WhatsApp beta finally gets ability to attach pre-recorded videos

Just yesterday we reported on some forthcoming features in the popular messaging app WhatsApp. The new features, which include saving of videos to the device, were found in the private beta of the app. Soon after that article though, WhatsApp pushed out another update to version 2.11.322 and it now has the long coveted feature of attaching videos. We have verified that the new functionality is present.

The system for attaching videos is very basic. Users simply tap on the ‘Albums’ icon to browse their library of media, but instead of just photos, videos are now visible there as well. From that screen, users can just attach the video, which will then be auto-sent to the contact. It’s basic but it works and we imagine it will be refined a little over the next few betas. Limits for video size and length are currently not known.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been struggling to catch up to its brethren on iOS and Android. One of the big missing features was attaching pre-recorded videos. Previously, users could only shoot a video to be directly attached, but never pull up an old one. Another missing feature is the inability to send songs or pre-recorded audio, though presumably that may be next on the WhatsApp development team’s list.

WhatsApp currently has two versions: one public release and one private beta. The beta features, including video attachments, should be making their way to the public version in the near future, though no ETA is currently known.

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akks says:

Wow! So restrictions cud be overcome if needed? Was it pseudorestriction then?
Or is it the BBM effect.,that made whatsapp team work positively on their WP version?

HiroEX says:

As far as I know, this is Microsoft giving Whatsapp access to features other devs don't have access to.  It's a bit ridiculous that something as simple as accessing videos hasn't been implemented in the OS for third party apps still to this day.  Hopefully Microsoft is realizing that third party apps want/need access to the video camera roll and not just photos, and will open this up.  As a developer, this special priveledge stuff is actually pretty frustrating, they really need to fix their api.

akks says:

Exactly.. ^ +1

peterfares says:

This is odd because that new video player app that WP Central mentioned a few days ago can also access your camera roll videos. Just open it up to everyone already, MS!

HiroEX says:

Yep, another app that got special API access that your average developer doesn't have access to.  I'm sincerely hoping that this is a sign that that microsoft plans on opening up the api sooner than later.

A54D says:

In my opinion, I don't think all devs should have access to more APIs. I don't know how it works but I'm assuming that if developers had access to sensitive material such as photos and videos it could increase the risk of fake, 'virus' type apps that harvest the information? I like Microsoft's new approach of letting select popular titles have access to more APIs. It slows development through which is the down side.

davehong says:

Ha, sounds like a combination of the BBM effect and Microsoft playing sensibly.

backlashsid says:

Woah !! so basically this is the feature...everyone used to comment about !! ????

This is it. Though the ability to send pre-recorded audio/music is still needed (or wanted, I should say).

Andr3sfc says:

Needed, as other platforms enjoy such "advanced" features for ages. Unless we think that WP shouldn't be on pair with them...

backlashsid says:

Great !! Now I just hope all the people who wanted this really bad come here and express their joy. We all know the amount of comments this has got on almost every WhatsApp related news !! phew.....

WPuser2012 says:

Daniel, this question might not be relavant to this topic, Is there any way to turn off notifications for whatsapp, 

Mute the person or group.. Problem solved :)

vish2801 says:

If someone sends me a videoand I download it, will it go to camera roll folder so I can also access it from there or it would remain in app's own dedicated space just like now ??

backlashsid says:

from what i understood..i think it should be in saved pics

xratola says:

Can't wait even though I don't send videos :P

AuraTigital says:

Hopefully Instagram would get this too :D

Doesn't this mean 6tag should be able to?

borasar says:

i keep pressing the 3 dots but there is no popup menu, something is broken :P

Draganta says:

So it was no limitation of the OS after all???

No, it is. But it's well known that WhatsApp is working with Nokia. And Nokia works with Microsoft...well, you should get the idea... ;)

akks says:

So what were they doing all these days?

timgabrhel says:

My guess is someone found a way to use the Win32 API's to get to the file system on the phone, and browse appropriately to locate the videos. 

akks says:

Hopefully let truecaller also work with nokia.,.

Nakazul says:

Yes, i hear many complaints around that Truecaller still is useless.

Im tired of waiting for temple run 2...hey there uc got updates

backlashsid says:

its coming soon...

th0mas96 says:

Yep, that's it. Everyone can specify the ID_CAP_MEDIALIB_FULL in their manifest, but they need to pass the certification progress, and according to nawzil they are working with Nokia on it. Moliplayer, phriz.be and Nokia video upload use this capability.

HiroEX says:

That's interesting, my app won't even compile with that manually inserted in to the manifest file (Have to manually enter it, as its not listed as an actual legit capability request) ID_CAP_MEDIALIB_PHOTO_FULL doesn't work either.  Do you have personal experience enabling this?

th0mas96 says:

Nope, nothing. But it is (or was?) documented, it's just not usable for a normal dev. The only device you can use it with is an interop unlocked ativ s, some people at xda work with this capability.. And it's the one the old YouTube app used, I think they modded VS but I haven't looked at it that much..

dalydose says:

I heard Skype has somewhat of a relationship with Microsoft too.

akks says:

Ha ha ha...

Dome85 says:

So Daniel do you think WA has granted from Microsoft to access to other system folders? And Moliplayer too? It can access to Camera roll and play video from there. Previously no other app can do that.
If they has privileges from Microsoft I hope something more is come with 8.1 because every app need to access on common folders, like a video maker app or a voice recording app (ie if I want to send via whatsapp a pre-recorded/edited audio clip)...

akks says:

With 8.1 will be gone the bloody security of this *****

osoalex says:

Hope the deal with Nokia can speed up API fixes.

jaymin00 says:

Finally we got what we all want.what about attaching music file???

borasar says:

read the article

I wonder if saving received videos will also be posible.

That was reported yesterday and mentioned in this article. Yes.

krAnthi209 says:

yeah that is also possible with coming update. this was mentioned inprevious articles

Ivan Hristov says:

How can I dl the beta

Private beta = small group of testers. No public way to sign up, sorry.

ThePKReddy says:

That screenshot in landscape makes me want to upgrade to the 1520 though I love the compact nature of my 925. I simply hate the storage issue. I didn't understand what everyone was whining about until I finally had the device in my hands. Anyway, the 1520 looks epic...

ParasN says:

Signing in to Private beta is on an invite basis. Can you send me an invitation ?

asylumxl says:

Like I said in the previous Whatsapp post, developers do have access to such libraries if allowed by Microsoft (Interop developers). Obviously Whatsapp has been granted permission to such things.

Is great that big companies can get some "flexibilities" from Microsoft... Who will be the next??

jinesh24 says:

Yo Daniel!! Any idea how to download the private beta?? Haven't found the link or anything... How do i get the beta??

borasar says:

by reading the comments above yo!

jinesh24 says:

Thanks yo borsar!! ;)

i own windows  phone  since april 2013 , and i literally have seen whatsapp growing in this OS .  i always said whatsapp is not doing anything but when i realise that its been 7 months only ,more to come !!!

Duduosf says:

It was kinda frustrating not to have that feature, really. Hopefully the forthcoming updates can give us the sending downloaded songs feature, as well as an option to choose our own bloody background!

backlashsid says:

Agreed !!

The whatsapp experience on Windows Phone needs to be as seamless as the Messaging hub...lag and stutter free !! Btw is there a light theme on WhatsApp ? My friend has an iPhone and he recently mentioned they got a UI overhaul ! it would be good for us to have one too...

Paola1993 says:

If you change your phone's theme to light it will change. And the iPhone UI overhaul was due to ios7.

uopjo6 says:

Well...my whining days are done for this app. Perfect and thank you.

Now...more complaining for Skype and LINE ;-)

Don't care about LINE but after the Skype update It's troubles with notifications. Boehoe

jaymin00 says:

Yes,now pls provide the update asap,can't wait

DennisvdG says:


SERIOUSLY I have been waiting for this longer than ANYTHING else

Udit Guru says:

I want betaaaa plz
How can i enroll??

aerosmillie says:

Woohoo. This was needed.

Idzaudin Idz says:

How to get the beta version??

backlashsid says:

Send an email to Ballmer

sunco says:

You mean you can get access to videos inside the app storage or entire OS ?

ChiraagShah says:

Entire OS if I am not mistake.

Kevyn Degia says:

Do you speak Italian?

s_lek says:

The ability for songs is coming.

s_lek says:

Yeah and I like this app....

eduardopl says:

Now custom ringtones please

PBLNS says:

All I need is to open a conversation with more than 20 new msgs and to be in the first unread one... Its really anoying to try to find the first one in groups with a lot of people talking :(

Sagar Limaye says:

THIS is the single best news I've read since Update 3!! It's FINALLY HERE! I hope they add prerecorded audio sharing too!!

So I was correct in pointing out that this "limitation" of the OS could be overcome...because Nokia video upload and the other video players were able to do it!!

tacofiend says:

I finally got a chance to use WhatsApp yesterday and came away pretty disappointed. It gets the job done, but there's no way to add people unless they're already in your address book! Not only that, I had the person in my address book already and they weren't showing up in my contact list, they had to be the one to initiate the conversation. Not sure if it's the same on other platforms but that seems really backwards. You can't even punch in their phone number from within the app.

borasar says:

does the other person have whatsapp?

with regards to people being added through the contact list only, i'm pretty sure that's the case for the other platforms, at least it was when I used them

If they aren't in your address book, you can't message them. If however you are in their address book, and they message you, you will receive it and will be able to communicate. It's how it is on iOS and Android too.

rrahull says:

How to log in for WhatsApp beta pls tell Daniel Rubino

Their next focus should be on a UI overhaul. The app looks really unfinished compared to its iOS, BlackBerry and Android counterparts. There's a lot of wasted space. For example where the Android/iOS app can show 6-7 messages per screen, the Windows Phone app shows 3-4 messages of the same length.

borasar says:

that and speech integration

anky17cool says:

Just a few days back i was planning to shift to iphone..dropping this windows phone which i bought 6months back...after reading this article..i kind of feel to take a hault at windows again and drop my plan for an iphone..please get the update to public quickly..nd just like videos..let it be possible for music as well

suprayogi says:

Glad to know that it brings some spectacular features not as usually i know with bug fixes and performance improvements in the every update...

This is good news.

Now only if the send/save happens for audio also and please allow us to save the received files in the sd card.

Since, the ability to save DP's of others is also coming, all of this would more or less complete whatsapp for me :-)

azarighty says:

@DanielRubino do cover cafe coffee day official app released,check tips from azarighty thanks

Kristijan87 says:

This whole media access limitation is ridiculous from the start. This is WINDOWS Phone! Windows Explorer and free handling of files should have been there from day one... :( I just hope 8.1 will loosen the grip around these limitations. And did you know that even the Camera Roll can handle folders? I made them using my PC. To organise old photos more efficiently. And it works fine. Aside from the fact that you need a PC to move files around and create folders. I bet all of that could be done, code-wise, in one afternoon. C'mon, Microsoft. For us OCDs, we like organising everything :)

Wait, wait. The camera roll can handle folders? Let the OCD organization commence! I agree though, I love Windows Explorer and a nice open file system. I don't think we'll get it completely uncovered, but 8.1 should sort out at least half our gripes...

gautam26 says:

Okay.. I'm in need of a clarification.. With this update, can whatsapp pull up videos that are under the "Music+Videos" hub??? (i thought this was impossible, due to the restrictions in WP) or just the videos stored under "Camera Roll" and "Saved Pictures"???  

Yeah, please clarify Daniel.

Madhu T C says:

I think it can access only camera roll and saved pictures. That is how moliplayer works

I'm SURE that is just the vídeos on the Album. Because the videos under "Music+Videos" are probably copyrighted, no?

gautam26 says:

Ummm.. No.. My Music+Videos hub has a lot of content that are not copyrighted.. I have a lot of Youtube videos.. :P and even I think that the app can only access videos from the albums and not from the hub.. For a second I thought that maybe MSFT relaxed those hub access restrictions just for Whatsapp.. :P is that even possible???



But we can shift those videos to the album using data cable...cant we? For songs its possible I



But we can shift those videos to the album using data cable...cant we? For songs its possible I



gautam26 says:

Well yeah.. you can.. but what if, a person needs a video which is in the Music+Videos hub and you don't have access to PC/Laptop to transfer the videos to the album??? You can't afford to move them each and everytime a person requests a video clip.. Some may prefer having all their videos under the Albums all the time, for quick and easy sharing but the others (like me) prefer to have them in the Hub..

Idan Cohen says:

Please explain me this " It’s basic but it works" 

well. theres no other way it should work, unless you can think of another way to attach videos.
so , its basic and it works. not but. :|

I will jump with joy only when the feature comes to the public and works flawlessly.. Till then I respect the whatsapp team for the positive development. Also hope the feature works well on 7.8 *fingers crossed*

monotheist says:

Wow, they got special access to that folder?

As a WP user and developer, if there is one thing that i hate is lack of APIs to develop apps. The OS has been locked down to a big extend, I understand the need to make a secure OS, but locking down many APIs will put off developers. Just open up your APIs and see the number of apps grow. 

The Prayer says:

The incredible thing is that not even Skype has access to files, but whatsapp does. Hilarious!

Armin Mhd says:

They gotta add the feature to change the text bubbles colors yourself. That would be awesome

raul_junior says:

I hope Microsoft allows instagram and vine to access pre recorded video

edsal says:

My question is why is windows phone 8 always getting the second rate apps even though it the offical app compare to other like iOS and Android ' i mean why is that can someone explain that to me before i invest more into this phone.

Nakazul says:

I think Monoheist, 3 posts abow yours hit the nail. MSFT is keeping the platform too secure.

Paola1993 says:

Because 1) developers don't care enough 2) Many dont have resources to "waste" on them  the smaller platform 3) Many features won't work due to Windows Phone itself and its stupid limitations.

Bruno Lyrio says:

I just don't know why WhatsApp in Windows Phone don't looks like WhatsApp, like in the others OS.

In my opinion, an application must keep your 'personality' thru the OS but always inspired by the system. I don't think the Windows Message layout for whatsapp is a great idea.

cooljatt says:

Woooow finally luv u :) whasapp team

Wevenhuis says:

interesting picture of landscape support. Looks nothing like the wp7.8 version. Very interesting. When will landscape support come for the windows phone 8 start menu?

mpt15 says:

Looks like the WP 7.8 version.

brmbjn says:

share link for whatsapp beta 2.11.322 please.

deepakj says:

I dont see it in store. How do I get it?

Madhu T C says:

Update is not public yet

Winnabe says:

Seems faster.

Paola1993 says:

Who is going to use this as dialy basis? CUSTOM BACKGROUND PICTUREEEEEE

anky17cool says:

Whatsapp private beta is moving up wit more and more updates with new features..but still no update for the public version of the app..with 3 updates of private beta..they got 3 new features..and public update is still the same..

siddhant_96 says:

Still waiting to send audio files :)

brmbjn says:

when it release ??

lerimer says:

It be nice if they integrated in into the contacts just like Skype did. Opens contact and see a link to whatsapp. That be nice.

I'm trying to send a video storaged on my library but every time I've tried to send it on whassap ANOTHER video already "deleted" shows up. HEEEEELLLPPPP