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What are your top five most wanted Windows Phone 8.1 apps?

While we have seen the selection in the Windows Phone Store grow by leaps and bounds, there still may be a few apps out there that are missing in action.

A recent WPCentral Forums discussion asks the simple question, "What is your top five most wanted apps for Windows Phone 8.1?" The discussion was started by WPCentral Forum member burnabite who would like to see TED talks, NHL Gamecenter, Mozilla Firefox, Dropbox and BBM developed for Windows Phone.

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is still rumored to be in the works so burnabite may not have too long of a wait for at least one item on his wish list.

Other games and apps on the wish list of other forum members includes Flipboard, Candy CrushJawbone UP, Soundcloud and several financial institution apps. Personally, I would like to see PhotoShop Touch (or Express), an official Fitbit app and Regions (local banking app) make their way to Windows Phones.

So what do you guys and girls have to say on the matter? What are your top five most wanted Windows Phone apps or games? Jump on over to the WPCentral Forums (link below) and join in on the conversation. Did you also know we recently hit one million posts on the forum?



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Jonas_H says:

I want a good Twitter App! :( Please make a new one, Twitter Team! The current one lacks a lot of features Android an iOS have!

Jonas_H says:

Yes, I already use it and it works great! :) But an official one would be better, especially for new people buying Windows Phones.

Attachment supported e mail app, google chrome, other Google services is essential in wp system

Sean D. says:

Uhh, no it's not really.

i_says says:

people don't want to switch from google services to MS services just because they switch phones... so yeah... kinda important.
although chrome isn't so important, I don't think...

TheIggies says:

It is if you a.) use Google services for work, or b.) like Google's services. 

My work uses Google Apps with Apple hardware. WP devices are a no go for hundreds of us in the company, and literally hundreds of thousands on the whole, because we cannot easily use Google's services on WP devices, except through clunky mobile websites.

scaramanga89 says:

That sums me up too, I WANT to use my Surface and WP for everything, but I can't, as the functionality just isn't there. I don't care who or why, they just need to wise up and go cross platform. 

Groover1971 says:

I DO use my Surface and WP (and PC) for everything.  I can't remeber the last time that I used a Google service. Google is just too boring for me now.  Actually, I probably use my WP much more than my Surface or PC when I'm home because there's very little it can't do on its own with Microsoft services.

scaramanga89 says:

My business uses Google services, so I have to use them, no choice. So I don;'t have that luxury. I'm not alone. 

lcw731 says:

Your business or your employeer? Two totally different things. If you own the business, you do have a choice, choose to be sucessful, not a cheap skate




scaramanga89 says:

LOL, don't be such a tube. It's my business, how does paying MS £199 a year make me successful if the Google services are actually better (which they currently are and have been for a long time)? 

Try integrating MS Services on a Mac and get back to me, and while you're there? Get a grip. Their own products don't even work with Outlook for Mac 2011 ffs, THEIR OWN MAIL AND CALENDAR ETC. 

I tried moving all of my stuff to MS about a year ago, it cost a lot of my money and time, and it just didn't work as well as Google. It took me about a week to move everything to MS, and about 20 mins to move it back. 

Google do services better than ANYONE. I don't want to have to change my entire workflow to use a Surface. Hence my earlier post. 

Why would you have to change anything to use a surface? Its a PC. Can u use google services on a PC? Yes. Can u use chrome? Yes.can you do anything you can on any other PC? Yes. If you want a surface for your business(it'll be good but pricey) get one. You dont have to make sacrifices. Now with windows phone... Yeah thats a little different. But no reason you cant have a surface pro with android or ios

I want these before ios and android:

Modern Combat 5

Real Racing 4

Next Need for Speed

and these



nasellok says:

Only google service I would be interested in using on WP (gmail within the built in mail app works just fine) would be Google Maps, specifically, street view.  Its really the only thing I miss from Android.

TechAbstract says:

There are quite a few Google Maps apps in the store that have street view

papanoongaku says:

no. there is only one good google maps app, gmap. i've tried dozens of google maps apps and only gmap is good. the rest are bascially Maps in a browswer, terrible usability.

Here maps should B adding an equivalent. It has an equivalent to steer view on windows 8 so I'm sure its only a matter of time.

No central notification pivot. Tried them all. Official twitter is still best even with glitches.

theroyboy44 says:

That's already in the works... there was an article about a twitter closed beta app a few weeks ago..

blessthejon says:

There was hardly any difference between the beta one & the current one.

sph0308 says:

Fitbit Flex official app that will use BT 4.0 to sync directly with the phone

Charles Schwab

Memristor says:

I had a Charles Schwab and Fidelity investment account. Over the last year I switched all of my investments over the Fidelity because they have a WP8 app. Actually the real reason was that they have an investor center close to home. But I enjoy using my phone to check on my portfolio and do a quick trade.

blessthejon says:

Yes exactly this. & not just a new twitter app, but one that is updated equally/regularly with the iOS & Android one.

iamakii says:

Hello Twitter Team, wake up and update your app dammit!

kenzibit says:

Youtube and Google+ are my most wanted apps.

I think you're mistaken, no one wants Google+

marzball says:

apparently youre sadly mistaken.

lcw731 says:

You are confusing registerd users wth active users. Google made all google accounts google + accounts (I have one, and never signed up , never even went to the log in page). Goggle+ hasn't caught on like the number make it seem.

Life Artist says:

An official YouTube client or 3rd Party YouTube client that lets you watch videos and navigate at the same time, like the official one. Also, while I love AudioCloud for Soundcloud, I would love an official app. One that lets you view notifications and etc...

Puredrive says:

Have you tried myTube?

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Life Artist says:

Yes I've tried myTube, Metrotube and am currently using Toib. Has myTube been updated to allow watching videos and navigation at the same time? I use my old HTC one as an iPod when my 925 dies and I still prefer the google YouTube client.

neil davies1 says:

Waiting for google too

Lumio says:

Never going to happen, atleast in near future.

zicoz says:

yeah, they are too busy bulding for FirefoxOS

slap0rama says:

I love the Twitter app for windows phone already. What features is it missing?

Jonas_H says:

New and different timelines, twitter charts, better UI, connection with friends through mail, etc.

Notification never goes above 1. That bug had been there since day.. err 1

NIST says:

I want an app that changes my transparent tile icons to my theme color instead of just white. Or maybe Microsoft can do that.

immyperez says:

Yeah that would be pretty cool. I wonder why black and white were the only options they decided to go with? I would love to make the colour match my phone. That would be awesome!!!

I'd prefer VSCO cam much better. :'(

Shawn Healey says:

I use Peregrine and I love it.

paliotti says:

You should really try Rowi... It was developed by 2 Microsoft developers... It's a really nice UI. Check it out.

Dean Lewis says:

LOL! Yeah, at have Xbox Music learn from the best parts of the old Zune app.

nizzon says:

Indeed. A good Music app. Is that too much to ask 2014?

di_genius_7 says:

I'm currently learning c# and my first app is going to be a decent music app, so my friend u r # 1 on my beta list, I've started a test app in visual studio ahead of myself which is looking good so far.

BataBole says:

Great, any music app will be better than current xbox app. I wish you luck in your further progress :)

I've already got that covered. I'm just working on updating it to meet the new additions that the Windows Phone 8.1 sdk brings.

Ticomfreak says:

LOL I too am writing a music player for WinRT which (eventually) will be ported to Windows Phone.

But let's just say that it's highly requested, and that it does a little more than play songs ;)

And if anyone wants to help, it would be greatly appreciated ;) Especially between High School and Football. :/

But I'm not open-sourcing it unless I abandon it.

rodneyej says:

I don't want Zune back, but I would like for XBM to be even better than Zune was....
We should expect more❕❕❕

neo158 says:

Careful, I got told that sort of opinion was BS in the forums!!!

Isn't that what they are trying to do with the bi-weekly updates?

BataBole says:

What means BS?

Bashar Awwad says:

It means bullsh*t

rodneyej says:

Yes, that's exactly what they ARE going to do..... XBM will be better than Zune.

Yeah I'm on this too. Zune we still love you!!!

chad08er says:

How about wifi syncing and uploading CDs.Wishful thinking on my part ;)

Groover1971 says:

Yeah, I always thought that wireless syncing was really cool on WP7.  It was so convenient and easy.  Automatic syncing while you sleep.  What could be easier than that?


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Yes! This is one backtrack/u-turn they desperately need to do.
At the very least give us decent sync experience:

Yes. This is the one thing I truly miss. Zune was the best music discovery and management system, without a doubt. There might have been a few flaws, but overall, it crushed iTunes in terms of music/video. They need it back badly, because Xbox Music is such a flop. I'm in full support of Zune on Windows Phone and full features, too. I do miss Zune Pass and Wi-Fi Sync for music, etc.

Pratik Mehta says:

WhatsApp updated.

Flipboard, Candy Crush, and I'd like a built in stopwatch/timer app.

On another note, we need to be able to add the flashlight and calculator to the quick actions in the action center.

ale2999 says:

THISSSS. I have been whatsappless since I did my hard reset....

SumairB says:

That's most important.

pinacolada says:


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JNate says:

What's up with whatsapp?

Rolls fine on my fine except for startup crashes at times

QacxF1re says:

Yeah, that one

I've been using the beta and to be honest it sucks! It is nothing at all like the slick, polished versions on Android and iOS. It is ugly, buggy, slow, and you swipe up/down to turn pages instead of left/right. It is still beta, but it isn't looking too promising, at all.

Nick Garza says:

That is not an actual flipboard app, and is not even made by the people that own flipboard. It's crap and a fake, don't use it.

mrcraggle says:

What Nick said. Delete that app from your phone. It's a crappy fake.

Chodeva says:

Yes we'll be dead by the time Flipboard arrives. Am tired of waiting

Benny1434 says:


Flipboard is the ONLY app that I am still waiting for, and the only one I feel as though I'm truly missing!

It's unbelieveable that we have been waiting this long... Was rumoured in early 2013 to be released shortly and it's been available to certain people for a LONG time.

It's already made, now RELEASE IT!

Flipboard for WP8.1 needs to be released ASAP!

TechAbstract says:

What is special about Flipboard that others app don't have?

For chat apps I want BBM.

2brun4u says:

Same, I'm looking forward to BBM too

I want BBM real hard

Still waiting on BBM.............

pazces84 says:

Only have one. Uber.

thomasdtran says:

Yes! Definitely need this.

SocalTouch says:

Uber would be nice.

Uber's mobile site is very good and obviously can pin that to your start screen. But I also would love a dedicated app.

rjohn05 says:

Can a car be ordered from the mobile site?

Infamy79 says:

Download the WebApps app from the store and use it to pin Uber to your start screen with a nice icon
They have updated their mobile site to be pretty much exactly the same as the iOS app, including the full car tracking on the map, it looks like an HTML5 page.

lubbalots says:

Does other plant forms have that?

hanerlend says:

Roses mostly do. An occasional tulip here and there. Oh, and trees! Don't forget the trees!

lubbalots says:

Oops, dang swipe/predictive txt!

blackprince says:

You have to proof read, blaming the predictive keyboard is a lame excuse.

lubbalots says:

Trying to be the next world record holder.

Pranjal Rai says:

I think you meant platforms, right?

Choco22 says:

Why not an Xbox 360 or even an Xbox One emulator? (one can always dream haha)

Pranjal Rai says:

Imagine An Xbox one emulator running on a Lumia 520. :P The phone would 'literally' be destroyed into smithereens.

asylumxl says:

Android has one and it works just fine. We have EmiPSX for Playstation emulation and it works quite well. I'm sure with some work an N64 emu could be ported.

lubbalots says:

A any dev that can tackle this probly will make tons of money.

jason8957 says:

That and Sonos would make me a much happier dude.

Sonos and Volvo OnCall for plug-in hybrid

Nick Derrico says:

This for sure.  I keep an older Android phone my work bag for Sirius XM, it's my only choice.

mikeharden says:

+929 Icon needs Sirius XM!!!

GhostITMG says:

Seriously.  Even if the app sucks, which it most likely will, please just give us (you know, us, the people who pay XM for the service) a way to access it through our phones.

lubbalots says:

Zappos, AE, plants vs zombies 2, post more when I can think of....

carlosrdd says:

+1020 but I gave up on it already knowing how they do things we will get PVZ2 when PVZ3 is out....

restlessdan says:

Only one really that's missing for me. Fitbit.

Anubis4574 says:

There are some decent 3rd party ones

restlessdan says:

Yeah I agree with you, and I use them. But with Bluetooth 4.0 being supported would be good to see mobile syncing with an official app.

Well, worth a shot! Surface Pro 3 is awesome!

mikeharden says:

+929 Icon please!

nohra says:

Yes! Official Fitbit App with syncing!

The 3rd-party apps may be nice, but they don't sync. And I, for one, and tired of the old refrain: "I want X app." followed by someone saying there's a third party app for it. With the improvements coming in WP8.1, hopefully we'll see the rise in market share that will finally start us getting official apps.

That all being said, I would be happy to use a 3rd party fitbit app if one had sync capability since WP 3rd party devs are typically more WP-knowledgable than most companies are. News of a Fitbit app has been floating about since Feb of 2013! And yet if you ask them, they still act like they don't have a clue if they're working on one or not.

danielgray says:

Yes, need sync and food adding and alarm setting

midabid says:

A decent official Tumblr app, not the screwed up one we have right now.

RodimusMajor says:

+1020; this, so hard. I'm a frequent Tumblr user and this has been a huge sticking point for me.

arywicaksana says:

I too use tumblr a lot, imo the one that we currently have in WP is pretty "usable". And I haven't seen the one in android and ios, but clearly I need a better one with missing features..... Heck I just need a decent and not-as-buggy one

midabid says:

I did use the android one and its 820 times better, it has a looooot more features and doesn't crash/freeze (as much). Tumblr really need to step up their WP game.

Leroykthx says:

Spotify. One that is equal to the apps on other platforms, not the current bs

mister2d says:

And a version of Spotify that works in offline mode. The current version does NOT. So frustrating.

neo158 says:

^This^ and removal of the premium subscription to even login would be nice as well!!!

odoggyfresh says:

Yes! I want to be able to access spotify with my free membership

jomarr says:

I want one with integration.

Benny1434 says:

Wishing Spotlite would release a Windows Phone version of their app.

ncxcstud says:

For my wife - all those couponing apps and swagbucks. She uses those non-stop and has to keep her android phone set to those to participate in them.

Though, I'd love an official Fitbit app... ;)

sholokov says:

How about Wallet that comes with the OS. I thought that has something similar. I don't do electronic coupons so I don't know much about them.

The wallet app we have is garbage. You cannot make payments with it (which would be nice using NFC). You cannot add coupons to it. You cannot add loyalty cards to it. All it does is show which money-related accounts are stored on your phone. It is majorly disappointing.

Benny1434 says:

Have to agree. I was trying to add a loyalty card to it the other day and was really dissapointed to find out that you can't!

There's a few 3rd party options but there's no way I'm risking my info, even if it is only a loyalty card.

Microsoft really needs to add functionality to the wallet app, to enable NFC purchasing and loyalty card storage and display.

AliNSiddiqui says:

WhatsApp and MyFitnessPal fixed. Windows Phone may have a lot of apps, but many apps on the store are broken and the devs couldn't care less. 

Both these apps have been broken all year and haven't been updated all year.

Alphageek_UK says:

MyFitnessPal devs should really be embarrassed at the state of that app and for the service reps to keep on trotting out the same “we’re working on an update” or “reinstall” line for over a year is even more embarrassing.

I don’t think anyone at that company has any professional pride.

dorkitude says:

I know this is a few days old (aka eons in internet time) but I just found an answer on the support forums. They claimed that the delay in making the app usable was due to no one in the office being able to recreate any of the crippling bugs. It wasn't until a user was able to bring a phone to their office to show them it breaking before they could even find the issues....

While there is still no timeline for the app to be even remotely helpful, they have at least acknowledged that there are issues and that they are working on a fix for the major ones.


Since including a link marks me for spam - Go to the MFP help desk site, and look for the Windows Phone question by user "tecjunkee". The answer by Kelly outlines what was going on.

Alphageek_UK says:

Thanks, I'll take a look for that thread.

ricbon says:

IMD F'N B to be updated, flipboard, and instragram update

Liam Maloney says:

Not necessarily an app, but I would like streaming apps to have compatibility with Chromecast. And Whatsapp back

danielgray says:

I would just like an equivalent windows version of chromecast. Hope this is the next internet of things item.

DennisvdG says:

You don't want that.

Deaconclgi says:

Clearly he does. :)


I do too. I have 25 cars, R$ 1,131,612, 26,859 Gold and level 16 on Real Racing 3 on Android and iOS. I would like to play it on my Windows Phone as well, with cloud sync just like between iOS and Android.

I have been playing RR3 since it came out and it is much better than the time wasting, IAP bullying game that it used to be.

My list *since I don't want to go to the forums and it seems most of us don't want to either*

1. Real Racing 3

2. Bring Twin Blades back to the store, with HD screen support

3. Real Boxing with cloud sync. (I have it on iOS, great game, good graphics, my boxer is almost maxed out)

4. Candy Crush Saga. NOT FOR ME. I never played it and never plan on playing it. Coworkers and family members are addicted to this and their first question is "can I play Candy Crush"....needless to say, they are not considering Windows Phone at all. A shame but who am I? They have to enjoy their devices and their usage patterns.

5. Crazy Taxi

6. N64 Emulator - been using one on a smartphone since the Nokia N900. Snapdragon 800 chews through N64 games better than the N64 with the RAM Pak installed could ever do.

crise says:

Proper WhatsApp, proper Facebook, tinder

Gelemikke says:

Yeah, a proper Facebook app would be great

SamiHanna says:

Oh god this is hard
5. Clash of Clans
4. Better whatsapp
3. Tango
2. Candy Crush Saga
1. I don't have an number one, but I'd prefer more official apps that come out together with other mobile osses

pankaj981 says:

Definitely candy crush

shrikant50 says:

Instead of games you must have exclusive application....... Like file manager, apps locker......

joshcsmith13 says:

I know it sounds lame, but it's actually a really GOOD thing that this is the first suggestion that I really empathize with!  That's not bad, considering where we're coming from.

Agreed. An official Starbucks App, also, I don't even know why we have to request this. The companies are practically neighbors. They could practicaly develop and program the app in MS HQ thats how close they are. Frankly, if I was MS, I would be a little offended that Stabucks has not made one yet...also, they give out ipads and iphones to company employees at corperate. Cumon guys, support the local team!

Echoing everyone's sentiment on this one!