What will you win with QuizToWin in the Windows Phone Store?


Microsoft Europe has released its QuizToWin app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android, enabling consumers to answer daily questions and participate alongside friends. It's worthwhile since there are some exciting packages on offer, which everyone has a chance of winning. If you're looking to test your mind and possibly win some cool gear, look no further.

How it works is a new question will be available on a daily basis, earning you points as you progress. Notifications will also be fired out irregularly with bonus questions for some added point accumulation. Sounds simple enough because it is. The prizes cover Microsoft goodies from Lumia Windows Phones and Surface hardware to Office 365 and Skype offers. It's also possible to follow your personal score in real-time and compare against friends to see who's in the lead.

It's a neat concept that takes up little time and gets everyone involved to win some free stuff. What's not to like? As an added bonus, Microsoft will be holding a pan-European quiz, streamed from the New Microsoft Center in Brussels, Belgium later this month.

Remember to bookmark the below page for the event on May 15. Check the rules for more info.

Source: Microsoft

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S Vaibhav says:

Competition rules link not working!

App is not avaliable in India.

MarkAllett says:

India isn't available in Europe.


Pushynachan says:

Microsoft sucks in India

This is from Microsoft Europe. Wait till MS Asia release your version. Anyway, you're getting the 630.

Thanks Chris , and yes I am waiting for lumia 630 ^_^

lol Thanks for this information ;)

Lol. I think everybody sees contest and automatically tries...I know I do! LOL

Wp_Shashwat says:

I downloaded it.. I live in India.. But have my region set to US.. :P

BataBole says:

So, US is in Europe?! xD

Well...technically. If you count that most of our eastern states and some cities are named after Europe. They just added the "New" in front so no one would get confused (New York, New Hampshire, New England, etc) Sorry, that was a lame geography /history/I just want to win a new phone joke. :)

Wait a min. I just downloaded it!
Edit: I live in India!

mrappbrain says:

Love the concept, but not available for me in the US :(

Wael Hasno says:

How does it feel!!!!?

DVELOPinc says:

How would you like it if an app wasn't available in whatever country you're in and someone rubbed it in. Don't be a twit.

Wael Hasno says:

An app? How about services, features, apps and contests? And woah, mother Teresa, please, if you can't take a joke, it doesn't mean that no one can. Greetings.

cyborg4 says:

Not available

BaritoneGuy says:

I would like a real quiz app for WP. I used to play Qrank on iOS and really enjoyed it. I havent been able to find anything like it for WP.

Djole77 says:

Daniel Gary tweeted that next week will have something interesting to announce. Maybe its the quizup app he was working on

Waiting for first question. In the meantime, what's going on with that bright red colour? And yellow text? Nightmare. The logo is a bit crap too.. Let's hope the actual app is good!

Its available for download in US

lum5 says:

Not for india :crying:

paras chugh says:

and i thought it was quizup at first....:(

Ashhar Hasan says:

Now that's would be a bit of much needed marketing if they telecast, youtube stream the quiz final rounds from Brussels.

Not available in Macedonia.Weird that Microsoft Europe didn't include all Europe, but some countries from Europe :/

There is a bug in the game! The back button won't close the app!

not a bug , if you are using windows phone 8.1 new coded apps(for wp8.1) wont close when you press the back button.For instance try to open battery sense , Facebook , calendar.

I forgot all about that and was getting agitated about FB/calendar/etc being open still.

But taping the back button when the battery sense app is open atleast takes me to the start screen! But in this game nothing happens! The game remains open even if you press the back button thousand times!

Whenever I open the app now it just says there was an error!!

The Monarch says:

No MS account login? WTF? I refuse to tie my FB account yo everything and the regular email signup doesn't appear to be working. Could be because I am in the US, I suppose...

Sobralobo says:

I'm in France and it doesn't work for me too... Can't login and I don't have Facebook. .____.

nickengineer says:

Neither FB or email log in works for me. L920 in UK

The apps made for Window Phone 8.1 are not 'closed' by pressing back button, instead the back button now suspends the app just like in iOS

Not available in India.

Hmm. I guess people living in the US can't register. Now us Americans know what it feels like to be left out.

twint7787 says:

Won't allow me to log in using Facebook or manually. I'll try again later if I remember

Not available in India for Lumia 625 on WP 8.1

Login does not work. Either one. Germany

ryaoni says:

Won't allow me to log in, gives error message. USA

neo158 says:

Hmm, maybe it's something to do with it being for EUROPE ONLY!!!!!

gphoneone says:

Can't log in, UK

SnatchedIT says:

I'm from Italy. Had my phone set to US and could log in anyway. Now I'm back to ITA and login doesn't work, even after reinstalling from ITA store. Now, that's weird.

Jowarman says:

Can't login via Facebook or sign up. US, Nokia 1520, WP 8.1

Thanks. Just read it, and is it me or does it not state anywhere that the participant has to be in Europe?

Guys I have Reached out to Microsoft Europe. Gave them a heads up, and the developers are now working on the login issues.

dovlab says:

Do you maybe have an official list of all the countries that app is available in?'

Sadly no. But I've asked if they can send me an update on that. I'll post it asap if have the info. Only now its available for those who can download it.

geekRiddle says:

I was able to download it in the US but can't login through FB or by creating a new user in game.  It just keeps saying something went wrong and try again later.  Then, after that, the game won't let me exit gracefully.  Looks worth checking out.

KrankyKoder says:

So far, it's crap.

facebook login doesn't work

login with user name and password doesn't work

on top of that, the password requirments stink. must start with capitol letter, have alpa and numeric, doesn't accept special characters.

I expect better from Microsoft.

Stay calm, a fix is Coming for the error login. Again, I reported the problem to my co- Microsoftees at MS Europe fast after the app came out. the prizes aren't going anywhere

AndyD33 says:

What is the definition of the term "natural person?"

VenumX says:

a natural person is a human being as opposed to a legal person which could be a business or government

Bollocks so far. Got no notification of the 6.30 question and now can't log in again.

tallgeese says:

I'll hold off. LOTS of 1-star ratings because the app isn't working properly.

Richard Salt says:

I get no notifications of questions.

mrshots says:

Um, is it just me or are there NEVER any questions?

Allan Kaliel says:

Yeah, there's never any questions.  I think it's supposed to start today but according to their site it's Europe only.  Not sure what the point in releasing this world wide was.

vafo says:

Just got a notification.

Can't login. both methods failing.

(Running updated 8.1)

Josef Rokos says:

Can't login, only something went wrong! Crap!