janik says:

Welcome back Daniel! I missed you. C:

920Walker says:

Scause for a cause. Save the it ties.

Weave ... OneNote new API ... You are saying ... What?

joe_easton says:

How does this compare to Nextgen Reader?

I'm using both .. Still prefer nextgen a bit more, but the UI on weave is a bit better.

Laura Knotek says:

The only drawback to Weave is that one needs to open the app again and mark articles read after already doing that once before, otherwise the live tile stays stuck at unread articles. But I believe a fix for that bug is coming in a few weeks.

Montpbm says:

Wow is all I can say!

herbertsnow says:

The boobies, is niceee.

PiebePost says:

Couldn't read the article due to massive distraction. Don't mention this as criticism however.

sManowar says:

A little gratuitous...

sdreamer says:

Weave is my go to for news reading for obvious reason, the massive articles.

theroyboy44 says:

Those are some big ass titties.....

I'm all about some boob.....I mean tit..... I mean Windows Phone Central articles.

This site is now becoming boobie central ! Sorry could not control :).

Forc3 says:

I like the direction OneNote is heading to. This is PERFECT for students and the likes!

rockstarzzz says:

They need to highlight EACH FEATURE of Windows Phone 8.1 like this, exactly like this (at least!) and put them out there in each tweet and each Facebook update and throw a couple quickies on the TV. It shows a real app, doing real thing, in real life scenario.

DarwinPurol says:

Trying to find that photo on this app...but i cant...

ebradley says:

If any article or website could be sent to OneNote, that would be great.

IceDree says:

From my understanding, send\share the Page\URL to from your MS account & it will be added automatically.

ebradley says:

Only as a link, not the page as with Weave. I hope MS duplicates the functionality with WP8.1 browser: share page/ send to.

IceDree says:

I didn't try it, so I'll take your word for it. :)
I thought it would work just like Pocket & Evernote when you share a page to em. My bad.

NIST says:

WWTDD is awesome.

Narr says:

Still waiting for Weave to add the import option so I can use this as my go to reader.

Any thoughts on how Weave stacks up against Fuse by Rudy?

WinFan1 says:

Boobies ^_^ lol

Posted via the Awesome windows phone central app.

crise says:

The articles don't showup in OneNote on my phone, but they do show up in OneNote on my PC. How come?

scottitude says:

Each article sent to OneNote creates a new "unfiled notes" page. After sending the article, you may need to sync unfiled notes in order to see it on your phone.

crise says:

There is no category unfiled notes, and when I look in OneNote on the PC they come under recent notes, and when I look in recent notes on the phone, there is nothing from weave. Syncing doesn't solve.

My first comment must be on this delicious post!!

Bruno H says:

Byt there is no option to choose where in OneNote to store the text! Its placing the saved weave post in totally wrong notebook!

stevecs says:

It looks a good option but I think I will wait to see what other developers do with the API now.  I like the feedly/phonly set up and after using feedly for years especially after the loss of google reader the thing that is holding me back is (unless I have missed it in weave) is the abillity to import an opml file or at least pull my current feeds from feedly so that its quicker and easier to set up.

textomatic says:

WPCentral has hit a new low.... I like it! 

regi7 says:

WPCentral should consider this for offline reading

This is a new low by Wpcentral.That pic makes you forget that you are on a Tech site.I thought I had opened brazzers

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

herbertsnow says:

Thanks for the new Lock screen pic btw.

hyacinthe718 says:

Think they will add this feature to Bing news? 

drozdpatrick says:

Don't like the layout on weave.

Now my Weave can't update news feed anymore. Is it region limited now?

What a sad choice of picture. You may as well change your logo colour to match the other red tops.


Would have been good to know if Weave also required access to your contact info and other permissions (as Feedly asks for these) but, y'know, I'm not sure you could find an appropriate picture for that in a lads mag.

Joe Strouth says:

Is weave worth ten dollars?

PeterByrne says:

Just tried to reinstall my paid version of weave and the windows phone store claims that the app is no longer published, what gives?

Dennis Vogel says:

Same problem. A search for Weave in the MS Store turns up nothing. When I scanned a QR code from another article, it took me to the Weave News Reader in the Store but when I tried to download it it said it wasn't available for my phone, a WP8 Lumia Icon. I don't understand why Microsoft is promoting this OneNote/Weave sharing when no one can install Weave.