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Hearthstone Windows 8 touch support added


New SDK and Emulators now available for developers


New NFL app for Xbox One and Windows arriving in time for kickoff


Windows Phone a target of more than 1/4 of app developers, despite market share


Steam's hardware stats show over 25 percent of its gamers use Windows 8/8.1


Windows 8 and 8.1 still struggle to gain PC market share


Point of View announces three affordable Windows 8 tablets, available this summer


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Xbox One games to benefit from major graphics boost with new XDK


Internet Explorer Developer Channel offers bleeding edge web experience

Windows 8 Apps+Games

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Report claims Microsoft's desktop Start menu won't appear until Windows 9 in 2015

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The journey of the Windows Phone platform and state of the ecosystem


Microsoft launches official #wpdev Windows Phone 8 app for developers


Windows will support Xbox One controller 'very soon'


Low memory devices lead Windows Phone downloads, games are most popular category

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Microsoft will carry on selling Windows 7 to the Chinese government

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Chinese government gives Windows 8 the cold shoulder

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Microsoft software developer job posting hints at Cortana on Windows


Developer contest - We're giving away 10 copies of Metro Elements for Windows 8

Modern UI Elements

With the official launch of Windows 8 on October 26'th, things in the developer world are heating up. Microsoft has been furiously getting quality apps onto the Windows Store via their App Excellence program, and devs have been touching up their XAML skills. And why wouldn't they be? With a potential market this big, any developer would be silly to not be planning to get something onto the store at some stage.

To make app creation easier, there are many companies that develop extra tool sets and control suites. One of those companies is Mindscape, who have just released the beta of their fittingly named, Metro Elements pack. Metro Elements will go on sale for $799 at the time of release, but for a limited time they are running a promotion which let's you buy it for as little as $1. The price starts at $1 and for every purchase, it goes up by $1. Currently it sits at $61 - so you better hurry.

What do you get with a license?

  • Commercial beta access until release
  • 12 Months of updates from release date
  • The best deal you've ever received on visual controls!
  • 17 high performance charts
  • More than 20 UI controls designed from the ground up for Windows 8 development  including color pickers, sliders, coverflow, virtualzed lists and much more

If you don't have $61 (or $799 for that matter), then we've got great news! With the help of Mindscape, we have 10 licenses to give away to you, our awesome readers.

All you need to do is answer the following question in the comments below to enter:

"If you could develop any app or game for Windows Phone or Windows 8, what would it be?

We'll give everyone until Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 7:00pm EST to enter and draw the ten winners at random.  Good luck everyone!

Source: Mindscape



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mjfadaway says:

Modern Elements?

Q: Did Microsoft put out a press release noting that it's called 'Modern' now?

A: No, Microsoft has not officially change it to "Modern'

Either way, off topic.

mjfadaway says:

Jeepers Daniel, u hurt my feelings.

aubreyq says:

Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern Metro Modern

PsychoPif says:

I would make a good mindmapping software so user can take notes in meeting with their tablet. Current software is either expensive or feature lacking.

If I could develop any game I would make a trading sim game

theflew says:

I would develop a soccer playbook application where my coaches and I could collaborate and make changes to the plays.

I would make an app for my zombie T-shirt's that would include a zombie killing game as an easter egg. Would also include a Zombie database. I'm actually working on it now, just have it in the very early stages, but hope to have it available by the end of the year!

Should clarify that I design & sale my own line of zombie tees called I Eat Zombies!

aderud says:

I would develop a game based on the Sherlock Holmes movie series starring Robert Downey Jr.

anzuwin says:

I would port my Android app, Twouter that lets users check their own Klout score and look through several categories of high profile twitter users tweets and klout scores. I could chart out trends and how they stack up to their friends and how celebrties stack up agaisnt each other with these components.

CaithM says:

A really awesome Flickr client!

I would like to develop an app which will show all the plays / movies / Matches currently in the City & would be able to book their tickets accordingly.

ajua says:

I would develop an application for tweaking settings (visual, hidden reegistry settings, performance optimizations, etc.) on both platforms. In short, be an all-access app for tuning user-hidden settings and options.
I'm already learning C# and XAML, coming from a VIsual Basic experience.

Not4Now says:

It would be awesome to make a game like the age of empires or flight simulator that where made when there was only a flew 1ghz+ processors

ArchieCoder says:

I would create a chess game for Windows Phone and Windows 8. I would also like to add the bughouse variant into it.

RedLife19 says:

I've been wanting to dip my toes in the development pool with an app that allows people to play games with certain TV shows.  It would be geared towards couples that watch shows like House Hunters together and make a game out of guessing which house the people will pick or something along those lines.
There would have to be some way to identify which episode is being watched and, depending on what show it is, there could be stats on the different options and percentages of other users that picked from the different options.
I don't know...the idea popped in my head the other night and I would totally get the app because my wife and I are homebodies like a lot of other couples that watch boring shows to try to beat each other in stupid competitions, haha.

Nakazul says:

I have no "better" half, but the idea sounds good IF done right. I say go for it.

kathikibbles says:

I would design a HIPPA compliant app to help cancer patients (and other chronically ill pts) track their symptoms and severity in real time, provide direct feedback for treating sx and communicate to health care providers and caretakers.

bdgtexas says:

I would make an app for the arch/eng community (which is my primary job) that allows simple access to the a firms project drawing that have been issued, which are typ large format drawings. The key is an intelligent sorting system that allows discipline, sheet no, and revision histories to be accessed quickly and logically. The goal being to replace the stack of half size sets on (under and around) every architects and engineers desk.

ruddymen says:

I would create an affordability calculator for those who like to buy items on credit...

hugheshilton says:

I would love to develop a really awesome stock charting app.  There aren't a lot of apps out there that do a good job of presenting more than basic stock charts.  I would love to create a fully configurable stock charting app where you could customize not only the chart type, colors, etc. but also create custom buy/sell indicators, overlays, moving averages, etc.
The app would also have a customizable live tile with either charts, buy/sell indicators, stock prices, etc.  It would also have configurable notifications when an indicator was triggered such as a stock price reaching a certain level.

fraztto says:

I would develop engineering apps along with hardware for measuring, using a windows 8/RT(if possible) tablet as a portable oscilloscope/Digital multimeter. That is not a popular application but it's quite useful for electrical engineers like me and those are not common anywhere.

laserfloyd says:

I have a couple of app ideas that are rather simple but I'll go for broke and describe my more complex idea.  There's a lot more than just coding that would go into this but man would I use it!
Ever want to use a scene in a movie to describe how you feel or your reaction to something?  From a 5 second clip to an entire several minute long scene.  It'd be so cool to have an app that you could browse to a movie, find that scene, snip it and share it to your friends.
You tell friends that a restaurant you just ate at has the best burgers ever.  They don't believe you.  You you pull up Raiders of the Lost Ark and snip the famous "trust me" scene and share it with them.
I'd so use that! :D

npyle says:

I'd love to get a Nest app created--I have the Nest learning thermostat installed in my house and trying to control it through IE on WP7 is horrible--can't see/navigate all settings, etc.  Definitely need this app.

crooza says:

There hardly any apps in the windows 8 market place. I reakon even less then WP7. Wish it already come out so i can at least download media center again.
and i do love this asus tablet running RT

WinPhanKyle says:

I would create and app that would allow a person to manage their money/financials/budgets more easily. It would allow a person to connect their bank accounts, iras, etc. Keep track of portfolios. Heck may even add a stock market manager in there too. There are so many possibilities with this contest!

CobaltDragon says:

An allowance tracking app for parents and kids

rbuckton says:

I could use that for my kids. Add "sticker" charts and a web leaderboard :)

CobaltDragon says:

That would be on the list of to-do features. I actually have a very early version of it on my WP7 dev box - but I haven't had any time to work on it and finish it, so I'm just going to wait until WP8 to finish it up and publish.

sinime says:

I'm working on my first app right now... It's for Flying Saucer, UFO Club Members. It helps you keep track of your race to drinking 200 different beers and offers tools to help that are not available on the mobile web site or other "Beer Knurd" apps. Would love some free tools to help with the process.

Nokia Expert says:

I would develop and invoice tracking system for improving manging expenses for Contractors and freelances.

KFBradley says:

I would build a Canadian topography app that allows the sharing of your location as well as offline viewing of topo maps. There currently exists no good option for Canadians.

rbuckton says:

I'd develop a personal Auto-tune-like app so everyone can be an instant pop star. Seriously though, the the good ideas I'll keep to myself till they're ready to publish ;)

Chummsy says:

I'd probably develop an application that could help students in college get to their classes through augmented reality. I'd be limited to my own university but I'd be open to some help from people from other colleges.

jbrock31 says:

I would like to developer a "Song Pop" type game, but with a much deeper library and an improved UI that fits the windows phone style. A much simpler and more intuitive interface would be one of the biggest improvements, and as a rival to the song pop app that is not available for windows phone.

q21701 says:

I'd make a decent pregnancy progress application.

superteza says:

I would make an application that measures a smile. Just a simple camera shot of a wide open mouth making a big, honest smile. So the biggest smile you have, would be used as a welcome screen picture (or the wallpaper, screensaver). As the number of shots raises, there's a chance that you'd get a bigger or nicer smile.   

Chazz says:

I'm currently working on a traditional Japanese style RPG. There aren't many options out there on the marketplace, i feel there's room for real games alongside your usual casual mobile games. As well im looking into making some proper google apps. Since the search giant apparently hates us.

CronGM says:

I'd like to develop a card game based on Rummy. I've been playing a variation of Contract Rummy for years with a few friends, and it's super fun.

carlosrdd says:

I would make a yugioh app that lets duel with the latest ban list and lets tou scan your cards with the camera and add them to the game. Something like dueling network but with better game engine and of course live tile updates of match invites and messages. Also most importantly I'd make sure I would update it 2 times a month with the top 3 most requested features.

AdamUCF says:

OceanData (already in WP marketplace, planned for Win8) - displays tide and buoy information. Charting tools would come in handy so I can redo the charting UI/capabilities.

KEXP Player (already in WP marketplace, planned for Win8) - streaming radio for KEXP radio station in Seattle
I began working on another Windows 8 app but I'd rather not reveal it yet :)

I would develop a driving log app for both PC and phone. It can read miles and breaks from ODB/CAN-bus via Bluetooth and keeps track of them. You can select the reason for this trip: for example project, customer, account/contact ... Data would be synced to database, like Dynamics CRM.

bionicrain says:

I'd develop a fully funtional Steam client, including chat, purchasing games and the community.

ngreader says:

Nextgen Reader for Windows 8!

troygates says:

If I had the time to develop an app for Win8, it would be a family health app that tracks everything about the health of members of the family. It would store the data on the web so it could be accessed with a WP8 version of the app also.

iTamma says:

I'm developing a Windows 8 App to help children to learn the alphabet

sRc#WP says:

right now the app I want to develop for my phone is an app to allow me to run Swiss-system tournaments, which I need to occasionally and it would ne nice to do it on my phone instead of having to bring my laptop with me

xeean says:

I would develop the game Okey - rummikub based game, very popular in turkey. Thats totally missing in the marketplace :-)

andrew120 says:

My plans are to start working on a social\business app by which user creates and shares different content(text, images, videos, etc) on both mobile and desktop
Having the Mindscape suite would be definitely very useful!

clownhunter says:

I would develop AngryBirdsVille.
Just kidding.  More realistically, I'd make a good Euchre app.

cessnao3 says:

I would develop an app that would allow me to log my remote control airplane flying hours and airplanes, including charges, flight times, and more.

Rinedog says:

An app that could greatly benefit from these controls, but I won't give away my ideas publically on a form for anyone to take.

TheMofaDe says:

I would develop a racing game that has an good story mode and with an online leaderboard that compared stats with other players daily,weekly,etc..

CanonCygnus says:

I want to develop something that Microsoft ridiculously left out. A full-fledge tutorial. I want to teach people how to use Windows 8 by all input methods - touchscreen, mouse, keyboard. I want to teach them to adapt onto a better operating system, using new and strange commands that they would instinctively thinks otherwise. For example, for an old Windows user, I want to teach them about the Modern Apps - How does it differ from a Win32 program, a right click would do more than giving a context menu; for an iOS user, I want to teach them about the quick-swipe to chose, how to search, where the settings for an app. I want to teach people about the Charms, where to look for signal bar or time. I want to teach about Modern design language, how to navigate within a paranoma driven UI rather button driven UI, semantic zoom. I want to guide business and consumer to Microsoft's ecosystem, from game to music to movie. I really want my app to be  bundled with every grandma computer, and I will definitely make it ads-free.

CanonCygnus says:

I also want to make a Zune MX. XBox music sucks from performance to MP3 tags reading. Give me back the Pins-New-History. I hope this will be on both platforms (phone and pc)

jdv.seishin says:

I would port my existing WP7 app for both Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8. The app is an integrated virtual learning environment for our university where students can view their modules, submit assignments, participate in forums & more...

justjilan says:

Scholar feeds application where everything related to education at basic level is provided like tips,mind games,eBook links

Coldain says:

I would develop a shopping system that incoprate tons of features.
It would be accessed through the interntet, computer, phone, appliances. The majority of the features would be most useful on a phone or tablet.
It would start of with a cloud based shopping list. This list would communicate with all family members (my wife or child who have the app) as well as maybe a program for appliances. Maybe the fridge / freezer (monitor food levels and track what's already in the fridge), and possibly the over (preheat the oven to a specific degree at a given time based of a dinner planner/schedule).
The shopping list would start out using barcodes, pictures, and descriptions. That way if I were to tell my wife who's at the grocery store that I need deodrant or something she could get the specific kind that I use. Possibly as NFC grows and becomes cheaper to produce it could take over barcodes. 
It would integrate local deals, and compare the prices of the specific or general item. (For example it would check the prices of the specific type of apples (Gala) and compare the prices between the stores and it would also suggest the lowest price apple overall (Pink Lady at Harmons). You could look up coupons and it would automatically apply them when calculating where to buy. It would also suggest deals where it might be cheaper to buy in bulk, for example buying 10 gatorades saves $5 for a specific store.
It would figure out what you need and then what stores you have decided to go to. It will locate the nearest stores from a location you determine (work, home, current location, etc). It would then route you the most economical path for shopping, it would switch to the preferred driving application of your choice, or a built in one (possibly) and take you to the first store. Upon reaching the store it would detect that you have entered the building. Then using a method not yet fully developed, (either magnetic fields, or nokia's plans, or something else) would take you on the most time saving path to each food within the store. No more hunting for things or going back and forth across the store. It would guide you. Upon leaving the store it would understand that you're ready to move on and direct you to the next stores location and so on.
When NFC takes over barcodes (it may be a long while) there might be an option to more quickly pay for what you purchased at the store. You could tap your phone to pay and it will send your shopping list for the store (to compare with the scanned items), coupons, membership/loyalty cards, and then request payment from the phones NFC.  Maybe a conveyer belt with an NFC sensor along the end of the path so that it would scan each tag (of each product) as it crossed the line. This could make the check out process much faster and when pared with the shopping list alert you of anything you might have overlooked or forgotten. This same idea is what I'm thinking might be used to more easily monitor what goes into the fridge and leaves it. Maybe have low power scanners that only activate when drawers, doors, and lids are open.
Possibly adding a recipe feature to plan meals, that would gather what ingredients are required (input how many you wish to serve) and then compares to what it knows you have. It would add the missing ingredients to the shopping list (they would be the closest size of product to what is needed but also suggest the best deal incase you wanted more of the given ingredient for another time.
And whatever else I forgot to mention.

eviatard says:

I would make an app that enable to control cars like start stop engine and A/C

Nataku4ca says:

im looking to develop KTV app for win8, tiny problem is my current comp won't let me run the emulator lol, i guess ill have to wait until i buy the tablet come october

Rhamsey says:

I'd love to make a game similar to wolfinstine gameplay, but with added match 3 puzzle concept.

lovince says:

I would make an app engine that automatically detects mode of transportation and calculate out its carbon footprint, then build a game to challenge users to reduce it.

samyom says:

Children's Story books app and puzzles
Also the Metro Elements are going for $799, it's now where for $61.

Po_MD says:

It would be something like Animal Crossing.

Loxias says:

I'd make a fantasy football app that would allow you to input teams and scoring rules from different leagues/sites and keep track of news for your players.

pittphan says:

If I could design any app for Win8 It would be an NFC/Card management app that lets you easily add rewards cards, coupons, poromotional deals and payment cards(gift and other). You would be able to securely manage these items via this Metro Win8 app and everything you do would be synced with the companion WP8 app. The WP8 app will let you use NFC to pay for items and apply coupons, but also send you location based notifications when you are in a location that corresponds to one of the promotions or coupons you clipped in the Win8 Metro app. This would work via live tile and toast notifications though the live tile would be be suited to display any promotions/coupons that expire soon. The notifications would work the same on the Metro Win8 app as they would on the WP8 app.
Also there would be the ability through the new API's to use the camera to scan a barcode or take a picture or scan an NFC  tag of an item to save (or clip) it for later consideration. This will work on both the Win8 and WP8 apps.
Lastly - just a thought - You could also keep certian items saved in the app under additional security (like Visa card, passport details, gift ideas etc.) but not synced via the cloud.  Instead certian items that you want to keep extra secure can only be transferred between the Win8 Metro app and WP8 app -- that are used by the same account -- via NFC. 
P.S. after I posted this I saw the Coldain had posted something similar... as a disclaimer I did not read any of the other posts before I wrote mine. Hopefully one of us can make an app do some of these awesome things!

Mystictrust says:

A puzzle game or simple platformer game  :) I'd also like to get in on some phone customization apps (I'll have to dig in to the SDK to and see what I can work with) and a productivity app I'm getting some ideas for.

cammsaul says:

I've already published an app, but for my next app I might do a binaural beats app (like iDoser on iOS) for Windows Phone.

LightBulbIT says:

I would make an app that would arm patients (Dialysis in particular) with the information they need from the patients perspective. The information is out there, but they either don't understand it or are intimidated by the language. There is also a lack of "visual" information that would enable patients to see EXACTLY how important taking your medication and following directions really is (and graphically, what happens if you don't). There are apps to track stats, but the patients don't really know how what they mean or how they are the symptoms they are feeling are  caused by their behavior (or lack of it). Also, family/friend education is very helpful. It is a scary time for everyone and having a guide that would tell you EXACTLY what to do and WHEN to do it, your rights and "how to work within the system for your best health" would be greatly appreciated. I would start with dialysis because I know it (as a kidney transplant recipient), but the basic structures could be used for ANY disease and expecially chronic ones (high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc.) Having this information in the mobile, tablet and computer formats that could easily interact would be a MASSIVE help in improving quality of life and death rates.

vlad.tira says:

I would make a WP app that shows information about the economy using the St. Louis Fed data (available here).

KarateDad says:

I'd develop a spelling bee application that helps kids to prepare for spelling bees.

I am building a tool that lets the users visually design and execute queries from an asure database.

It will also allow queries to run from a SQL server with custom web services

platao7 says:

I would write an application to support the usage of Transactional Analysis like egograms and drivers.

Alkasai says:

It would be an augmented-reality, ad-hoc, multiplayer game, with the modern style interface and global leaderborad.
Or a calculator.. Whichever is harder. =)

laceska says:

A Free portfolio management & investment advice software.

Ste09 says:

I would port my Windows Phone 7 mobile first aid app :)

Sgt. Fox III says:

I would love to port the old Hero Quest board game with multiplayer, AI and map editor .

mannerman says:

I would develop a PROPER WoW-armory app using their api.

timotei21 says:

I would develop a Dota-like client for Windows Phone.

Krispy88 says:

If I could develop an app for Windows 8 or Windows Phone it would be a great Google Reader client.

nanoPass says:

I am actually sketching up my game now, multiplayer game to b played on WP8 and Win8. Can't reveal the concept as it is already coming together, I am very confident in my idea and can't wait to show it off ;)

macros_1 says:

A toddler app. One of those, here's my phone...entertain yourself type things.

SyphonFi says:

I'd like to develop customized business oriented apps - visual calculators which pull data from business models stored in MS Excel spreadsheets and allow users to change variables using rich UI controls and view business results in real time.

OpherA says:

I would develop an automation app which allows users to build macros, hooking various triggers (such as shaking the phone, clicking the volume rocker, etc.) to smartphone actions which get executed in response (turning the LED on/off, enabling/disabling mobile hotspot, etc).

rhodri22 says:

I would develop a DLNA streaming app with the ability to save played content to the device, and a built in server to easily share videos and pictures taken on the phone to clients. It would also have a rating system that would save to the file so other users could see the ratings on multiple devices.