Windows Phone App Gap

What apps are missing in the Windows Phone Store?

There’s no denying that Windows Phone is the mobile operating system in third place. A distance third, but third nonetheless. It’s still got a lot of work to do in order to catch up to iOS globally before it even can have Android on its radar. The latest numbers from the IDC put Windows Phone at 3.6% marketshare, while Android and iOS are at 81.0% and 12.9% respectively. What about apps? 

Marketshare is just one way to measure success. Another is the number of quality apps in a particular ecosystem. Windows Phone had a slow start, but 2013 was a big year for getting high-quality apps from big-name companies and startups. Like marketshare, there’s still a lot of work to do in order to close the (quality) app gap. What apps do you really want to see make the jump from Android and iOS to Windows Phone?

Last weekend, we informally asked via Twitter what apps you still want on Windows Phone. We won’t get into the specifics today, but we’re going to be doing some cool stuff with Nokia for the top requested apps.

We have a pretty solid list from that Twitter poll, but we want to make it a little more official. In the comments below, list some apps that you really want to see make the jump to Windows Phone. 

Have a great weekend everyone! We'll share more in the coming weeks. 



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VSCO cam, is the key app for me. if we could get it for WP, it would be wonderful. However they told me that there are no plans at all to make the jump by the moment. 

toph36 says:

What does that app do that apps current on WP can't?

MANY things. The overall editing tools are excellent, but the main reason are VSCO's filters basically.

Fhotoroom says:

sorry to jump in but may i ask you specifically which one's. Since they are not coming to WP I would be very glad to add them to fhotoroom, just email me the filter name at admin AT and i will gladly add them without charging like they do for the Levi's filter ;)

Also VSCO is very heavy into the FADE image processing type filters which fhotoroom already has and you can pretty much create any filter in VSCO in fhotoroom including the ones they charge for.

Fhotoroom says:

sorry for pulling a John Legere moment ;)

alphaios says:

I agree!! It would be totally awesome, if you were to look into it!!! To see the equivalents to the basic vsco filters (B1,B5,C1,F2,G3,M3,M5,P5,T1,X1) would already be pretty amazing!!! But any additional filters are always much appreciated of course :D


Fhotoroom says:

Np, wrote each one down and will look into them as soon as i finish the double exposure filter tonight for the next update. ;)

C1 is one of my favourites :)

It will be surely awesome :)

Unforgiven2 says:

I am interested into this filter.

First Take a "Short Exposure" picture - as fast as it can be taken to extract the edges of all the pixels, shapes and a basic color for each shape/edge.

Then Take a "Long Exposure" (longer) picture and extract all shapes and a reference color for all pixels, shapes and edges.

And then another picture - Short Exposure.

All this and without the flash. Maybe. Because the flash overexpose all the colors...

Then combile all the pixels.

Basically we have a sharper image (first one) with no color acuracy... and a color richer picture - potentially blurrred.

And we have a "trace" for all the shapes and pixel reference colors.

By combining a #1 and #2 (and maybe #3) we have a sharper color rich picture.

What do you say... can you write this filter?



Fhotoroom says:

This is very similiar to the HDR process which adjusts exposure of each shot and then combines them together to make a richer image. I just released an app call Fhotolens which does this. It has only been out for 10 days and i already got out 3 updates and have an update being finished today. It is very complicate technique but i am working hard to make it an easy process for all users not just power.

Fhotoroom says:

So here is the low down, i am down to finishing M3, M5 and P5. The rest have been added but under different names. I also updated the UI to be cleaner, made all the filters faster, added pinch to zoom even when editing so it is on all the time now and also added a few more other filter frames and more. This will be a truly massive update on so many levels. Thank you for the feedback and hope you like it once v10 is released.

alphaios says:

Sounds amazing!!! Can't wait :D!!!

Fhotoroom says:

its official v10.0.0 is now available :)

giorgio h says:


tallgeese says:


alphaios says:

Totally agree!!!


Jack Larson1 says:

I don't even have Fotoroom, but I'm impressed!

norville2 says:

I didn't have, but i do now.

Downloading as we speak. Fhotoroom just gained another customer for being proactive.

PeadarWagon says:

Is there any way to move the filters over the image so they look more natural? If I find a filter I really like and use it twice you can totally see the filter over the images.

Fhotoroom says:

sorry i am not exactly sure i fully understand.

They mean to manually move the layer ontop of the photo around so that you cant see the same marks of the filter in the same place on every photo to make it look more random and natural.

Fhotoroom says:

sorry for delayed response got very late here ;) Is there an app that shows this well?

Theazogu says:

Does he mean something like this on-off overlay?

Truitt Dill says:

I think what he is trying to say is kind of like the blur feature in say 6tag where you can rub your finger on the screen and manually blur specific parts but make it so it adds the filter instead of blur.  Also if you were to implement this idk how hard it would be but maybe a method to control how much it affects the specific point on the picture.  To refer back to the blur analogy, make it so you could make some parts more blurry than others.

Fhotoroom says:

Yes we have this type of effect and more on our Win8 app, just haven't had a chance to rollout our solution for this on WP8 yet.

Arunabh says:

Fhotoroom (The guy running Fhotoroom) i love ur app. can we have a setting where you apply multiple filters to different parts of the same photo without extending them to the other part of the photo?? for example, i could have the top half(or quadrant, whatever) in sepia, the other in pencil sketch?? i think it will allow more creativity for the users.


I am not sure whether something like this already exists.. would love to know if it does! :)


Fhotoroom says:

ty, i know what you mean and I have something in the works but i am doing it at a app core level so that it will be part of every filter rather than a separate filter. Just changes like this are a little big to be done right and i kind of pride myself on the fact that fhotoroom can process 22MP photos on a 1020 which no iPhone can do (limited to 20 by OS). So i am just trying to preserve as much as possible but it is coming i promise.

brorim says:

fhotoroom were among the first apps i bought for wp. Great job..

Hi Fhotoroom,

I am a big fan of Fhotoroom and I know Fhotoroom has a lot of updates in these days. They are awesome very sure and let me suggest you why do people keep asking Vsco cam is you should try to compare after applied two similar effects from Vsco and Fhotoroom. The results are too different I think. Vsco looks are more film look. Hope my comment can help you and for me Fhotoroom is the best photo editing app on windows phone. Thank you for bringing this awesome app.



Fhotoroom says:

hello Chit

               If you saw my comments up a bit, i plan to add more film like effects and that sort of the goal for some of my softer filter like Adele. I make filters a bit heavy handed so that users can reduce them to their needs rather than have to apply the same filter twice for a heavier effect. It might be wise if i reduce the initial value of some of these filters to make 1 click filters easier than assume users will reduce to their liking?

Ty ;)

Fhotoroom says:

its official v10.0.0 is now available :)

Hi Fhotorrom,

Love your app. The most I love photo editing softwares on windows phone are Fhotoroom and Hipstamatic oggl pro. If you don't mind I would like to suggest you one thing. It will be better if you allow landscape mode while photo editing, I think. How's your opinion? And one more is if we can do selective points editing like snapseed, it's lovely.

Thanks :)

Something I would like on windows phone is film stock emulation.   

If fhotoroom had .cube 3D LUT support it would be epic. 

Fhotoroom says:

technically it wouldn't be a big deal at all, i would just need an import system to get the .cube files. At which point i would be able to process them easily. Technically fhotoroom already has all the core function to work with .cube but you are the first person to mention them to me in more than a year an a half. That is why it is why a UI has never been developed for the functions.

What is the Graphic User Interface based on? Jpg images? It would be nice to change the app icon and match its look with the rest of the interface. What should be the specs for the images?

saltellezjr says:

Sometimes I just want a few games here and there... not knock offs, they aren't as good, either aesthetically or functionally.
Examples: dots, tiny wings (though I much prefer the penguin concept), mega dead pixel, super hexagon, olo... am I dreaming with my eyes open??

TheZuneLune says:

Agreed...not more filter but more along the line of Adobe Express.

miyagiCE says:

Super Hexagon... I wish...

Sadly, the developer seems to think it's not worth the trouble. He literally has it on every other platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, even BlackBerry for God's sake), but nope, WP's too much trouble.

src: [interview] [dev's page]

I tried offering assistance to the developer several months ago but he is not interested. Anyway, I have already started working on a similar game on my own. Its coming along very well. 6-8 weeks away from release.




miyagiCE says:

Well, what can I say. It's a damn shame. :/

Keep us posted about your game though! :)

Nick Garza says:

I would like to have dots, simple and addicting game.

tyaan says:

GRave Defense HD is what I am missing most. Best tower defense game. Loved it on webOS!

alphaios says:

Totally agree!!! VSCO cam and I'm 99,9% happy again ;-)

muvig says:

You are asked, what really do you what that is on this VSCO which is missing on Photoroom so that the developer can add it for free but instead i keep on seeing these +928 etc, then i wonder if this is not the 'follow the crowd' thing, where one is set/conditioned to use given path even though there are better alternatives

alphaios says:

don't know what you want from me??? my comment was one of the first (before I was asked anything... Look at the time...) of course it doesn't make sense, if you view it as an isolated statement. BTW: It's Fhotoroom not Photoroom...

rodneyej says:

Did you get the idea for this article from me, Sam❔

alphaios says:

Since Nokia focuses so much on photography, they really need to get some more premium editing apps (not saying the ones that are out there are bad, but sadly there are a few missing, such as VSCO, flickr, filterstorm, camera+, and a really good HDR app would also be amazing...)

cannon#WP says:

Flickr has been out for a while

Mafiatounes says:

Yes it has been out for over 2years without an update, it is a WP7.5 app actually. Definatly needs an update!

anilreddy112 says:

All tennis apps,I badly need them

ManuDutt says:

Yup...please 1) "ATP/WTA Live" is a must ! 2) Expense tracking app - "All Budget" 3) Official "IGN" app 4) "Tweetbot" pls ..5) "The Verge"
And lastly, "Dropbox" & "Flipboard" asap. ;)

tyaan says:

Dropbox is a good one!

calbro says:

I saw a Dropbox...maybe I was mistaken

Jan Tomsic says:

There are plenty 'dropbox' apps, but none official or even close. There is no good 3rd party dropbox client.

There are plenty of excelent expense tracking apps, there was a post on nokia conversations about such apps recently.

jake69 says:

there is a Flickr app.

seriously, how many photo apps does one need? Right now I am having hard time using 4.

alphaios says:

Well, I'm aware of that, but have you ever tried it out? Probably not, as it doesn't work at all and I don't mean that it sort of works, but that it's just worse than on ios/android. I mean its literally a dead app, which hasn't been updated for almost 2 years now. Therefore, saying that there is one, is not really helpful in this matter, as it is an absolutely useless app...

MikeSo says:

Tons of apps are like that. Many big name apps that haven't been updated for 2 or 3 years. That's just unacceptable.

jake69 says:

What do you mean useless. Sure it hasn't update for awhile...but I was able to upload and download pictures just fine. 

alphaios says:

Well that might be the case for you, but I along with I don't know how many other users simply can't even log-in. If you look at the app ratings (or in various forums) you'll see that this is an old issue. However, some I guess are lucky and don't have that problem (god knows why some can and others can't log into their accounts). But to me its absolutely useless at the moment...

visu9211 says:

Need Flickr App with auto backup support... they give 1 TB free now...

Fhotoroom says:

thank you for sharing the filterstorm didn't know about that one :)

alphaios says:

You're welcome!!! :)


Ed Boland says:

There's a couple "really good" HDR apps already! HDR Camera and 4Blend HDR are both excellent HDR apps in my opinion...

alphaios says:

Well, if you think so ok...I guess HDR Camera is getting there (although not quite yet, in my opinion) and regarding 4Blend HDR, although the app design is amazing, I just don't get it. The 3EV: +6, 0, -6 looks almost exactly like a normal picture and if one tweaks the exposure settings a little the whole picture becomes a big blur... I've always liked the PRO HDR on ios, to see something equivalent to that on WP8 would be really great!!!


paulomalley says:

I'd honestly be happy with a decent Panorama App and a mobile version of Lightroom for editing my 1520's DNG files...

alphaios says:

haha mobile version of lightroom, I like that one :D (but I totally agree!!!)

kokola95 says:

Photosynth is the best one IMO

paulomalley says:

I didn't say I wanted the best one... I want a good one... (i already have photosynth installed, as well as about 4 others...)

cesar ruiz1 says:

Photosynth is good but quality is bad

Jan Tomsic says:

Why would you ruin the amazing PureView photo with a stupid filter? I've tried a couple of filtering apps, and they all ruined the photo. I take my photos only with Nokia Camera and maybe fix some color and contrast later on PC

Musice says:

VSCO Cam!!

You guys should post on their facebook page ;)

duk3togo says:

What's VSCO cam? Mr I just want my banking apps... I need a Citibank app... I use IE, mint and pageonce but I want a native one... Everything else eh... Or an app that would give me a million dollars would be my fav app lol ;)

forfie says:

+1 Citibank and VSCO

ericcodes says:

+1 million dollars

2tomtom says:

Banking apps, yes.

Especially HSBC for UK.

MrWhiteman says:

HSBC are theives. Go on youtube and watch "wham bam thankyou scam"

2tomtom says:

Random comment!

I believe everything I see on YouTube lol

Nokia_Lover says:

I want ICICI bank app. They have an app for Windows 8. Not sure why it is missing for WP8.

SocalTouch says:

+920 on Charles Schwab

giorgio h says:


Theazogu says:

I honestly love mattebox on iOS better than VSCOcam... Share filters, view them online, AND import into Lightroom? Swoon.

rodneyej says:

How about a app that can make the WP start screen look like a mix between iOS, and Android❔

rodneyej says:

What❔.. What's wrong with that❔

Aashish13 says:

Please leave the premises

Lobbie1978 says:

How bout an app that could delete comments like yours

RyanAMG says:

This made my day.

rodneyej says:


Sean D. says:

You gotta be kidding, right??

rodneyej says:

Yes Sean.. Old Rodney was, once again, being super facetious...

wolfgangjr says:

Oh rodneye. You never cease to amaze.

tallgeese says:

You obtuse piece of flotsam! Have you no respect for the Modern?!!!

rodneyej says:

You me Metro❔

Ticomfreak says:

I started writing an app like that with a keyboard plugin that other apps could use. I stopped development because I had other projects.

WPBlox1989 says:

Apps that require interop hacking and Start screen layout changing (except App Folders) in a Windows Phone will never be allowed by Microsoft in the WP Store and we cannot install apps outside of the WP Store in our Windows Phones so you can dream and forget about such a app rodneyej.

MatsuDano says:

+1 for Schwab. Even if its not the mammoth trading one, just a simple mobile banking app would be great.

kurtd says:

+1 need Schwab, pnc, everbank, capital one360, Barclays, etc. All missing from the app store.

cdbstl76 says:

If the PNC app is anything like their W8 app, no thanks. I used to want it to, but I pinned the mobile site to my start screen. Its so much better than their W8 attempt.

tribexx says:

PNC called me after an "in bank" visit...

I told them that I wouldn't have had to come in if they had a WP8 app.

theorbo says:

+1 for PNC - please soon!!!


Let me add to that... Western Union and MoneyGram so I can send money from an app at my convenience...Amex Bluebird card...WalMart MoneyCard or GreenDot equivalent...RushCard...StraightTalk, Net10, or Tracfone for all three...some prepaid love

Let me guess, you know some Nigerian princes who need some funds for cutting you into a huge windfall..?

No, I travel for a living and use these services the way that they are supposed to be idiot...everybody has different needs depending on the way that they use devices and services!

No doubt, however there are few legitimate uses for Western Union and MoneyGram anymore either.  I travel for business quite a bit, few things beat a Amex and a Visa.  I cannot think of a situation where WU made any sense at all.

At any rate, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and avoid returning your insult.  However you have to admit that your use case seems a bit fishy. ;)

How about transferring money to family & friends in different countries?

That's what I'm saying... Some people have such a limited world view! They heard something on the news about some people scamming via legitimate services and think that it applies to the millions of people that use said services. So no, I don't admit that my use case is fishy.

NIST says:

There are no video apps. Bring Hollywood Movie FX like on ios to Windows Phone. That would be awesome.

holzlondon says:

Pinterest please!!

Um, you mean different than the pinterest app that's there?

twelvetudors says:

That one isn't official.

dalydose says:

Gawd forbid it ain't "official". I hope you're not using it then.

rodneyej says:

Lordy, lord❕... The post is about official apps, kid❕

ericcodes says:

How good is the third-party one?

jlzimmerman says:

None of the third party apps have full rights to Pinterest so they all lack what the official apps on other platforms have.

This is the most high profile app that has no good third party alternative on Windows Phone.


and HSBC app

and hopstop

ilvy says:

+1 an official one would be great! 

Target app, target ticket

inertiaNokia says:

Don't forget Target Cartwheel app

Geronimo928 says:

Good suggestion!

Groover1971 says:

+1 on Cartwheel.

SocalTouch says:

+920 Target Cartwheel

rodneyej says:

Another good one.

ikissfutebol says:

Target? Lumia will be stolen in the next breach! I kid! I would like one, too. Chase was cool with replacing what I needed.

planoman says:

Not kidding.  I have not gone into Target since learning of the breach.  They are the nearest supermarket to our home.  They have lost my business for  while.  I do not believe they were diligent enough with my financial data...

rdubmu says:

It could happen to any company. ESPN insider got hacked in the early 2000's. The credit card companies will refund anything that is fraud.

planoman says:

I know it could.  Based on the reading I have done, Target should have taken more care.  More was lost in the breach than just cc numbers.  They are now saying that they got a lot more information than first reported.  I just got an email yesterday giving me a year of credit card and indentity monitoring.  They would not have offered that if just the CC numbers were taken.  One reason I like Google Wallet, both tap and pay and the physical card.  It uses a virtual number while protecting your real info.  Peoples info should not have been retained in the POS system.  

Like I said, they have lost my business for a while and most of my neighbors since the Supertarget is near our neighborhood.  

WP95 says:

target seems way to expensive. there has to be a walmart around you lol

ashram says:

Target Ticket, that's their movie service like Ultraviolet right? I thought you could import those into Flixster as well, as I did with my free movies when I signed up.... If that's still the case.

waym1962 says:

Target, ticket, and their cartwheel app

JohnnyCanuck says:

Canadian banking apps: TD Canada Trust, RBC, and CIBC would be the most notable ones.


Also, a full features Sonos app that allowed playback of music from my phone to a Sonos system. 

Dos101 says:


Ironically there is an RBC app on Windows 8.

The worst part is they said WP8 app was going to be released soon back in Dec. 2012 and then obviously scrapped development.

Coan says:

pcfinancial as well, who has apps for everything else 

gerbir21 says:

+1 ... rbc commented on Twitter several months ago that they were working on a WP8 app... Sure is taking some time.

bilzkh says:

Agreed. We have a dearth of *key* Canadian apps, i.e. banking apps, airlines, Tim Hortons, etc. There is no way Windows Phone is going to grow its userbase here without those apps, absolutely *no way*. Those local apps are keeping BB10 afloat (and growing) here.

Dos101 says:

Oh ya, Tim's was another one. They're even rolling out NFC payments with the app on other platforms too! I would love to have that functionality on my 1520.

MikeSo says:

What, you want to actually USE NFC? WP8 is clearly not designed for that... could be a security breach, you know!

Kyle Garrett says:

+1 Canadian Banking Apps

Windows Phone has less than 2% in Canada that's why... Its so unfortunate.

MrGoodSmith says:

Yes, Canadian banks. TD bank please.

Shimoner01 says:

+920 - Scotia for me.

k0de says:

Agree! +925

I have always got the 'low market share' reply from TD when I ask about it.

davebolton says:

Does low market share mean TD? or WP8? :)

RyanAMG says:

We have a TD app just not as good as it could be.

feariam says:

+1 !! This would make my day!

PurpleOmen says:

UK banking app, Nationwide! Would be nice to have NFC payment too!!

macchap says:

Yes please to the Nationwide banking app!


macchap says:

Forgot to add that this has been officially suggested to them on the "Your Nationwide" section of the website and currently has over 10,000 votes in favour so there is a clear demand. Would be great if WPC and Nokia could apply so extra pressure on them.


WhippedKream says:

I downloaded the rbc app on windows 8 and I love it! Why cant we have love on wp8? -_-

blackprince says:

I use the RBC app all the time and would love the same on my phone

frriv31 says:

+1 + ING in a better version

astroboy#WP says:

+1 RBC app please!!

pmich says:

Sweet! We got so many Canadians on here!!!!!

apocacrux says:

Yes, this! I need the CIBC NFC payment app.

gorebashd says:

Agreed. Would love more Canadacentic apps especially my bank lol.

traceamar says:

Timmy, Canucks, Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Scotiabank, RBC, TD, CIBC, Whitecaps, CFL, Air Canada, Westjet, Cineplex.... I could be here all night typing

AhmedEltawil says:

Don't forget BMO as well.

Sulslim says:

Flipboard, AutoCad 360, YouTube, MKV player, Audi MMI, BMW assist, Mercedes Benz ... (other car apps), Singapore Air, Emirates, Virgin ... Starbucks, Nike+ RUN, Nike+ training, Adidas, Phillips light, B&O remote, siemens smarthouse, quadrocopter remote), Samsung remote, Sony PS Zone, AOK

barna92 says:

Autocad would be nice

whiteSMURF says:

AutoCAD would be great, but I'd settle for the iOS app, Magic Plan.
Just any floor plan (blue print) maker would be great.

nasellok says:

Im an Architect - do you people actually use these mobile CAD apps?  I find them completely useless - the screen is way too small to do anything worthwile.  Maybe a .dwg, and 3D model viewer app would be useful - but to actually edit a file, and / or draw somethign on my phone, ill pass.  Thats why i got myself Dell Venue 8 Pro - AutoCAD runs great on it, and using the touchmousepointer desktop plugin app, I have the ability to actually use the software on the go.  That being said, nothing compares to using a mouse, and keyboard doing CAD work.

Cryio says:

There is no need for an official Youtube app. We have Youtube HD,a free great app. Then there's MetroTube and MyTube for even better experiences. Also you don't need mkv player when you have Moli Player.

Nik Rolls says:

Agreed for the MKV player, lesser name apps aren't as important if you have an equivalent.

I disagree for the big-name apps. Even if there are great (or even better) third party versions, you need feature-complete first party versions for the ecosystem to be taken seriously.

paulxxwall says:

No one in either ios or android has even heard of metro tube or my tube....all they know is YouTube.

Yousef Kawmi says:

you can tell Growgle that

2tomtom says:

And, after speaking to Android users of Youtube, they can not download videos. Amazingly I can to my WP and Surface from these "mone Youtube apps.

I'm staying Windows thank you!

3165dwayne says:

Tubemate works very well for downloading videos on Android. Sorry, but when it comes to handling just about any format or codec nothing beats an android device currently. 

2tomtom says:

The description and comments for tubemate do not agree with your above claim.

3165dwayne says:

I've been using it for years. That's what it does. You can either pay the videos or download them locally. Look it up on YouTube and stop lying

2tomtom says:

I challenge you to say what app on GooglePlay market can download Youtube videos, answer is none.

For the simple reason to download videos from YouTube is against Google's Term Of Service. So NO app on the Google Store does this.

You may download from outside the Google store, but heed the warnings of virus laden 'apps' not on the store.

3165dwayne says:

One quick search on the playstore lead me to "YouTube to av downloader". Do you even have an android device? you are being difficult. I use both platforms to stay current. I think I know what I'm saying. Listen, on android it is possible to use more than one appstore as I have 4 on my device. Another one that comes preinstalled on some Android devices is called the Amazon appstore. You could use this if you want. Tubemate is located there or from their website. Both of these methods are very secure. Android is not as restrictive as windows phone and allows users to install from wherever they please by checking the unknown sources box. On windows phone it is much more difficult if I remember correctly. I think you need a computer as well. That reminds me of the old palm OS days. Oh, and another thing, you are making this up as you go along for you did not specify that you were speaking specifically about the play store when you first commented. And another thing, the people you asked most likely are not on your level if they can not find an app to download videos on Android. Heck, my sister in high school does it all the time since she was in middle school. And just a quick addition, there are others that do allow you to download from sites other than YouTube just in case you were thinking of bringing that up. I miss the days when windows mobile used to kick all sorts of arse.

2tomtom says:

Had a Sony Tablet S for 18 months, and gave it away after viruses caused problems that even Sony did not resolve.

So, my point is there are no official Google store apps that download YouTube videos. It against their Terms. Not stated in my initial comment, but that's what I was meaning. Not being difficult etc.

As for un ticking the box, my point was malware. If you are doing internet banking, confidential work etc, its perhaps best to be cautious? On the tubemate official site (, it states at the top in red:
[CAUTION] There are so many infected fake TubeMates on 'Google Play' and internet.
Please get TubeMate from the verified sites for your safety.
Which supports my point.

3165dwayne says:

So you really didn't read my comment. There are apps other than tubemate if you are so afraid of it located on the play store. I gave you the name of one in quotes in my previous comment. Is your bias that blinding? Do you by any chance use windows on the desktop? I bet you would. Same thing you have to watch out for isn't it when it comes to viruses. The amount of times that i had to clear viruses from the desktops of careless users. You gave away a tablet that you could have performed a master reset on and expect me to believe you? That person must be enjoying that tablet right now after they performed such an easy fix. I said you could get tubemate from the Amazon appstore which is a very respectable source. I'm using it right now. Android is about choice, and windows mobile was too. Some android tablets actually can't use the play store and instead come with the Amazon appstore. And once again, you never originally specified which store and another thing, what's wrong with using official app stores that aren't the playstore? In comments here on this site many people posed the same question.

2tomtom says:

Your comments are mainly assumptions, generally incorrect, I'm beginning to see your a troll or an idiot.

3165dwayne says:

And you just got angry and started name calling. Losing your cool already? Calm down. No reason to get angry. I made no assumptions that were illogical or farfetched. I never denied the fact that android was under attack and simply pointed out that it was because of the platform's popularity by comparing it to windows desktop. I told you that I use both platforms. I love tech and am very interested in the mobile space and have always been like that. I have no reason to troll, I get enough attention. You said you gave the tablet away, which means that person thought the tablet could be fixed. Simple. You said there are no apps on The playstore which can download videos from youtube. To refute your point I did a quick search and showed you that you were incorrect by providing the name of an app I found. How was it foolish or a display of idiocy?

2tomtom says:

Oh, and Windows does still kick ass. We have apps from the Store that download YouTube videos and no viruses. Imagine that!

3165dwayne says:

With like three percent of the market no one cares yet. I can download any video on android without viruses as well. I don't get you people at all. You use windows on the desktop which is literally a virus magnet and you all don't understand why viruses attack android more? I could say I use opensuse and I never get viruses, but we all know why that is.

jiggaman135 says:

I don't care I agree with sulsim I still would like the official YouTube app....i have all the others u mentioned but nonetheless I want the real deal YouTube as well,unfortunately I know that will never happen but I can wish!

as147 says:

Why do you not care about the suggestions to use perfectly good non official Youtube apps? What do they not deliver? Remember there would be less features from the official youtube app. For example Tube pro which is free allows you to download videos for viewing later. Doubt youtube official app would allow that. Personally I am glad I have a youtube app that ISN'T from Google.

Also I use the Vimeo app first whenever I can (and its officially supplied by Vimeo).