Weezer to play at Microsoft Store opening in Pentagon City Mall (Arlington, VA)

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Weezer, an American alternative rock band that was popular in the 1990s, is set to play at a follow-up ceremony at Microsoft's opening of the company's Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, VA store on August 11th, according to a report at ARL. The software giant plans to expand it's brick and mortar empire by opening a number of stores across the US - see previous unofficial list. Inviting Weezer along is adding a cherry to this beautiful ice-cream Sundae.

The store is looking to open at 9:30am on August 9th. Washington Wizards' point guard John Wall will head on down for a Kinect demonstration inside the store on the 11th, the day the band will play their set in the mall (at 2:00pm). Microsoft previously teamed up with Weezer by including the track "Buddy Holly" in Windows 95 on release. It's good to see the fire re-lit, we guess.

But if that wasn't sweet enough, Microsoft is also reported to be donating $1 million in software to local organisations to help build opportunities for the younger generation.

Source: ARL, via: dcist



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ade333 says:

Lol @ "popular in the 90's". More like "since the 90's". Try getting a ticket to one of their shows

PhilR8 says:

My fiancee just walked by my computer and saw Weezer on the screen, and she said, "Woah, that's Weezer.  Are they playing near here?"  I then told her they were playing at the opening of a MSFT Store and she said, "Is that free?  LET'S GO."
So yeah, still popular.  I guess I'll see everyone there!

tpitts15 says:

"was popular in the 90s"?
that's one way to condescend to an entire fanbase of a music group

C'mon, Weezer is not nearly as popular as they were years ago. They have not had much critical succes in the last few years. It's music, not your identity. 

CJ Thunder says:

Not your identity? Music, movies, games, technology...all interests. I certainly think that is a huge part of someone's identity.

I guess the reason people are surprised by the "popular in the 90s" comment is because they only had 1 highly popular album in the 90s. The other album (Pinkerton) didn't do bad but isn't remembered as well. The rest were in the 2000s.

I don't know any of Weezer's new music. Didn't even know they still made albums. Call me when Iced Earth or Iron Maiden are playing at a Microsoft store opening.

kenzibit says:

Beverly Hills....that's where I Want to be.....really loved that song from them.

based_graham says:

Really? What new kids listen to Weezer nowadays is that the people MS wants to attract nothing wrong with Weezer but MS needs to do something better to get into the mainstream.

CommonBlob says:

I remember buddy holly coming with win95. Loved them ever since.

thirdday2002 says:

I'm glad you mentioned the Buddy Holly video on the Win95 disc. I think that video was the first time that I ever saw a video playing on a computer! Truly groundbreaking. Weezer rocks! Microsoft rocks!

mtg1974 says:

Me too. I was so excited to see a music video play full screen, looking and sounding awesome on a computer.

What was the other video on Win95? Edie Brickell or something.
Please, try the fish.

MastrMeatWad says:

My fav weezer song, "my name is Jonas"

Nothing against Weezer but MS may try to leverage the Xbox and/or Halo brands to get hipper acts.

Somebody at WPCentral don't know 'bout Weezer.

CJ Thunder says:

Seriously "was"? Lol, most comments are striking on that one word. Though, "was" was cruel...lol

Personally, I think Weezer was a good choice, it's obvious MS wants to be hip in a more conceptual way, I mean, it would sound/look completely fake and borderline pathetic if the chose Skirillex to go along with a brand like Nokia (don't mean to offend anyone).

textomatic says:

Hmmm and here I thought Weezer was another washed up 90's band.  There type of music is not my favorite genre but I did like that Buddy Holly song.  Let me use my Zune pass to see if they have anything else worth while.

Typical unsatisfied WPCentral commenter


TonyDedrick says:

I thought Weezer was still fairly popular

ahuczek says:

They are. Sure not as popular as they were 10 years ago but they still sell out stadiums every year. Their newer stuff is pretty weak though. Im a fan up until the red album. After that? Not so much.

I just found an awesome mix by Surgeon of Thom Yorke's The Clock (wow..., this was random, sorry guys, I shouldn't be left alone with a Pinot Noir).

willied says:

They made some really great music (first 3 albums and some of the 4th). Their last few albums have been quite bad, sadly.

tmservo says:

For those that don't remember, the video "Buddy Holly" was promo'd on Windows 95A edition discs, as a way to show off Windows95's new video techniques in comparison to Windows 3.11.

willied says:

I guess you didn't read the comments.

jedi12 says:

long ago i thought Bill Gates was a member of Weezer... lol

laserfloyd says:

Yeah I'd say "popular since 90s" :D

Stan City says:

Go Weezer!  What has not been mentioned that is even bigger; is that John Wall the former point guard to the University of Kentucky Wildcats and now with the Washington Wizards will also be there.

ahuczek says:

And everybody is talking about the 90s comment but the "we guess" line towards the end was even more condescending. Just cuz you dont care doesn't mean everybody else won't.