We're live at Nokia World all day today and tomorrow.

Howdy folks, yes we're here at Nokia World and will be bringing you all the news as it happens. The keynote is going on right now and unfortunately, the internet for press is a bit awful right now.

Look for our hands on with the new Windows Phones coming up in a few hours as well our interviews and general coverage of Nokia's new services and app.



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jabtano says:

Bring it on we are ready form Nokia Love!

Steppa.Sound says:

Daniel and the WPCentral Crew,Please ask if Nokia will support "Sim Toolkit" on the WP7 phones. This is an indispensable application for those of us in the developing world e.g. Mobile banking (which is MASSIVE in the developing) requires it. Also ask about the support of Nokia Maps in the developing world as Bing Maps just doesn't cut it (outside of the US and Europe).

thenet says:

I been trying to get into Nokia Live Webcast but it keeps saying reached it limit. So yes millions of people are logging into the webcast. I cant wait to see New Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phones. Hope they bring it to United States next month soon!

thenet says:

I just hope nokia wp 7.5 mango phones will have Front Face Camera feature.

futurix says:

The first two models don't :-(

Menzlo says:

confirmed, the ones they announced do not have ff cameras :(The lumia 800 looks fantastic, though I wish it had more than 16gb storage.

Oussi says:

what a disapointment for me, no FF it's a deal breaker, though i like the design of 800 , but this means i will go with samsung probobly, or may be htc, been waiting for long time. what a dissapointment

devGOD says:

very disappointed nothing special at all just the N9, last years phone being pushed this year.

theman60099 says:

as if these are the only phones that will be announced,get a grip carajo!!

Gmotagi says:

You'd better go buy a crappy android then. Cya.

binlid1 says:

Wow...I was all-in on the Lumia 800 but with news of no Front Facing Camera I have now decided to go out and buy the HTC Titan.I want to be able to Skype/Tango call my kids at home while I'm working and won't be able to do that on Nokia device (until they announce a higher end model)Everything else about Lumia looks amazing but FFC is a deal breaker for me...Lumia not announced for Ireland market anyway but was gonna buy one directly. Was then thinking I'd wait until 2012 line-up but with no announcements about what hardware will be available then, and which markets, I have to give up on Nokia.Had they teased a better model for 2012 I'd consider waiting but unfortunately not.Loss for Nokia. Win for HTC.

_af_ says:

Nokia Lumia 800 ($585) – 1.4Ghz single core, 3.7 AMOLED, 800x480, 512Mb RAM, 16Gb internal, 1450mAh, no slot for micro-SD cards, sensor keyshttp://www.nokia.co.uk/gb-en/products/phone/lumia800/specifications/Not for me. Small screen and sensor key, staying with my Focus.

Can someone please tell me if the Nokia Lumia 800 sports Gorilla Glass?

I find that source not very convincing XD The reason I have doubts are caused the official specs page. http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/Lumia_800/ it doesn't say it has gorilla glass. But it does say that on the N9 page: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/N9/

Just a word about the FF camera, Nokia have put these in their Symbian phones for years and very few people every used them for various reasons. Network charges were always ridiculous and now we are seeing more carriers move away from unlimited data plans.Apple made a big fuzz about Facetime but the truth is barely anyone uses it.Just remember guys these two devices aren't aimed at the US market expect the Ace to be announced early 2012 I'd imagine.

JamesDax3 says:

Very disappointed indeed. smhOh well, I can admit that I was wrong. And I was. :(I hope these really do well overseas and here's hoping something nice will come from them to the US sometime next year. Will be holding on to my HD7 for a bit longer.