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What is your favorite Twitter app for Windows Phone?

Twitter Apps

On Windows Phone we have the official Twitter app, but we also have a healthy selection of third-party alternatives. Twitter is a big social network with millions of users all wanting to use the service in different and unique ways. You might be content with the official Twitter app. However there are a handful of others who love third-party apps for the features they bring to the table. Which is your favorite?

A discussion currently happening in our forums is asking that question. What's the best Twitter client for Windows Phone? It's ok if it's the official Twitter app. That one was just updated two days ago with multi-photo upload, ability to tag friends in photos, inline media support and more.

Everyone will have varying opinions and preferences when it comes to Twitter, but here are a few third-party apps that have stood out so far in that forum discussion:

Those are just some of the favorites that have been mentioned so far. Join the forum discussion to voice your favorite Twitter app on Windows Phone.



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carlosrdd says:

MeTweets by far is the best and most customizable twitter app. Anyone who hasn't tried it should.

kurotsuki says:

Yet another yep again. :3

xankazo says:

Correct. I've only used the official, even before the update, you know when it sucked balls.

Agree especially as light Twitter user I just need functionality. I would like to see Tumblr updated though.

Dueydoodah says:

Yup. Need more Tumblr users to get the devs to update.

LTTG says:

Exactly what I was going to say...

DavidinCT says:

Yea, I use the default Twitter app, just wondering myself, is there really a better client ?

Not as robust as its Android offering, but same here.

Official twitter app FTW!!!

SumairB says:

Yep, official Twitter app is good enough for me.

Until Tweetium comes to Windows Phone, yep.

paragoneer says:

Yep, agree. Just came back to the official client due to the recent update, after having used MehDoh for a while.


MehDoh is great, except for one thing; it doesn't display fave, follow and RT notifications like the official Twitter web client or mobile clients. On MehDoh or other 3rd party apps I've used it jumbles them up all over the place, and sometimes will never appear at all.


On official Twitter clients, they always appear ordered together correctly.

benners76 says:

Have to go w/MeTweets. Love that it works in Landscape mode.

Agent-P says:

I'm a huge fan of MeTweets. Lots of features and the developer is very responsive on Twitter (even if there might be some gaps between updates if you ask he'll tell you why). 

carlosrdd says:

+1020 I've tried them all and MeTweets is by far the best.

I'm just not a fan of the pivot & scroll bugs, but its still the best

Shiroi says:

Been using MeTweets since it launched!

IzaacJ says:

Tried them all, and I've got MeTweets in first and Twabbit in close second. MeTweets is damn awesome and worth a try. And I'll have to try the new official one xD

dikadik says:

been curious about MeTweets, does the notification of MeTweets just as good as Rowi (or as close as the official twit app) ???

Notifications are within 90 seconds for me. Its a fantastic app, & while the releases are often slow, the developer is extremely responsive.

Ruflaxx says:

I use the official App, isn't bad at all, never used a 3rd party App, even if most of them are paid apps

The official Twitter app works perfectly for me!

foxibs says:

Twitter official app.

apocacrux says:

The official one.

k0de says:

Official twitter app.

Pynokio25 says:

Still using Rowi.

Nitro40 says:

Here too. Inline thumbnail image is where it is at. Of course I dread the day I have to get a new device as I we can no longer get this app.

Rem97 says:

Inline thumbnail images are present in the official twitter app now.

carlosrdd says:

Yea but the official one has to much wasted space and the reply, retweet, favorite line should be in auto hide till you tap a tweet. In my opinion it looks horrible as is.

Darutto says:

I had the same feeling, but I got a 520 after they discontinued the app and I was able to download it again, since I purchased it before. I don't know if there is still a possibility to do that through "my apps". It is a shame that they stopped supporting it because it was the best. (I still use it everyday)

DJCBS says:

The official one.

timgabrhel says:

Mix between official and tweetit

Hackemate says:

Official twitter app.

diftor says:

They all pretty much suck unfortunately

santos1974 says:

Official one and Mehdoh

lantern20 says:

Mostly Mehdoh but sometimes official

Official for WP, but Tweetium on W8.

rndtan says:

Tweetium is so nice. But can't say I would prefer a one time premium versus semi annual reoccurring.

xankazo says:

Likewise here. Official on Windows 8 hasn't been updated in ages and is seriously lacking.

jacob114489 says:

Or cowlick.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

jibgilmon says:

I use Gleek as well. I'm fairly certain that Liquid Daffodil's clients are the only ones that support TweetMarker AND instant notifications. Usually these apps have one or the other... That's a pretty big deal for my daily use, and I'm surprised that I don't hear others talk about it more.

jabtano says:

Gleek for me and sometimes I use Cowlick. I like how I can color code people I more interested in reading .


Mehdoh has TweetMarker and instant notifications

jibgilmon says:

False. Mehdoh does NOT have push notifications. It checks for notifications every 30 minutes.

Yup, I'm a Gl33k guy too.

roguecroce says:

Wow, thought nobody was going to mention Mehdoh, finally! I use that client too, although it's lost some of it's mojo due to WP8.1

Doomguy says:

Mehdoh is a mess. Or should I say, meh.

roguecroce says:

I like it, it doesn't always work properly & then they blame Microsoft, but I can tweet from source with downloading a hub & I like the url shortener as that can not always work on Tweeter official, I will see what they do about update's. I have Twitter official too. I'm looking forward to Twitter 8.1.

Mehdoh works wonders for me. Tweetmarker integration and share to pocket are a must for my twitter app.

rollindadice says:

i guess it's just you and me using twabbits, but since the official twitter app has been updated, i really like using much more than twabbit, i guess i'll give these ones here a try.

Sekyal says:

With you on twabbit. I'm not a heavy twitter user but it works for me, though I do wish the icon was live. Only dislike I've had with the app.

tn_friend says:

I have several, but my favorite has to be Twabbit

faida says:

Official app is sweet after last update. Could be better tho

falcon304 says:

Started using the official one once Rowi was forced to drop support. I haven't really bothered trying other ones.

Brazil01 says:

Official Twitter app works great for me. It could use a few tweaks though, but otherwise gets the job done well.

Twitter Beta/Official Twitter app. The limited functionality of Twitter's API for third parties makes me hesitant to use them.

jnsalvado says:

Since the last update,the official Twitter app.

Twitter Beta. Tried them all, spent about a fiver on them but the official is still the best, despite being a bit basic. A lot of the bells and whistles and fancy stuff (weird stuff too, Gleek) on the others is just superfluous. Twitter's API removes a lot of the main functionality too which limits the 3rd party choice. Nothing comes close, for example, to the mentions feed. Only twitter aggregates them into one place.

roguecroce says:

How can you use Twitter Beta? I thought it was disabled from Windows Store & our devices if we'd managed to download it?

Retrosasu says:

Rowi. (oh wait)

Official app, but I still haven't found the "perfect" Twitter app yet.

rajuks1991 says:

that means you haven't used mehdoh :D the perfect twitter app B-)

Jack Janik says:

I've used Mehdoh and it's a great app, barred by the restrictive Twitter API..

You can't even view who favorited a tweet!

blackhawk556 says:

Not true. Mehdoh isn't the best. Try creating two tweets and you'll see that it doesn't work like MeTweets. There's features that the two of these have which if combined could create THE best app available. Tweetcaster on Android has a bunch of freaking features it's not even funny.

wildbohr says:

Been using motweets and twitter beta .. But I miss rowi...

B_Sack says:

Mehdoh.  Dev is great, and imo the only contender to his will be Tweetium.

dalydose says:

Never touch official. It's just bad.

I am currently using Medoh, but I sometimes use MeTweets, as well. I appreciate scheduling Tweets and using Quote Reply, neither of which the Twitter-direct app will do.

Himay333 says:

You can quote reply in the official app after yesterday's update.

Jack Janik says:

You could also do it before :-)

psamf24 says:

I don't use any and never will

Nebulaeus says:

Rowi was the best until Twitter pretty much killed it.  Now I begrudgingly use the official one...

ABsmoove says:

Twitter. They support us

phirefly says:

Official client works great for me and I really like the latest update!

caliborn says:

Official app since I hardly ever use twitter anyway.

Daniel Sorin says:

Tweet It!. 

NH3MAN says:

Yes, 'Tweet It'... I gave up on MeTweets, Mehdoh, Rowi, and others. I like the simplicity but still has all the options. The official one has really caught up though and I sometimes use it.

The official Twitter app is good for me. Especially after the update

Shehabdemoon says:

The official twitter app

SPIFF Costa says:

Official Twitter

karelj says:

MeTweets with MehDoh as backup.

sicarmy says:

Official App !

FlavioV says:

I stay with MeTweets. It became free for some days just after I received my first Windows Phone (Lumia 800).

The only reason that I maintain Twitter Beta (yes, I still have it!) is that it integrates with the People hub just like Facebook. Once this feature come to MeTweets (the developer already announced an upcoming update) then goodbye official app.

blackhawk556 says:

MeTweets is getting fully integrated into the people hub?

nanoware says:

Mehdoh. But dam I wish it was.more polished.

Vastustaa says:

The official app. However, since the last update I get double notifications.

sqlchicken says:

Ok glad to see it's not just me

asna_n800 says:

Me too, though it doesn't happen everytime.

johndanvic says:

Just logout and login again. That solved the problem for me.

Mister Gore says:

Having used almost all of them at one point or another I find myself sticking with the official Twitter app. If Tweetium ever gets ported like was announced that will likely change.

Fanappy says:

Mehdoh and then the official app

nez99 says:

Can we do a poll please?

Himay333 says:

I use the official app. Works great, but I'm not a tweet-a-holic. Last update has some really nice enhancements.

irsyadhhs says:

MeTweets for complete feature and Tweet It! For its beauty

I use the official app. The twitter options on WP are severely limited. Would kill for a 3rd party app with great design and functionality. I bet the Readit guys could make a killer Twitter app if they ever wanted to. I would pay for that.

sd173 says:

I looked at the other apps mentioned in the article through the store, I'm too used to the official one to try to get used to another.

jasongw says:

i use Gleek, because I haven't seen any other twitter app that lets me pin live tiles for all three twitter accounts I manage ;)

RCBrown21 says:

Medoh for sure.  It was hard to pry me from Rowi, but I got a new phone and had to move on. Tweet streaming is one of my favorite features in a twitter app, and theirs dominates.  Super customizeable home screen.

I love Mehdoh. Been using it since it came out.

mbooks says:

Twitter beta. Where is it? Miss notifications

deadwrong03 says:

MeTweets is the best

sqlchicken says:

Rowi (RIP) was my go to app. Now been using official one mostly. Still switch to mehdoh sometimes for list support.

dyne2199 says:

Gleek and/or Cowlick.

farpras says:

gleek! isn't on the list?

nallWhite says:

I use the official app and have to reinstall it once a week. The cache doesn't clear and slows it down.

Tweet it.. I'm waiting for it to come on myAppFree... Coz SBI Debit Cards don't work with WP for some reason...

sarmadak says:

Official twitter here!!

Nick the Fox says:

I'm really like TweetIt, but you know, I need a FAST notifications, so I use official app

Nick the Fox says:

Looks like we got badass over here :D

aleclunsford says:

Metweets currently until Tweetium gets released!

Tweetium is coming to WP. I will be ditching gleek to get Tweetium. Tweetium rocks on my windows tablet

QilleRz says:

Official one is enough for me as I am not an avid twitter user :)

Neo Nuke says:

Carbon used to be the bomb

Gleek. Use to be carbon but no more support

I also loved rowi

Gordy11Blast says:

Someone knows an app that notify me who unfollow me?

aafa says:

ive tried them all, and Peregrine became my top one.

Markp74 says:

Same I tried them all and Peregrine is pretty close to perfect.

Official beta. I've paid for a lot of Twitter apps and I don't have one of them installed. None of them really had any staying power for me.

Binson#WP says:

Used to use Mehdoh a lot. Now, the official Twitter/TwitterBeta apps are my goto especially after 8.1

dermotf says:

The official one works great for me

blackhawk556 says:

MeTweets. The way it creates a second tweet when you're over the limit is the best I've seen so far. Tons of options.

DWTrump says:

I was a big fan of Birdsong before they shut down their app. Now, Mehdoh is my go to client when I need a Twitter app. I usually just use the integrated people hub for reading tweets.

Try twitter++. Its awesome

That's just a web wrapper..

No its not. But yes its only a twitter feed reader with some good unique features with importance given to the ppl one is following

robinthekid says:

I've tried to use other apps like the official and tweet it! but I keep coming back to Mehdoh. It's such a solid app with all the features I need. All I would like is for some stability and performance fixes.

sumton says:

mehdoh and the official app

klose91 says:

I'm using the official app on both Windows and Windows Phone, they do what they should do, and that's enough for me.

thirdcup says:

Not on twitter as much lately, but I like Tweet It!

Laura Knotek says:

MeTweets and Twabbit. The official duplicates all my notifications since this latest update.

TheBluesOne says:

Official Twitter app works fine for me!

danielgray says:

My favorite app was the people tile. Now I use the official app, but the live tile doesn't work, so I nite rarely use Twitter. I mainly used it for news aggregation, but Bing news is doing a fine job. Who needs Twitter?

I need Twitter, fool. ;-)

zeLcapitaL says:

mehdoh. soundcloud integration won me over.

anjelo says:

proud rowi user here...

Official Twitter. Nice one, need the same on Windows 8.1. That one is lame.

twomill69 says:

Surprised gleek,s not getting a mention..

misfitpierce says:

Twitter... I gave up on third party twitter apps when twitter started revoking amount for their API and all that other junk that went on... Plus they support their own app pretty well now so...

livejazz says:

Am I the only person that uses text messaging a lot? Only for my main account and use Gleek for the other ten.

ChaddieBoi3 says:

The Official app and TweetIt! As a backup

ruthietootie says:

I use the official one. It generates a lot of data though. Eats into my 820's already limited storage

Pappa Ed says:

The official Twitter app.

Actually I don't miss anything in the official app. With the latest update it is even greater.

Darutto says:

Rowi is still my main driver... but I have the official one as a backup 

Mark Richey says:

The official Twitter app has improved greatly. Still also use Cowlick.

xzen10 says:

Twabbit off and on, but since the update for the official app I'm using it exclusively. Along with Unfollow Spy.

ven07 says:

Used some of the third party apps, but the official home (even though it is far less eye-catching) just feels more like twitter to me

DSWNG says:

Tweet it and Gleek.

m0unds says:

Used Rowi til it was discontinued. Switched to Mehdoh, but gave that up after the official client was updated recently. I also used Tweet It! for a while, but it seems like the dev has completely abandoned that app. It hasn't been updated in 6 months.

The official client has reliable/fast push notifications (Mehdoh's push svc has always been really squirrelly for me, sometimes delaying notifications by hours, or not delivering them at all), but I really think Twitter needs to further tweak the UX in their app, as the nav bar at the top takes up way too much space.

johaas says:

I was a Mehdoh purist until MeTweets stole my heart. The Twitter app competition has some very strong players.

After the last update... The official twitter app.

Kadcidxa says:

Im still using Mehdoh with Wp 7.8.

El Paradox says:

I prefer the official Twitter app ..

knightoflite says:

Mehdoh for sure!

I feel like I'm the only one who uses the awesome twabbit ago

Camaroon says:

Tried Mehdoh but don't think its very smooth. Been using twitter beta because of the social integration with 8.1. But found another one the other night in these comments called Cybercrow Beta. Very nice, simple, and smooth. Emailed the dev and said he wasn't planning on updating however. But maybe if enough people try it!

sikku says:

I want a twitter app which schedules tweets...

girishN says:

Which one can categorize my feeds? Where I can make custom categories like friends/sports/tech, just like booklet for Facebook.

I use only official apps. Gotta keep em happy

hugo alberto says:

I like metweets and tweet it! Official twitter client is also a good option for me. Cowlick is Just soooo damn slow...

WP7Nettwerk says:

Cybercrow my favorite Twitter app.